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January 9, 2008, Meeting
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Official Minutes
January 9, 2008 Meeting

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1: Chair Ivan Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:00. Susan Harmon led the flag salute.

2: Adoption of agenda
A: Ann Martin moved to amend the agenda. She wanted to postpone the election of the 4 open E-board positions. Lucy Krakowiak also spoke in favor of the motion. Ivan Weiss and Robin Hess spoke against the motion. Both said those that were running for the positions were more than willing and that despite the differences the elections should not be postponed. Robin Hess also spoke to the importance of filling the positions at this meeting. Ann Martin asked for a point of privilege, so that she could give some explanation to the postponement of the elections
B: The motion to postpone failed as there was not a majority, 50 (for) and 50 (against)
C: Minutes of the Nov meeting were adopted.
D: The treasurer's report was adopted.

3: Chairman's report

4: Tim Burgess, Seattle City Council, thanked everyone for electing him to the Council. He mentioned how much he won by and that he was looking forward to working for us.

5: Bruce Stotler gave the State Committee report. He mentioned that there was going to be a vote builder training session at the State Party meeting in Vancouver WA January 25-26.

6: Joe Grande gave brief remarks as to why we should vote for Hillary Clinton.

7: Dina Johnson gave brief remarks as to why we should vote for John Edwards.

8: Bill Moyer, Backbone Champaign, spoke about what the organization has done, and continues to do. He also mentioned they are vying for a $50,000 award. It's open to any organization that raises the most money by 31 Jan. Backbonecampaign.org is in the top 4 and if they stay there will win.

9: Lisa Herbold spoke about legislation that was introduced addressing Condo conversions. Rep. Maralyn Chase's bill would give local jurisdictions the option to limit the number of condos converted. It would also increase the amount of money it pays for moving expenses and the number of days notice given to the tenants.

10: Election of First Vice Chair
A: Tim Nuse, Second Vice Chair was nominated and elected by voice vote

11: Election of Second Vice Chair
A: Ann Martin nominated and elected, since Tim was elected into the First Vice Chair position by voice vote

12: Election of Secretary
A: Mitch Feller nominated and elected by voice vote.

13: Election of King County Committeewoman
A: Laura Feinstein and Marcee Stone nominated
B: Marcee Stone was elected with 55 votes to Laura's 20

14: Election of King County Committeewoman Alternate
A: Laura Feinstein nominated and elected by voice vote.

15: Tim Nuse spoke about Caucus planning. He let everyone know of the two upcoming training sessions. He announced all of the Caucus sites and the people who would be responsible for each site. Stressed the importance of getting volunteers and gave a brief overview of the expectations.

16: PCOs appointed:
A: Sasha Alessi - SEA34-1510
B: Shawna Ousse - SEA34-1416

17: Old Business:
A: $1034.00 was donated to the King County Dems
B: $200.00 was donated to the League of Women Voters to aid with cost of elected official's booklets they produce and print

18: Better Way Committee (Robin Hess) reminded us of their organization and what they are doing. "Better way to conduct international Affairs: food, housing, education, etc."

19: New Business:
Joyce Williams moved to find out why the community was not informed of the name change for High Point Elementary, which is now known as West Seattle Elementary

20: Good of the Order:
A: Allan Munro spoke on Ivan's behalf in support of his Chairmanship
B: Dan Fievez discussed the letter he created in July and its importance to the membership. He also touched briefly on the meeting he called to discuss Ivan's resignation. When reminded of his time limit, he argued that he would take as much time as he wanted. Time was called; he was reminded by several audience members that the rules applied to all, and that he needed to take his seat. He did so.
C: Russ Brubaker spoke to the importance of our elections and that we needed to move on since this was an important year ahead of us.
D: Ann Martin spoke against how our organization deals with its problems.
E: David McLanahan announced a meeting being helped at UW on Feb 10, 08 dealing with the uninsured in America, and why it's driving up the cost for everyone. Congressman Jim McDermott, along with Washington's Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler, will be speakers at the event.
F: Eileen Macoll, State Party Vice Chair from Pullman WA, spoke about the importance of the Caucuses and what the Dems in Pullman are doing to increase their numbers.
G: Bruce S. announced the date for the Delridge cleanup, Saturday, January 12.

9:00 Adjournment and clean up was moved and seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Mitch Feller

Informal Notes and Photos
January 2008 Meeting
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Meeting of Wednesday, January 9, 2008
The Hall at Fauntleroy
9131 California Avenue S.W.,
West Seattle, Washington

"All The Democracy You Can Handle"

Download the Agenda as a PDF File

7:00 PM Call to order, flag salute
7:03 PM Adoption of agenda, minutes of November meeting, treasurer's report
7:05 PM Chairman's report
7:15 PM Brief remarks from Clinton campaign
7:17 PM Brief remarks from Edwards campaign
7:19 PM Bill Moyer, Backbone Campaign
7:24 PM Resolution on legislation addressing condo conversions
7:30 PM Election of First Vice Chair
7:40 PM Election of Secretary
7:50 PM Election of King County Committeewoman
8:00 PM Election of King County Committeewoman Alternate
8:10 PM Caucus planning
8:30 PM Old Business, new business, good of the order
9:00 PM Adjourn to Elliott Bay Brewery

Updated January 3, 2008
Ivan Weiss, Chair, 34th District DemocratsJanuary Message from Chair Ivan Weiss

The Presidential Year

The year 2008 is on us, another "presidential year," and the culmination of the four-year election cycle. But even here in one of the most solidly Democratic areas of the state, we'll have a lot of work to do.

Our District organization is relatively well organized. Our membership reached an all-time high in 2007 and we look to top that in 2008. Meeting attendance and committee participation are up, we lead the whole state in percentage of precincts filled by PCOs, and we are not through filling precincts by a long shot.

I am confident that the Democratic nominee for President will carry this state and that all our incumbent U. S. Representatives will be re-elected, and I have high hopes that we can elect Darcy Burner to the House in the Eighth District, and I foresee no serious challenges to our incumbent state legislators.

The statewide races are another story. By rights Governor Gregoire should be re-elected by a landslide. The 133-vote margin that she won by in 2004 should be 133,000 votes this time. That's how good a job she has done, in my opinion.

Her Republican opponent is an outright charlatan who has little to no record of achievement, and because he says nothing that might offend anyone and does not appear to take a strong, unequivocal position on anything of importance, somehow he resists being labeled as the right-wing stalking horse that he is.

But he is anti-government, anti-reproductive choice, anti-environment, anti-labor, opposed to strong controls on air and water pollution and runaway development, opposed to full funding of health care for children, and opposed to improving public education.

In short, he is unfit to be the governor of this state - or any other state - and it's our job to convey that to the voters of the 34th District. We can't count on the voters in this state getting the message, as long as the mass media gain viewers and listeners and readers by promoting the notion of an electoral "horse race," and as long as the malicious, well-funded right-wing smear machine and its pseudo-"think tanks" continue to cast doubt on the governor's record.

If this race ends up being close for whatever reason, high Democratic turnout and performance in the 34th could provide the winning margin, as it could in races for Attorney General, Land Commissioner, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Secretary of State.

Our District had an 85 percent turnout in 2004. That didn't "just happen" without a lot of hard work by a lot of us, and it won't "just happen" again. We have to increase the numbers of active Democrats in the 34th, and thereby increase our number of "ground troops" for the election.

That task will start with the precinct caucuses, February 9, at which we will deliver this message to caucus attendees. We will hope to impress on them the need to register all eligible voters in their precincts, to determine somehow if they are Democrats or are likely to vote Democratic, and if so, to get them the information that they need-and to make sure that they fill out their ballots and mail them in.

We are well ahead of our 2004 organizing pace for the precinct caucuses, thanks to Tim Nuse and his team. If you click on the caucus link on the Web site, it will tell you who your PCO is and where your precinct caucus will be. Web sites such as West Seattle Blog have been helping us, too. Please expect a lot of training and a lot of detail work through January. Certainly our meeting agenda for January will include much of this information.

We'll be electing a new first vice chair, Secretary, King County Committeewoman, and King County Committeewoman Alternate at our January meeting, and voting on several resolutions, so please come prepared.

And if you have not paid your 2008 dues, you'll need to do so. Thanks for reading this far, Happy New Year to all, and let's make 2008 a real year to remember.

Ivan Weiss, Chairman, 34th District Democrats
PO Box 860
Vashon WA 98070 206-463-4647
"When they're working, we're working
When they're sleeping, we're working."

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