Posted October 13, 2007
PCOs Recommend Joe McDermott for Senate Seat
Joe McDermott speaks for Appointment (click to enlarge)34th District PCOs have recommended State Rep. Joe McDermott for appointment to replace State Senator Erik Poulsen. McDermott received 54 votes out of 65 cast by the PCOs, who met Saturday October 13th at the High Point Community Center in West Seattle. PCO Lois Elenich received 7 votes, PCO John (Jack) Kennedy received two votes, and two ballots were not readable. The names of McDermott, Elenich and Kennedy will be forwarded (in that order) to the King County Council, who will make the final appointment, possibly at its Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, October 15th (see agenda on the Council website). If McDermott is appointed, his resignation will mean PCOs will be convened again to appoint his successor (see appointments process page).

Sixty-five (65) of 113 eligible PCOs convened at High Point Community Center, 6920 34th Ave. S.W. in West Seattle at noon on Saturday. Javier Valdez, of the KCDCC and Bruce Stotler, 34th District State Committeeman, credentialed PCOs. Rob Dolin, First Vice Chair of the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC), convened the group at 12:05 PM. The PCOs appointed Angela Henry, KCDCC Secretary, as Secretary of the meeting.

Dolin stated the purpose of the meeting: to nominate Democrats for appointment to the position of State Senator, 34th District, following the resignation of Senator Erik Poulsen on October 2nd. PCO Marcee Stone nominated Joe McDermott and Tim Nuse seconded. Marcee spoke about Joe's commitment to fair campaigns and Tim spoke about Joe's commitment to the environment. Joe thanked the assembled PCOs for all their support in the years since he has been State Representative, and asked for their support again in this nomination. A vote was taken and Joe's nomination was approved 65 to zero.

Ivan Weiss nominated PCO Lois Elenich to be recommended as a second choice. Lois spoke on her behalf but indicated Joe should be appointed to the position.

PCO Stephen Lamphear took the floor to point out that the proceedings were not following the rules sent to PCOs with the official call (click here to see the official call document). After some discussion, the membership decided to re-vote with all names/nominations on the ballot at once.

Again, Joe McDermott and Lois Elenich were nominated. Beth Greiser nominated PCO John (Jack) Kennedy, who was not able to attend the meeting today. PCOs voted by written ballot with McDermott receiving 54 votes, Elenich 7 votes and Kennedy 2 votes. Two ballots were not readable. Dolin stated these three names, in that order, would be forwarded to the King County Council for action. The meeting adjourned at about 1:10 PM.

Below are some photos from the meeting, taken by Bill Schrier. Click on any photo to see a larger version.
Joe McDermott speaks to the assembled PCOs

Above: Joe McDermott speaks to the PCOs.

Right: Rob Dolin convenes the meeting

Rob Dolin convenes the meeting
Dow Constantine speaks while the votes are counted

Left: Dow Constantine discusses the King County budget while votes are counted

Tim Nuse seconds Joe McDermott's nomination

Left: Tim Nuse seconds Joe McDermott's nomination

Right: Marcee Stone nominates Joe

Marcee Stone nominates Joe McDermott
Walter Sive and Sharon Nelson

Left: Walter Sive and Sharon Nelson

Right: Stephen Lamphear discusses voting

Stephen Lamphear talks about the rules for the voting
Javier Valdez credentials PCO Beth Greiser

Left: Javier Valdez signs in Beth Greiser

Rob Dolin announces voting results

Rob Dolin announces voting results

Right: PCOs voting.

PCOs Voting
Beth Greiser nominates John Kennedy

Left: Beth Greiser nominating John Kennedy

Right: Mark Slack discusses public campaigns

Mark Slack speaking
Lois Elenich speaking about her nomination

Left: Lois Elenich speaking

Right: James Theofolis, Julie Howell, Dorene Carrell

James Theofolis, Julie Howell, Dorene Carrell
Ivan Weiss nominates Lois Elenich

Left: Ivan Weiss nominates Lois Elenich

Right: Joe Mitter talks about voting techniques

Joe Mitter discusses the voting process
Barbara Schaad-Lamphere and Greg Doss

Left: Greg Doss and Barbara Schaad-Lamphere

Right: Deborah Rosen and Stephan Lamphear

Deborah Rosen and Stephen Lamphear
Joe McDermott and Elaine Cody

Left: Joe McDermott and Eileen Cody

Right: Lucy Krakowiak, Sharon Nelson and friend

Lucy Krakowiak, Sharon Nelson, with a friend in between
Rob Dolin, Mark Slack, Marcee Stone

Left: Rob Dolin, Mark Slack, Marcee Stone

Right: Javier Valdez takes a ballot from Brian Peyton

Javier Valdez accepts a vote from Brian Peyton

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