Executive Board

Rachel Glass
First Vice Chair
Sofia Aragon
Second Vice Chair
Ben Reilly
Ann Martin
State Committeewoman
Chris Porter
State Committeeman
Max Brown
King County Committeeman
Betsey Archambault
King County Committeewoman
Ted Barker: King County Committeeman Alternate
Ted Barker
King County Committeeman Alternate
Martha Koester
King County Committeewoman Alternate
Carla Rogers

Executive Committee Chairs

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Program Committee Chair Gina Topp
Gina Topp
Program Committee Chair
Karen Richter: Outreach Co-Chair
Karen Richter
Outreach Committee Co-Chair
DeLancey Lane
Fundraising Chair
Dawn Rains
Finance Chair
Sofia Aragon
Diversity/Inclusion Chair
Jordan Crawley
Legislative Action Chair
Steve Butts: Outreach Co-Chair
Steve Butts
Newsletter Editor & Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Lacey Watson & Jacquie Morris
Events Committee Co-Chairs
Carla Rogers
Communications Chair
Les Treall
Leadership Development Chair
Membership Chair
Jesse Greene
Hospitality Chair
Rachel Glass
Caucus & Elections