PCO Committee

Chair: Brooks Salazar

This year the PCO Committee has a full agenda and we will need your help.  We need to fill all the vacant PCO positions.  We currently have approximately 80 vacancies.

PCOs are the lifeblood of the organization.  We need to train them on GOTV for the elections and help them build committees in their precincts.  We plan to create a structure with 12 Area Coordinators who will support the PCOs so that they feel empowered, energized, and engaged in their communities.

We want to undertake an ‘every door’ voter registration campaign and use it to identify voter issues, interested people to staff the precinct committees, and to identify people to become PCO’s.

Hopefully, we will get some folks to go the 31st and 45th LD’s to work on the Senate races there.  We will be asking for your help so practice raising your hands and volunteer to help.

Thank you.