Executive Board

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First Vice Chair
Michael Taylor-Judd: 2nd Vice Chair and Bylaws Chair
Michael Taylor-Judd
Second Vice Chair
Gina Topp: Treasurer
Gina Topp
Ann Martin
State Committeewoman
Chris Porter
State Committeeman
Les Treall: King County Committeeman
Les Treall
King County Committeeman
Ted Barker: King County Committeeman Alternate
Ted Barker
King County Committeeman Alternate
Martha Koester
King County Committeewoman Alternate
Jason Cheung: Secretary
Jason Cheung

Executive Committee Chairs

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David Ginsburg: Chair
David Ginsberg
Program Committee Chair
Karen Richter: Outreach Co-Chair
Karen Richter
Outreach Committee
Chris Porter
Fundraising Chair
Empty Team
Katie Harris
Finance Chair
Sean Riley: Diversity/Inclusion Chair
Sean Riley
Diversity/Inclusion Chair
Tim Marshall
Legislative Action Chair
Steve Butts: Outreach Co-Chair
Steve Butts
Newsletter Editor & Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Steven Jamieson
Events Committee Chair
Tai Yang-Abreu
Digital Communications Chair