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Updated December 10, 2014
December Holiday Party and Awards
Our December Holiday Party was December 10th. We presented our awards for 2014. They included Georgette Valle for Lifetime Achievement, Chris Porter for Member of the Year, Chris Weiss for PCO of the Year, Kathryn Sprigg for Executive Board Member of the Year and the PCO Committee as the Committee of the Year. Les Treall chairs that committee. Click on the photo below - which is the award recepients and elected officials present at the ceremony - to see a larger version. More photos and the text of the awards citations are on the recognition page here.

2014 Awards Recipients and Elected Officials

Marcee Stone-VekichUpdated December 6, 2014
Chair Marcee Stone-Vekich's Message for December
I don't believe there are any people I know whose lives have not been touched in some way by mental illness. Whether it's personal, a family member, co-worker or friend; we all see the effects of untreated mental illness. The most insidious part of it is that the future is forever changed and the damage is exponential. We know this and yet can't calculate the toll on our society. The loss of life, creativity and knowledge, the cost to us as a nation is more than mere dollars. The 34th District Democrats the last few years have ...

... continued on Chair's message page ...

Updated December 5, 2014
Holiday Party is December 10th
Our annual holiday party is Wednesday, December 10, 6:30 PM at the Hall at Fauntleroy. All members and their guests (partners, spouses, children, parents) are welcome to attend. Navos GifltsSee more details in the newsletter here. Please bring a potluck side dish or dessert or two to share, along with any special non-alcoholic drinks your family prefers. The District will provide hams, turkey, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (thanks to Carol Frillman, Joy Pakulak, Chris Porter, and Tamsen Spengler). Entertainment is the Elliott Brothers Jazz trio. We'll conduct our annual awards (there's still time to nominate someone - more details here). Finally bring an unwrapped gift for a Navos family. If you did not pick up a gift tag last meeting, contact Joy Pakulak (contact info at right) who has a few extra, or go to their website here (or click the image) and doneate online. Joy Pakulak is coordinating the work.

34th District LegislatorsUpdated November 16, 2014
November Meeting previewed 2015 Legislative Session
At our regular November 12th District Meeting, our 34th District Legislators, pictured at right, spoke about the upcoming difficult legislative session, which starts in January. The Governor must propose a balanced budget for 2015-2017 and then the Legislature must review, modify and pass it. This will be especially difficult because, in order to comply with the State Supreme Court's McCleary decision, these elected officials must find over $3 billion more this biennium to fund basic education. And with the apparent passing of I-1351, reducing class sizes, the Legislature would need to either set that initiative aside by a 2/3 vote of each chamber, or find an additional $3 to $4 billion dollars. Republicans will oppose any rise in taxes or revenues, which presents a very difficult situation.
Nationwide the Democratic party lost control of the United States Senate, and many other Democrats lost their seats or lost their bid for election. However virtually all the candidates and ballot measures endorsed by the 34th District were elected or did pass (see endorsements here), except for the Highline Schools levy, which only received a 59% affirmative vote, but it needs 60%.
We also passed a resolution for the creation of a Bank of Seattle (see the resolutions page here), and heard from two candidates for chair of the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC). The KCDCC will elect new officers on December 6th and the 34th District Democrats will elect new officers on January 14, 2015 (see the official call for this reorganization meeting here). Only PCOs elected in August, 2014, can vote for most of the officers in both reorganization meetings.
The West Seattle Blog has a great write-up of the meeting here.

Click to see endorsementsUpdated October 19, 2014
The 34th District Democrats Endorse!
Ballots are arriving in your mailbox. All our endorsements for the general election are now on the endorsements page here. They include:
•   I-594 - Vote YES
•   I-591 - Vote NO
•   Seattle Proposition 1A and 1B:
    •   Question 1: Vote YES
    •   Question 2: Choose PROP 1B
•  Seattle Transportation Benefit District, Proposition 1 - Vote YES
•  Highline School Levy: Vote APPROVE

Click to see moreUpdated October 3, 2014
Dow Constantine highlights October 8th District Meeting
King County Executive will attend our October 8th District meeting to discuss the continuing county revenue shortfall, the public health clinic in White Center, and to answer questions from members. Chris Charbonneau, President of Planned Parenthood of the Northwest (pictured at left), will join Dow to talk about the White Center Clinic. We'll also hear about get-out-the-vote plans, what happened at the recent State Committee meeting, and may consider endorsements and campaign contributions. Agenda is on the agenda page here, plus read Chair Marcee Stone-Vekich's report below, and download the newletter here.

Click to see larger versionUpdated September 28, 2014
Nancy Pelosi visits West Seattle
United States House of Representatives Democratic Party Leader, and former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi visited West Seattle on Saturday, September 27th. She was at Salty's on Alki for a DCCC fundraiser. Pictured here - click the photo to see a larger version - are (left to right) Lou and Carol Frillman, Olivia Robinson (staff to U. S. Rep. Jim McDermott), Marcee Stone-Vekich chair of the 34th District Democrats, and Max Vekich.

Click to see larger versionUpdated September 22, 2014
34th Dems Endorse Pre-School Prop 1B and other Measures
At our regular district meeting on Wednesday, September 10th we took a strong stand supporting universal pre-school in Seattle, by endorsing a "yes" vote on City of Seattle proposition 1B (website here). Click to see WSB ArticleThe West Seattle Blog has an excellent recap of the meeting, includng video, here. In other endorsements, we advise voters to:
  •   Re-elect Senator Sharon Nelson and Representatives Eileen Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon.
  •   Reject Initiative 591, which would limit background checks on gun sales to those allowed under Federal law. We have previously endorsed I-594, which requires more stringent background checks.
  •   Took no position on I-1351, which would mandate the legislature to reduce public school classroom size, but which provides no funding to do so.
  •   Vote for a Transportation Benefit District for the City of Seattle, which provides funding for improved bus service in the City.
  •   Vote for the school bond levy in the Highline School district.
More information will be posted here shortly. See also the agenda page here, in the newsletter here and in Chair Marcee Stone-Vekich's letter below.

Marcee Stone-VekichUpdated October 1, 2014
Chair Marcee Stone-Vekich's Message for October
As I write this, the Election is six weeks away. We've held candidate forums and panels on the issues. We argued, cajoled and decided what candidates and ballot measures to endorse. We've raised money and contributed over $9,000 to candidates, committees and initiatives. What else can we do?

... continued on Chair's message page ...

Auction photo - click to see larger versionUpdated August 23, 2014
Garden Party Success!
Over 100 people attended our annual Garden Party "Luau at the Lake" in Burien on Friday August 15th, and we raised a net of about $14,000 to support Democratic Party causes. A more complete report will be rendered at our September 10 regular monthly district meeting. Click on the photo above to see a larger version.

Click to see more!Updated July 31, 2014
Garden Party "Luau at the Lake" is August 15th
The Annual 34th District Democrats' Garden Party is Friday, August 15th. This is always a highlight not just for the 34th Dems, but all of West Seattle, White Center, Burien and Vashon Island. Our chair this year is Karen Chilcutt, contact information in the box to the right.
You can order tickets or volunteer using the online form here. And a lot more information is on our Garden Party Page here.

Updated July 31, 2014
Picnic, Garden Party, No August Meeting
The August newsletter is now online. Upcoming events for the 34th District Democrats include our Annual Picnic on Wednesday, July 30th at 6:00 PM at Lincoln Park Shelter #3 and our Garden Party on Friday, August 15th at a new location, TAF (Technology Access Foundation) Bethaday Community Learning Center, 605 SW 108th Street. Click on the calendar links at the right to see more for each event. We will not have a regular meeting in August - next District monthly meeting is on September 10th.

Click for larger versionUpdated July 10, 2014
July 9th Meeting Endorses Fire Measure for N. Highline, Discusses Transit
At our regular monthly District meeting on July 9th, we endorsed the Fire Benefit Charge measure which is on the ballot for the North Highline Fire District. More information here. We also heard from Seattle City Council members Nick Licata (photo below left - click to see larger version) and Tom Rasmussen. Click for larger versionLicata supports an employer tax measure to fund transit improvments in Seattle, while Rasmussen supports a sales tax increase, a measure simiar to the one which failed at the King County ballot in April but passed within the Seattle City limits. We also appointed new PCOs, heard a bit more about the "Luau at the Lake" garden party (see article below and photo above right - click on it for a larger version), and listened to a presentation from Heather Woodruff on I-1351, the statewide measure to reduce class sizes. More information abou the meeting will be posted here shortly.

click to see moreUpdated June 30, 2014
King County Democrats' Meeting Report - June, 2014
by 34th District King County Committeeman Michael Arnold

The June 2014 Mtg of the KCDCC at The Carpenter's Union Hall in Renton featured a fabulous feast and forum on Metro service cuts. Chair de Jong opened with a solemn reminder that there are only 134 days left until the Election. He then appointed the man responsible for our dining, Marvin Rosetti to ...

... continued on KCDCC Report page ...

Updated June 17, 2014
June 11 Meeting discussed $15 Minimum Wage, endorsed I-594
At our recent June district meeting we endorsed I-594 (gun responsibility / background checks) after hearing from Cheryl StumboCheryl Stumbo, survivor of the Jewish Federation shooting here in Seattle (photo at right). Seattle Public Schools Board members Marty McLaren and Sue Peters talked about the Singapore Math Curriculum. Burien City Council member Lauren Berkowitz, Sage Wilson of Working Washington and Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant meeting discussed the $15 minimum wage recently passed by the Seattle City Council. King County Council member Dave Upthegrove discussed Metro Transit funding and route cuts. in Seattle. We also endorsed Phillip Tavel and Mark Chow for King County District Court Postiion #2. See all endorsments here. The West Seattle Blog has an outstanding recap of the meeting here, along with video.. See also Marcee Stone-Vekich's message below, a press release here, and the June newsletter (1,323 kb PDF).

Updated May 26, 2014
PCO Filing Results
Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) elections are this year. Filing for election occurred in May, 2014. Eighty (80) individuals filed for election as PCO in the 34th Legislative District. Four races are contested (two indivdiuals filing in the same precinct). So we will have 76 PCOs elected in the 34th District during the August primary election. Here is the list of everyone who filed.

Updated May 16, 2014
May 14th Meeting: Congressman Jim McDermott, We made Endorsements and we "Soap Boxed"
At our Wednesday May 14th meeting.Congressman Jim McDermott spoke. We also held an endorsement meeting, endorsing Jim for re-election as our 7th District United States Representative. Justice Mary Yu - click for larger versionWe also endorsed Debra Stephens, Mary Fairhurst, Charles W. Johnson and Mary Yu (photo at left) for election to the State Supreme Court. We then endorsed Willie Gregory, Edward McKenna, Kimi Kondo, Karen Donohue and Damon Shadid for the Seattle Municipal Court, Anne C. Harper, Johanna Bender, Roger Rogoff, John Chun for King County District and Superior Courts. Click for larger versionYou can see more information about these judicial candidates on the Voting for Judges website. We endorsed the Seattle Parks for All ballot measure to create a Seattle Parks District. See a summary of all our endorsements here. We passed this resolution on the issue of the student debit crisis.. Finally, we held a "soap box" where members of the 34th District Democrats like Leslie Harris picutred at right sounded off on topics affecting us locally. The full agenda is on the agenda page,or in the May newsletter which you can download here.
Justice Debra Stephens speaks - click to see larger version

Cambodian New YearUpdated May 1, 2014
It is Marching Season! Please Help with Outreach!
We have an extraordinarily active outreach plan thanks to Outreach Committee Chair Steve Butts and the many members who volunteer to staff booths and march in parades during the summer. Steve has put together a list of the planned outreach events for the year and you can download it here. Events will also be posted on the calendar on this website. Call or email Steve (contact info in the box at the right) to sign up to volunteer. It's not only good for the District and the Democratic Party, but it is also a lot of fun! Photo: Tamsen Spengler and volunteers at the Cambodian New Year Festival in White Center in April. Click on it to see a larger version.

Posted February 23, 2014
Click to see moreReport from Washington State Democratic Central Committee, February 4, 2014
by 34th District Washington State Committeewoman Lisa Plymate. Click here to download the full report.

Washington State Democratic Central Committee elects JAXON RAVENS new state party chair, Feb. 1, 2014

Following a spirited, mostly positive 2 month long, 4-way race, we elected Jaxon Ravens as the new head of our party, to succeed Dwight Pelz. Jaxon has served as executive director of the Washington state Democrats for the past 10 years and has chaired the National Association of Democratic Executive Directors. He won handily over his chief competitor, Dana Laurent, on the second ballot, despite Dana's endorsement by Governor Jay Inslee a few days before the election.

Our quarterly meeting was held in Vancouver, WA, where ...

... continued on State Committee Report page ...

Click here to see an Archive of slightly older news.

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