Executive Committees

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee seeks to create a consistent conversation with our members and the community across multiple communications channels including newsletter, website and social media. This conversation will support membership growth, participation and involvement with the 34th District and contribute to the overall goals of the 34th.

Diversity/Inclusion Committee

The 34th has a challenge and opportunity: to include, leverage, advocate for, and evolve through diverse points of view in our community.

We have the chance and need to put into action our collective and fundamental belief that we truly are stronger together.

This committee is dedicated to listening to and advocating for the multitude of voices and points of view in the 34th.

Events Committee

The key to resisting the Republican assault that’s going to occur is Organization and Mobilization. This committee is about mobilizing and educating the public. We will be working closely with the other committees to create relevant, repeatable, and scalable events.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer in the preparation and implementation of the annual budget, audits the financial records of the organization, and generally oversees the financial health of the organization.

Fundraising Committee

If there is one thing we know about running an organization, it costs money. It costs money to rent the space we are sitting in now, these microphones and to print out your name tags. Without being able to afford things like a space to meet in, where would party business take place? How would we reach our community?

Thankfully, that is where the Fundraising Committee comes in.

[/vc_column_text][vc_row flex_height="yes" padding_bottom="20px"][vc_column width="1/3"][grve_icon_box icon="cutlery" icon_size="large" icon_shape="round" title="Hospitality Committee " heading="h4" link="url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.34dems.org%2Four-executive-board%2Fhospitality-committee%2F|||"]In the coming months we will see many new faces at our events and meetings. We want to make them feel welcome and comfortable, invited to participate, connected to our cause and motivated to come back and get involved. If you’d like to help make each meeting and event as welcoming as possible, please join my committee!

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is charged with identifying, recruiting and orienting people to be the leaders of the future within the Democratic Party. We will reach out to the Chairs of the other committees and, when possible, leaders of non-profits, to identify people who show interest and promise. We will hold orientation meetings to help people understand how the party works. We will also help to steer people to trainings by other organizations for topics related to grassroots organizing and how to run for office.

Legislative Action Committee

The Legislative Action Committee promotes knowledge seeking, facilitates information sharing, and initiates political discourse. We proactively engage in the process of policy building to ensure elected officials, constituents, and our organization make informed decisions in all matters. We need passionate pursuers of progress to help us make real policy change!


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee organizes check in for all events and meetings of the 34th. The membership chair serves as lead of the ‘welcoming committee’ at all 34th meetings and events and coordinates with the Hospitality chair to be certain that guests are taken care of. The Membership chair also supports pairing new members with their PCO or the PCO Chair.

Outreach Committee

Outreach is essential to the 34th District Democratic organization. It communicates who the 34th Democrats are and what we do as an organization. It does so by participating in a wide variety of community events like street fairs and parades and we build bridges between other groups.

PCO Committee

This year the PCO Committee has a full agenda and we will need your help. We need to fill all the vacant PCO positions. We currently have approximately 80 vacancies. PCOs are the lifeblood of the organization. We need to train them on GOTV for the elections and help them build committees in their precincts. We plan to create a structure with 12 Area Coordinators who will support the PCOs so that they feel empowered, energized, and engaged in their communities.

Program Committee

The Program Committee seeks speakers and proposes topics for discussion at regular and special district meetings. The Program Committee is always soliciting suggestions for speakers and topics from the Membership. Please contact the Program Committee if you have a program idea.