Elected Officials

State Senate

Senator Sharon Nelson, District 34
Sharon Nelson
State Senator, 34th District

State House of Representatives

Representative Eileen Cody, District 34
Eileen Cody
State Representative, District 34, Position 1
Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, District 34
Joe Fitzgibbon
State Representative, District 34, Position 2

State Executive Officials

Bob Ferguson: Attorney General
Bob Ferguson
State Attorney General
Mike Kreidler: Insurance Commissioner
Mike Kreidler
Insurance Commissioner
Hilary Franz: Commissioner of Public Lands
Hilary Franz
Commissioner of Public Lands

King County Elected Officials

Dow Constantine: King County Executive
Dow Constantine
King County Executive
Joe McDermott: King County Council, District 8
Joe McDermott
King County Council Chair, District 8
Dave Upthegrove: king county council, district 4
Dave Upthegrove
King County Council, District 5
john wilson: king county assessor
John Wilson
King County Assessor
Julie Wise: king county elections director
Julie Wise
King County Elections Director
Dan Satterberg: king county prosecutor
Dan Satterberg
King County Prosecutor
John Urquhart: king county sheriff
John Urquhart
King County Sheriff

US Senate

US House of Representatives

Pramila Jayapal: US Representative, District 7
Pramila Jayapal
US Representative, District 7

Seattle City Council

Lisa Herbold: seattle city council, district 1
Lisa Herbold
City Council, District 1
Tim Burgess: Seattle City council, position 8, citywide
Tim Burgess
City Council, Position 8, Citywide
Lorena González: seattle city council, position 9, citywide
Lorena González
City Council, Position 9, Citywide

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