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(This page is an archive of older news.)

Updated December 4, 2011
My Life, Betsy Shedd
As Democrats, we know and appreciate that the government has profound impacts on our lives and potential future prosperity. We rely on roads, public safety, education, health care, regulations, rights to organize and so much more for our livelihood. We believe in a social contract that says if you work hard and play by the rules you'll have a chance to get ahead in life. That's why we work hard to elect good Democrats and pass good policy. Since last month we are launching a new series called "My Life" that will explore how policies, good and bad, impact our lives and those of our neighbors. Betsy Shedd and Marcee Stone is helping us launch this program with their individual stories on the My Life page of the website. Please contact Tim Nuse (see box at right) if you have a story you would like to share.

Pete Holmes, City Attorney of SeattleUpdated November 12, 2011
November 9th District Meeting was Election Recap, City Attorney Holmes
The 34th District Democrats' monthly meeting was November 9th. We heard from Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes about medical marijuana and other issues affecting the City government of Seattle. State Party Chair Dwight Pelz also recapped the November 8th election, and looked forward with the big Presidential and Gubernatorial elections next year. We have a oepn call for nominations for our 2011 District Awards - more information is on the recognition page here. For more information, read Chair Tim Nuse's message below, and the November newsletter now online.

Be Informed - Click Here to see more!Updated October 16, 2011
Time to Vote!
34th District Democrats' endorsements are here, or you can click the image a right to get a PDF file you can view, print and use. Online voter guides are available from these sources:
•   State of Washington
•   King County
•   City of Seattle
It is an all-mail-in election again. Go to this King County website if you have difficulties getting a ballot. But VOTE!

Click to See all endorsementsUpdated September 15, 2011
At our regular district meeting of September 14th, we endorsed the following candidates and ballot measures:
•   Seattle School District Position #1 - Sharon Peaslee
•   Seattle School District Position #2 - no endorsement
•   Seattle School District Position #3 - Michelle Buetow
•   Port of Seattle Commission - Dean Willard
•   Highline School District Board - Sili Savusa
•   Seattle Proposition #1 - $60 car tabs - No Position
•   Initiative 1125 - Stop Tolling/Halt Transportation - Vote NO
•   Initiative 1163 - Home Health Care Training - Vote YES
•   Initiative 1183 - Privatize Liquor Sales - Vote NO
•   Burien City Council Position #6 - Debbie Wagner
In other actions, we passed a motion askin for an investigation by the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission and the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods of potential violations of State/City laws and misuse of funds by David Toledo. Text of the motion is here. Additional coverage is on the West Seattle Blog.

Updated September 14, 2011
Redistricting Plans Posted
Our legislative and Congressional district boundaries are being re-drawn based upon the 2010 census. The boundaries of the 34th District could change significantly. Plans recommended by each of the four redistricting commissioners (including Tim Ceis of the 34th District) are now online here. Here is an article from the Tacoma News Tribune describing how the plans affect some existing state legislators, including our own Joe Fitzgibbon. The Redistricting Commission is seeking comments on the plans, and will be submitting a final recommended plan to the legislature on January 1st. The timeline for the Commissions work is here.

Click to see larger versionUpdated August 30, 2011
Three Charts to mail your Right Wing Friends
The three charts show that spending grew much more under George Bush than with Barack Obama (88% versus 7.2%), the deficit grew much more (indeed, the size of the deficit has dropped since Obama took office), and job losses have turned around since Obama took office (that's the chart at the upper right - click to see a larger version. A complete article with the three charts are here. Thanks to Lisa Plymate for noticing this article.

Updated September 5, 2011 Thank you! Click to see larger version
Garden Party 2011
The 34th District's annual Garden Party was Friday, August 19, 2011 at the West Seattle Nursery with a Mediterranean theme. We had 106 paying guests, raising $15,553, a new record! We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the sponsors and contributors on the list in the image at the right (click it to see a larger version). Photos of the event can be found on Dina Lydia's website here, and coverage of the event with video and photos is on the West Seattle Blog here. And our very own former member and sports personality New York Vinnie returned to auctioneer. New York Vinnie - click for more We don't yet have financial results, but on the "enjoyment index" S&P is rumored to have rated it AAA. Garden Party co-chairs and points of contact are Carol Frillman - 206.935.5745 and Justin Anderson - 206.795.7700. More details on the Garden Party webpage.
The Garden Party - click to see larger version

Click to see more infoUpdated July 17, 2011
Mid-Summer Classic A Great Success
Our annual potluck summer picnic on July 16th and first-ever softball game involving candidates and challengers was a great success. There's fantastic coverage on both the West Seattle Herald website, with a slideshow of photos and the West Seattle blog with both photos and Mike Heavey's recap of the game and statistics. More photos are on our Facebook Page here, including a gallery posted by Tamsen Spengler (login may be required).
Links to all the stories galleries and Mike Heavey's statistics and recap of the game are on a single page here.

Updated June 9, 2011 Click to See all endorsements
The 34th District Endorses!
At our June 8th regular meeting, the 34th District Democrats met and endorsed the following candidates and ballot measures for the August 16th primary election (click on highlighted names to go to the candidate's website):
•   Seattle City Council Position #1: Jean Godden and Bobby Forch (dual endorsement)
•   Council Position #3: Bruce Harrell
•   Council Position #5: Tom Rasmussen
•   Council Position #7: Tim Burgess
•   Council Position #9: Sally Clark
•   King County Council Pos. #8: Joe McDermott
•   King County Assessor: Lloyd Hara
•   King County Elections Director: Sherril Huff
•   Port Commission Pos. 6: Gael Tarleton
•   Seattle "Tunnel" Referendum - "approve" moving forward with the Tunnel
•   Seattle School Director Pos #6: Marty McClaren
•   N. Highline Fire District Commissioner Pos #1: Liz Giba
•   Seattle Families & Education Levy: YES
•   Washington State Court of Appeals Division 1, Position 2: Michael Spearman
•   King County Superior Court Position 24: Patrick Oishi
•   Southwest Suburban Sewer District Position 3: Susan Genzale
•   Southwest Suburban Sewer District position 1: Scott Hilsen
•   King County's Veteran & Social Services Levy: Yes

Endorsement Meeting - click to see a larger version

(Click photo above to see a larger version.) More endorsements and more detail will be posted here in the next few days. The West Seattle Blog taped the endorsements' meeting and has posted it with a summary of the meeting results. The list of all candidates who have filed is on the King County Elections website here. Also you can view what some of the candidates said at our Candidates' Forum last month by reading the June newsletter, which can be viewed here or viewing the whole May meeting in a video taped by the West Seattle Blog here.

Updated January 22, 2011
34th District Elects New Officers
The 34th District Democrats have elected new officers for the 2011-12 election cycle. Tim Nuse continues as Chair of the District Organization. First Vice-Chair is Sabra Schneider, Second Vice-Chair is David Ginsberg. Marcee Stone and Chris Porter continue as our state committee representatives. Lisa Plymate continues as our King County committeewoman and Jimmy Haun is newly elected as King County committeeman. LeeAnn Beres will be our new secretary and Jeff Upthegrove is our new treasurer. Chair Tim Nuse also appointed Committee Chairs for the next two years.
34th District 2011-12 Officers
Left to right, front row: Tim Nuse, Sabra Schneider, LeeAnn Beres, David Ginsberg, Marcee Stone. In back: Les Treall, Steven Butts, Betsy Shedd, Karl deJong, Tamsen Spengler, Chris Porter, Jackie Dupras, Jimmy Haun, Lisa Plymate, Jeff Upthegrove and Walter Sive. ( Click on the photo to see a larger image. )

Updated November 7, 2010
Representing the 34th District!
Joe McDermott, Sharon Nelson, Eileen Cody, Joe Fitzgibbon
Congratulations to our own new 2011 elected officials, King County Council Member Joe McDermott, State Senator Sharon Nelson, State Representatives Eileen Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon. They'll be on hand Wednesday night November 10th to discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. In addition, in January we'll have a new group of Precinct Committee Officers who were elected on August 17th. That list is on the PCO listing page.

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