Monthly Meeting Minutes

May Monthly Meeting Minutes

150 150 Nick Bohall

May 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

34th District Democrats

Monthly Membership Meeting


The Hall at Fauntleroy


  • Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Chair David Ginsberg
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Recognition of VIPs and Elected Officials:
    • Pete Holmes – Running for re-election, Seattle City Attorney
      • Running for his third term as Seattle City Attorney, requests the 34th’s endorsement
    • Bob Hasegawa – Current State Senator, 11th Legislative District, running for Seattle City Mayor
      • Update: Special Session of the State Legislature is likely.
      • Requests the 34th’s endorsement in his Mayoral bid
    • Dow Constantine – King County Executive
      • Requests the 34th’s endorsement in his re-election bid
    • Joe Fitzgibbon – State Representative for the 34th, Position 2
      • Let’s help to Flip the 45th!
    • John Urquhart – King County Sheriff
      • Requests the 34th’s endorsement in his re-election bid, does not want to see the Sherriff’s department slide backwards, referencing the Stranger Slog article about the King County
      • Sheriff’s deputy who was fired for contaminating a homeless person’s water bottle with pepper spray
    • Eileen Cody – State Representative for the 34th, Position 1
    • Judge David Mann – Washington State Court of Appeals Division 1
      • Requests the 34th’s endorsement in his re-election bid
    • Lorena González – Seattle City Council Position 9, At Large.
      • Requests the 34th’s endorsement in her re-election bid
    • Joe McDermott – King County Council Chair
      • Update on the Veteran’s and Human Services Levy. It expires at the end of the year, he will push to both maintain and extend it
    • Liz Giba – North Highline Fire Commissioner
      • Requests the 34th’s endorsement in her re-election bid
    • Nancy Tosta – Burien City Council, Position 5
      • Requests the 34th’s endorsement in her re-election bid
    • Lisa Herbold – Seattle City Council District 1
    • Update: Current focus is passing a city-wide income tax. She is working with Trump-proof Seattle to write a smart, bulletproof plan that will get rid of our regressive sales tax. She is hoping for a full council vote in late July
  • Approval of the Minutes – (M)oved, (Seconded) and (P)assed
  • Adoption of the Agenda – MSP
  • Chairs Report –
    • The April Meeting’s Endorsement vote was illegal according to the bylaws. This was determined after a study of the bylaws and consultation with the County and State parliamentarians. Hence, the April endorsement vote for Seattle City Council Position 8 was invalid. A re-vote will be taken tonight. Candidates MUST attest that they are Democrats to be eligible for endorsement consideration
    • Members who will be eligible to vote are those members who were:
      1. Members in good standing at the April meeting
      2. Members in good standing last year and who have paid their membership dues at tonight’s meeting
  • State Committee Report –
    • Lisa Plymate is confident that the State Party is in good hands with Chair Tina Podlodowski.
    • Meeting format has been changed, and more time is being spent working rather than waiting.
    • Lisa is on the Election and Endorsement Committees and Chris Porter is Co-Chair of the Affirmative Action committee. The Heroes’ Narrative from Fuse Washington is being utilized as it recognizes the value of messaging, and not just the recitation of facts and figures. We as a party need to take a page from the GOP’s playbook and create a narrative. The State Party budget has leapt from $2,000 to $17,000 a month. And, if someone is a good Democrat and is prepared to race, we as a party will support them, as EVERY RACE MATTERS.
    • June first will kick off a summer of canvassing, where our PCOs will go door to door and just listen to the residents in their precincts.
    • Chris reminded the membership to PLEASE mind their recycling, as too much trash lately has been mixed in with the recycling, thereby contaminating it and rendering it garbage
  • Presentation on the Democracy Voucher program by Program Manager René LeBeau:
    • Program goals are to increase the amount of campaign contributions and to increase the number of candidates running. 3 candidates have qualified for the program and 8 more are in the process of qualifying. There have been 3300 unique contributors and $200,000 paid out to candidates.  The names of contributors and the amounts of their contributions are on the program’s website. June 2nd is the deadline for candidates to apply for them. A media announcement is forthcoming to inform which candidates qualified and the process for replacing lost vouchers
  • Consideration of Primary Ballot Endorsements
    • Seattle City Council Position 8
      • Teresa Mosqueda, Jon Grant, (A point of information was raised asking if Jon Grant was a Democrat, which Chair advised would be taken up later), Hisam Goueli, Sara Nelson and No Endorsement were all moved and seconded for endorsement consideration. It was pointed out that a vote of No Endorsement would require 60% of the vote to pass. Hisam, Teresa and Sara all declared themselves to be Democrats. Jon Grant stated that he was not and removed himself for consideration, asking his supporters to vote No Endorsement
      • Lisa Plymate spoke for Teresa Mosqueda.
      • Peggy Tlapak spoke for Non Endorsement, which was ruled out of order by the Chair.
      • Jimmy Haun spoke for Teresa
      • Rachel Glass spoke for Hisam Goueli.
      • No speakers against.
      • Michael Matt Miller spoke for Sara Nelson.
      • No speakers against.
      • Chas Redman and Dave Toledo spoke for No Endorsement, stating that it frees PCOs to door knock their conscience.
      • Brooks Salazar spoke against No Endorsement, stating that’s not what the 34th is about.
      • No other speakers in favor of No Endorsement
  • 8:00 Credentials Report, Balloting and Vote Tallying in process
  • Meanwhile:
    • Annie Phillips moved to have Nancy Tosta added to the Block Endorsement Slate. After some parliamentary back and forth, it was allowed.
    • Martha Koester moved to have Liz Giba added to the Block Endorsement Slate.
    • King County Councilman Dave Upthegrove arrives and is acknowledged.
  • 8:06 – Vote tallying continues. Credentials report is given.
    • 94 voting members present.
    • Vote tallying concludes. Teresa Mosqueda wins the sole endorsement of the 34th District Democrats with 63.3% and 60 votes.
    • In descending order, No Endorsement 22.3%/21 votes, 9.6/9 votes Hisam Goueli, and Sara Nelson 4.3/4 votes.
  • 8:08 – Teresa thanks the membership
    • Marcee Stone-Vekich moved that Stephanie Bowman be added to the Block Endorsement Slate.
    • Final Block Endorsement Slate:
      • King County Executive Dow Constantine
        KC Sheriff John Urquhart
        Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes
        Seattle Position 9 Councilmember Lorena González
        KC District 5 Councilmember Dave Upthegrove
        Burien City Councilmember Nancy Tosta
        North Highline Fire Commissioner Liz Giba
        Seattle Port Commissioner Stephanie Bowman
    • All are endorsed.
    • Port Commissioner Position 4 is brought up.
    • A vote to sustain the Chair passes vs a motion to endorse Port Commissioner Position 4.
      • Chairs decision is appealed and overruled.
    • Max Vekich moved to endorse John Persak for Port Commission Position 4.
      • Seconded.
    • Patrick Wicklund moved to endorse Brooks Salazar for Port Commission Position 4.
      • Seconded.
    • Brooks Salazar moved to endorse Jacob Richardson for Port Commission Position 4.
      • Seconded.
    • John Persak spoke for himself and declared as a Democrat.
    • Brooks Salazar spoke on time yielded by Patrick Wicklund and declared as a Democrat.
    • Marcee Stone-Vekich spoke vs Brooks Salazar, pointed out that the ILWU works at, not for, the Port.
    • Brought up that Brooks may have had an advantage over any opponents due to his role as PCO Committee Chair and access to member list. Ted Barker spoke for Brooks Salazar and stated that he was not contacted by Brooks regarding this matter.
    • Jacob Richardson spoke on time yielded by Brooks Salazar and declared as a Democrat.
  • 8:30 Paper ballot taken and votes tallied.
    • John Persak has 45 votes 57.7%, followed by Jacob Richardson with 18 votes and 23.1% and Brooks Salazar with 15 votes and 19.2%.
      • Runoff ballot is taken for Port Commission Position 4.
      • Jim Matta, candidate for Burien City Council addressed the membership and requested their endorsement.
      • John Persak wins endorsement with 52 votes and 69.3%. Jacob Richardson has 23 votes and 30.6%
    • Port Commissioner Position #1
      • Norm Sigler, Ryan Calkins, and John Creighton all were moved and seconded for endorsement. All were declared Democrats.
      • Norm Sigler and Ryan Calkins both spoke for themselves.
      • Ivan Weiss spoke for John Creighton.
      • Justin Hersh spoke against John Creighton
      • Vote was taken and tallied, Ryan Calkins wins sole endorsement, 48 votes and 71%. Norm Sigler had 15 votes with 22%, and John Creighton with 5 votes and 7%
    • David Mann moved for endorsement for Washington Court of Appeals Position 1.
      • Seconded.
      • Peter Goldman spoke for him, no one against.
      • Motion for Endorsement passed by acclamation
    • Krystal Marks moved for endorsement for Burien City Council Position 7.
      • Seconded.
      • No other candidates, and endorsed by acclamation
    • Pedro Orguin moved for endorsement for Burien City Council Position 1.
      • Seconded.
      • No other candidates, and endorsed by acclamation
    • Jimmy Matta moved for endorsement for Burien City Council Position 3.
      • Seconded.
      • No other candidates, and endorsed by acclamation
    • No additional endorsements put forth
  • No Old Business
  • New Business
    • Brooks Salazar running a class on how to use Vote Builder, Sundays from 1-2pm
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • 518 Members!
    • $16,905.74 in the bank
    • $700 raised at the Earth Day fundraiser
    • $674 collected in Membership Dues
  • Good of the Order
    • Chris Porter with a reminder to sort recycling.
    • Marcee Stone-Vekich reminded the membership to “Decline to Sign” Initiative 1552, which curtails rights for the Transgendered to use the restroom with which they identify.
    • Ted Barker reminded the membership of the South King County Democrats Spaghetti Feed.
  • 9:13 – Adjournment to Whisky West.
  • Good of the Order
  • 9:50 – Meeting Adjourned.

April Monthly Meeting Minutes

150 150 Nick Bohall

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

34th District Democrats

District Reorganization Meeting


The Hall at Fauntleroy

  • Meeting called to order at 7:09 by Chair David Ginsberg
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Recognition of VIPs and Elected Officials:
    • Lorena Gonzalez – Running for re-election, Seattle City Council Position 9
      • Her priorities: Sustainable Police Reform, getting paid family leave statewide, and a
      • Legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants and refugees
    • Judge David Mann
    • Joe McDermott – King County Council
      • Update: Resilience fund voted through committee to help the 1 in 4 King County
      • Residents who are foreign born
  • Approval of the Minutes – (M)oved, (Seconded) and (P)assed
  • Adoption of the Agenda – MSP
  • Chairs Report –
    • Short explanation of the Showdown Format. 5 rounds, questions pulled from a hat, each
    • Candidate has 2 minutes. Top 6 as voted by the Membership move on to the 2nd round
    • Expressed need for a Fundraising Committee Co-Chair
    • Solicited suggestions for Garden Party theme
    • Announced Campaign kickoff for Dave Upthegrove on April 13
  • Legislative Action Committee highlighted sheet of ideas to support a Democratic Budget
  • Showdown in the 34th — Seattle City Council Position #8
    • MC Chris Porter announced Jenn Huff had dropped out of the race and Rudy Pantoja could not make it.
    • Speaker order chosen at random
    • First – John Grant
      • Make Seattle affordable, get corporations out of politics, is only accepting small donations.
      • (Q)uestion: How to protect commuters and visitors downtown.  (A)nswer: The Bicycle Master Plan and the Center City initiatives must be funded, impact fees should be considered
    • Second – Teresa Mosqueda
      • Heavily endorsed, focus on Healthcare and affordable housing, family leave and childcare.
      • (Q) Her opinion of homeless camp sweeps (A) Homelessness is a public health crisis, we need to get people inside and out of the elements
    • Special Appearance by Representative Pramila Jayapal – Updated on current priorities:
      • College for All with Bernie Sanders
      • Healthcare
      • Immigration
      • Medicaid cut by $800 million under Trumpcare proposal, its defeat was a victory for the American people, and she has signed on to HR 676, Medicare For All.
      • Of the Puget Sound area – “We are the Moral Conscience of our country!”
      • Trump’s action against Syria was unconstitutional, and Syria is not an imminent threat
      • “You can’t bomb your way to peace.”
      • Trump’s budget adds $54 million to the military and takes $54 million from EVERYTHING else.
      • Keep Resisting – “Strength emerges from times of crisis.”
      • Adam Smith may sign on to the College for All bill.
      • Emphasized the importance of workers and unions, and of OSHA standards and workplace safety rules.
      • Is Moving to West Seattle!
    • Third – James Passey – Libertarian
      • Taxation should be the LAST option considered. Is in favor of “Responsible Taxation”.
      • (Q) What advice for Seattle Schools to address achievement gap between white students and students of color. (A) Supports higher wages for teachers and the right for them to organize.
      • Wants to “help the adults help the kids”
    • Fourth – Sheley Secrest – Law clerk, VP of the local NAACP chapter, worked for the Urban League.
      • Her community got her where she is, we should “lift as we climb.” (Q) Does she support the annexation of White Center (A) Example of Skyway, suspects people in White Center feel like  they “are on an island.”
    • Fifth – Ryan Asbert – Developing Collaborative Democracy, a new kind of representation which is transparent and accessible.
      • (Q) How to spread tax reform (A) Is open to any tax proposal, sees the sales tax as regressive,
      • Doors are open to anything
    • Sixth – Charlene Strong – Need to be caring, and citizens should have a voice. Works as a civil rights commissioner.
      • (Q) Supports a progressive income tax? (A) Yes. Sales taxes are regressive. Property taxes should be lowered as well
    • Seventh – Mac McGregor – 1st transgendered candidate in the state. Seattle needs to support diversity. “We will never be a first class society if there are second class citizens.”
      • (Q) Catholic hospitals should disclose their policies on care that they provide, Yes or No? (A) Yes
    • Eighth – Dr. Hisam Goweli – Professor at the UW, is a medical doctor. Advocating for the homeless and POC/LGBTQ, also for quality, affordable health care, housing, affordability, and greater access to cultural services.
      • (Q) Opposed to metered parking in West Seattle? (A) More reliable mass transit is needed, then people wouldn’t complain about parking
  • Membership votes for who continues to 2nd round. Questions from a hat.
    • Jon Grant, Teresa Mosqueda, Sheley Secrest, Charlene Strong and Hisam Goweli move on
    • Hisam – (Q) How to address sex trafficking? (A) Has worked with victims in trauma and ERs, counsels them as well. This issue affects EVERYONE and there should be Zero Tolerance
    • Charlene – (A) Do you oppose a new stadium in SODO (A) Yes. Impact on Port and its labor force is too great, cannot afford the effect on traffic as well
    • Sheley – (Q) Her recommendations to builders to address housing issues (A) Points out she would be the only renter on the Council. There absolutely should be more affordable housing, as it is a public health issue
    • Jon – (Q) What can be done to address the housing fiasco in Seattle? (A) Former head of the Tenant’s Union. (A) 25% of new buildings should be affordable. Is running a campaign of specificity, there should be a corporate tax to help build affordable housing
  • Teresa and Jon to Final Round.
    • Question #1 – How would they address Food Deserts?
      • Jon – City should incentivize corner markets,  rent control for commercial properties
      • Teresa – Seattle is known for prosperity, BUT we should not have Food Deserts. Community plots should be available for locally grown/produced food. All of her policies would be viewed through a Health/Equity lens
      • Jon’s response – What are Teresa’s specifics?
      • Teresa’s response – Has done the work , has brought the people who are affected to the table for the discussion
    • Question #2 – Opinion of All Our Best, a new mayoral program to help African American males
      • Teresa – Communities of Color have less access to good jobs. School to Prison pipeline needs to be broken.  Involve the people affected in the discussion
      • Jon – Favors Restorative Justice for students. Expulsion should be the last option, try to keep the kids in school/ Develop and implement a program for post school life
      • Teresa’s response – Points out that prosperity is not being shared, and she will speak for the forgotten
      • Jon’s response – The community must be engaged as City Hall has been unresponsive. Big Business should pay impact fees to help fund schools
  • Closing Statements
    • Jon – City Council voted against affordable housing, he will push for it
    • Teresa – She will make sure that Seattle works for everyone
  • Winner of the Shootout: Jon Grant
    • Jon – 53 votes
    • Teresa – 44 votes
  • Moved and Seconded to endorse Jon, Teresa, Sheley, Hasim and Charlene
    • Members vote by paper ballot, tallying of the ballots begins
  • Burien Candidates introduced:
    • Pedro Olguin
    • Krystal Marx
    • Charles Schaefer – identifies as a Libertarian
    • Jimmy Matta
    • Nancy Tosta for Deputy Mayor
  • Endorsement for Seattle City Council Position #8
    • Question from the membership: Is Jon Grant eligible for our endorsement? He is running as a Democratic Socialist
    • (Meanwhile, tallying of the ballots continues)
    • Much discussion. It is MSP to table this endorsement until the May meeting.  Vote was by show of hands, 42 for tabling 28 against.
    • Results of ballot are announced:
      • Jon – 34 votes, 42%
      • Teresa – 36 votes, 44%
      • Charlene -1 vote, 1.2%
      • Sheley – 4 votes, 4.9%
      • Hasim – 6 votes, 7.4%
  • Treasurer’s Report – 406 members! Budget outlined, moved and seconded to approve.
  • Slate of Committee Chair nominees announced:
    • Carrie Alexander for Events
    • Chris Godwin for Finance
    • Chris Porter for Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Appointment of PCOs:
    • Irene Stewart -1473
    • Hugo Garcia – 0913
    • Christina McHugh – 1471
    • Craig Branham – 3632
    • Jason Cheung – 1255
  • Good of the Order
  • 9:50 – Meeting Adjourned.

March Monthly Meeting Minutes

150 150 Nick Bohall

34th District Democrats

District Monthly Meeting


The Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair David Ginsberg.

Pledge of Allegiance.

A short welcoming address from the Chair for new members, an invitation to be a PCO, and a request for a volunteer to fill the role of Technician.

Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules.

Moved, seconded, and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – 145 people joined at the February meeting and Current membership is 335.

Committee Reports:

Legislative Action – Ann Martin explained purpose of committee and invited members to join. Emphasized helping the 31st and 45th Districts to take back the State Senate due to special elections.

Data & Technical Committee report – Nick Bohall gave a short introduction of the new interactive PCO map.

Candidates for Seattle City Council made short speeches introducing themselves to the membership.

Teresa Mosqueda highlighted her public healthcare background and her endorsement

From Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

Sheley Secrest cited her commitment to Jobs Not Jails and housing and community issues.

Address from Mayor Ed Murray

The Mayor spoke about balancing Growth with Equity, fighting the new administration’s

Policies, and homelessness.  He took one question about the Mayoral Office


Main Program, Part I: Threats to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, presented by Robby Stern from the Puget Sound Advocates For Retirement Action.

In honor of Women’s History Month, the program focused on women and Retirement and the Social Security safety net. Wage inequality and POC participation rates examined.

King County Sherriff John Urquhart addressed the membership and pledged that the King County Sherriff’s Department would NEVER enter into a 287(g) agreement to assist ICE.

Main Program Part II: Velma Veloria, the first Asian American woman to be elected to the Washington State Legislature and Organizer and Policy Advocate for the Faith Action Network spoke about the scourge of Human Trafficking and its impact on women and POC.

Unfinished Business:

Resolution regarding greenhouse gas emissions, HB-1646. Moved, seconded, and passed.

New Business:

Digital Communications – Chair Carrie Alexander invited members to join the committee and encouraged membership to interact with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Video Project was highlighted, with Lynn Randal and Ann Martin being featured.

Appointment of New PCOs:

  • Eric Ferrel – 34-0298
  • Juniper Rogneby – (Acting) – Carpenter
  • Gina Topp – (Acting) 34-1420
  • Jeanne Fellin – 34-1425
  • Ruth Kerr – 34-1422
  • Chryssa Brazil – 34-1246
  • Shelley Chase -34-1448

All were moved, seconded, and passed.

Resolution opposing attacks on our health benefits. Moved, seconded, and passed.

Resolution Expanding Social Security. Moved, seconded, and passed.

Resolution in support of HB-1144 which would amend limits on greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State. Moved, seconded, and passed.

A Letter by the Washington Federation of State Employees was introduced in support of a Statement Regarding Locality Pay to Create an Equitable Living Standard. Moved, seconded, and passed.

King County Council Chair Joe McDermott informed the membership of a County program for legal aid to immigrants.

Good of the Order

Adjourned at 9:00 p.m. by Chair David Ginsberg.

February Meeting Recap: How to Resist Trump and Protect What We Hold Dear

150 150 David Ginsberg

Thank you to everyone who attended in person or watched on Facebook live and made our first program such a success! This is what the beginning of a movement looks like, and this is a movement that will rescue our democracy, restore decency and a leave a liveable planet for our kids.

Together we will win.

The attendance last night was inspiring, staff at the Hall at Fauntleroy put the headcount at just over 700! An additional 674 watched via the Facebook live feed provided by Indivisible West Seattle.

Per usual, the best play by play of the evening can be found on the West Seattle Blog here:


We started the night with 195 members, and this morning we have 290, thank you to everyone who joined last night! Last year at this time we had 350 members, so we’ve still got a ways to go just to stay even with last year, and I know we can do better – if you haven’t joined for 2017 please do so now, and please consider monthly donations as it helps us plan. Note: it costs about $10/month per member to provide the programs and candidate/election support we do, so a monthly donation of $10 is the sustaining level. If you can afford to give more please do – we’ll put your money to good use continuing to build the strongest Democratic organization in the state! You can join or renew on our new website at


We started the night with 125 PCOs, and ended with 141. Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a PCO last night, this is by far the biggest impact one can have on voters and elections, and we don’t want to leave any potential democratic voters behind. We have 209 precincts, so we’ve still got work to do here. If you’re interested in becoming a PCO please contact Brooks Salazar at

Lobby Day

King County Democrats Lobby Day is Monday, February 20th. If you’re interested in carpooling to Olympia please contact Steve Butts at

Calling all High School Activists!

Do you know a high schooler who’s concerned about their future and interested in having their voice heard in Olympia? The 34th District Democrats are sponsoring a bus to take high schoolers from the 34th to Olympia for Lobby Day. Please have them contact ASAP to get on board.

Sponsor an activist! Please contribute whatever you can to help send these budding young activists to Olympia by making a contribution on our website here:

Taking the next step and getting involved

Here are some ways you can get involved in the new 34th District Democrats organization:

  1. Become a PCO:
  2. Become a member:
  3. Volunteer:
  4. Join one of our Executive Committees:
  5. We’re still looking for an Executive Board member to chair the Finance Committee. If you’re interested in this role please contact me at

And here are the speakers and organizations we heard from last night. Please join one or more as well as joining the 34th. Our strength will come in the relationships we build.

  1. ACLU of Washington:
  2. Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition:
  3. IndivisibleSEA:
  4. American Muslim Empowerment Network:
  5. Equal Rights Washington:

Thanks again for everything you do. We’re building a grassroots organization to protect what we hold dear and leave our kids a world we can be proud to leave them.

It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding. And we will win.

In solidarity,
David Ginsberg
Chair, 34th District Democrats

February Monthly Agenda: Resistance

150 150 David Ginsberg
  • Social Time & Potluck, please bring a dish to share

Note: we have unprecedented interest in our program for this meeting, so to accommodate more of our neighbors we won’t have the round tables in the room this time, so finger food and small bites may be more suitable for this setting. And be sure to welcome these members of our community who share our values and concerns!

  • Meeting brought to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Consideration of Agenda, Membership and Treasurer’s report
  • Chair’s Report
  • Digital Communications Update
  • Panel: How To Resist Trump And Protect What We Hold Dear


Binah Palmer

Binah Palmer serves on the board of the ACLU of Washington. Though she currently lives on Queen Anne, she grew up in West Seattle. She is the Communications Director at SEIU 925, and has served on the City of Seattle’s Human Rights Commission, the board of the Japanese American Citizens League, and the political action committee for Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Civic Empowerment. When she isn’t in Olympia or a union hall, Binah is usually either at the Westy cheering on the Sounders or hiking somewhere in the Cascades.

Amirah Mirziteh

Amirah Mirziteh is a longtime activist and organizer living in West Seattle. She currently works as a union organizer and is active in her local chapter of the Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition, which formed shortly after Trump’s election in response to his hateful and divisive rhetoric. Amirah lives in West Seattle.

Judy Lightfoot

Judy Lightfoot retired from teaching after 35 years and is now a freelance writer, editor, and volunteer. In her 7 years writing for Seattle’s online; her articles mainly focused on homelessness, mental illness, social services, and at-risk kids. Judy is a founding member of SIPPA. The mission of SIPPA, Seattle Indivisibles Protecting the Progressive Agenda, is to block as many of Donald Trump’s undemocratic actions as possible. They aim at sustaining progressive programs, policies, and proposals through the next four years by organizing locally and taking focused, effective, practical, “indivisible” steps together. SIPPA started at the end of November, 2016.

Aneelah Afzali

Aneelah Afzali is the founder and Executive Director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network (AMEN), a new initiative launched through the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) in response to the challenges of our times.  Aneelah graduated from the University of Oregon Honors College, and was named a Chayes International Service Fellow at Harvard Law School.  She enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and football, and is a proud Seahawks and Ducks fan!

Monisha Harrell

Monisha Harrell is the Board Chair of Equal Rights Washington, and the daughter of Councilmember Bruce Harrell. ERW was founded in 2004 to assist in the passage of Washington State’s LGBT anti-discrimination bill, which for 28 years had been introduced in the state legislature, but never passed. In 2006, ERW played a crucial role in securing the passage of this legislation, Washington House Bill 2661, now known as the Anderson-Murray Anti-Discrimination law. ERW pivoted to become the lead organization in an early fight to recognize marriage rights for same-sex couples.

  • Appointment of Kyle Prete to Chair Data and Technology Committee
  • Appointment of PCOs
  • Resolutions:
    • Resolution regarding Goals for Greenhouse Gases Emission Reductions (HB-1372)*
    • Resolution regarding Renewable Energy System Tax Incentives and Recycling (HB 1048) by 34th District Democratic Organization*
  • Old Business
    • Awards from the Holiday Party
  • New Business
  • Good of the Order
  • Adjournment to Whiskey West


Meeting Details:

Hall at Fauntleroy (Old Fauntleroy School)

9131 California Avenue SW

Seattle, WA 98136

Parking lot available behind building

Transit Rapid Ride C Line


Note: please RSVP to this event on Facebook to help us plan and prepare. We’ll also be Livestreaming via Facebook Live, and will post highlights on YouTube after the meeting.


Resolution regarding Goals for Greenhouse Gases Emission Reductions (HB-1372) by 34th District Democratic Organization

Whereas, in 2008 the State of Washington adopted goals for the reduction of Greenhouse Gases emissions reductions by 2020, 2035 and 2050; and

Whereas, these goals have been codified to the Revised Code of Washington at Title 70, Section 235; and

Whereas the best available climate science requires reducing global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to below 350 parts per million no later than the end of this century in order to avoid catastrophic climate change impacts; and

Whereas, the nations of the world have agreed last year in Paris that our goal must be to limit the global average temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius, with an aspiration to limit it to 1.5degree Celsius; and

Whereas, the adopted Washington goals will not sufficiently contribute to achieving the new international goals; and

Whereas, the Washington goals must be significantly tightened if Washington is to achieve its fair share of the necessary global emissions reductions; and

Whereas, legislation has been introduced as HB 1372; Updating the Framework for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Washington Based upon Best Available Climate Science, that would revise Washington’s goals in RCW 70:235 to values that, if achieved, will make our necessary contribution to the international effort, specifically

By 2020, emissions must be at least 10% below 1990 levels

By 2035, emissions must be at least 68% below 1990 levels

By 2050, emissions must be at least 91% below 1990 levels; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation would also require the Department of Ecology to use its existing authority to adopt policies, rules, and regulations that will achieve the necessary emission reductions, and to track and annually report emission reduction progress to the governor, legislature, and public; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation would remove the exception for emissions of carbon dioxide from industrial combustion of biomass in the form of fuel wood, wood waste, wood byproducts, and wood residuals; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation would align state agency emission reduction requirements with the best available science and require the state of Washington to inventory consumption based emissions; Now, Therefore

Be it Resolved That:

The 34th District Democratic Organization requests all members of the 34th District legislative delegation join Representative Eileen Cody in co-sponsoring HB 1372 to amend RCW 70:235 and to ask for hearings on the legislation in each house; and

The Executive Board is directed to send a copy of the proposed legislation along with this resolution to each member of the 34th District legislative delegation; and

The Executive Board is directed to send a copy of this resolution to the King County Democratic Central Committee Legislative Action Committee.

Submitted by Stu Yarfitz

Resolution regarding Renewable Energy System Tax Incentives and Recycling (HB 1048) by 34th District Democratic Organization

Whereas, in 2006 the State of Washington created the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Program; and

Whereas, these goals have been codified to the Revised Code of Washington at Title 70, Section 235; and

Whereas the best available climate science requires reducing global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to below 350 parts per million no later than the end of this century in order to avoid catastrophic climate change impacts; and

Whereas, solar is a clean and renewable source of carbon-free energy; and

Whereas, solar has already created thousands of jobs in Washington, and could expand greatly; and

Whereas, distributed solar makes Washington State more energy independent and resilient; and

Whereas, the Western Washington University’s Center for Economic & Business Research finds that for every $1 spent on solar through the Cost Recovery Program has spurred $16-$20 in economic activity; and

Whereas, solar power keeps our energy dollars in Washington State; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation is much more cost-effective than the current policy for Washington to get as much solar power as possible, giving Washington 5x more solar power per dollar; and

Whereas, solar power lessens the costs of adapting to climate disruption; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation would create a clear and stable solar program for Washington. Now, therefore:

Be it Resolved That:

The 34th District Democratic Organization requests all members of the 34th District legislative join Representative Joe Fitzgibbon in sponsoring and supporting HB 1048 and to ask for hearings on the legislation in each house; and

The Executive Board is directed to send a copy of the proposed legislation along with this resolution to each member of the 34th District legislative delegation; and The Executive Board is directed to send a copy of this resolution to the King County Democratic Central Committee Legislative Action Committee.

Submitted by Stu Yarfitz

DigComm Meeting Notes – January

150 150 Carrie Alexander

DigComm Agenda – January

  1. Social media crew who tweets, instagrams, etc from their OWN accounts and tags #34dems or @34dems etc
  2. Get a volunteer to make a video of member stories, PCO stories
  3. Map for PCO – who’s going to do it, what will it look like, what does it need
  4. Contact your rep via Indivisible
  5. Robert’s Rules of Order simplified
  6. Legislation in everyday terms
  7. Who gets what permissions
  8. What is the best way to display volunteer events
  9. Member suggested things for agendas
  10. Bus for Lobby Day

Attendance: Zoey, John, Carrie, David, Kyle, Ted, Jake, John, and Heather

Discussion of Points

  1. Members use accounts they have already, and tag or share 34th social media accounts to get more traffic to them
    1. Instagram – John (Photography)
    2. Committee reports during, share something at each meeting about how digcomm works, eg how Facebook algorithm works, why we have different accounts, what they do, ect.
    3. Zoey really connected
    4. Message goes out to what accounts we have
    5. Get list of hashtags for events, in general, to members so they can use them too
  2. Ann Martin – First female member, first member story
    1. Member stories only
    2. Reach out and ask anyone who wants to share their story
    3. Bring up if they are a PCO in the videos
  3. Address finder
    1. Interactive map
    2. What precincts, if there is a PCO, contact pro
    3. Show nearby PCO, somehow know if there is no PCO there, contact PCO chair directly
    4. Also show area coordinators
    5. PCO form on the website
  4. David main contact
    1. Another committee or caucus for it
    2. Focus on congressional action with other legislative districts in congressional district
    3. Page on website
    4. BY FEB 8th meeting, email to go out to membership, summary of who, what, and why and how to contact, photos of people coming
    5. Back of agenda for meetings
      1. Chair explains, don’t fear to interrupt
      2. Website – Carrie
    6. Reps give blurb
      1. Talk with LAC and facilitate
      2. Need both TLDR (too long, didn’t read) and long version
      3. How to impact
  5. Website: Editor – Committee Chairs
    1. Other social media, Chair, first & second chair, other at discretion of chair
  6. Treina keeps track or volunteers, Jake asks for
    1. Put volunteers on certain events
    2. Make page for onetime and recurring events
    3. Signup – volunteer; Get Involved
    4. Mailing list – mailing list; Get Informed
  7. Better explanation of how meetings go
    1. One page about how meetings works
    2. Maybe put on back of agenda
    3. Maybe coordinate with Joy as a welcome packet
  8. Has to come from students
    1. When to reserve busses, shop around
  9. Move from paper membership signing
  10. Goals: Half day retreat with E-Board to set goals for the 34th
    1. If we can increase voter turnout by 10%, we can deny Republicans the governor
    2. Do something engaging in the committee
    3. Get together

Meeting Minutes January 11, 2017

150 150 Carrie Alexander

34th District Democrats

District Reorganization Meeting


The Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Temporary Meeting Chair Bailey Stober, KCDCC Chair.

Flag Salute, led by Bailey Stober.

Appointment of temporary officers for the reorganization meeting.

Secretary: Chris Porter

Parliamentarian: Marcee Stone-Vekich

Sergeant at Arms: Ivan Weiss

Tally Committee: Steven Jamison

Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules.

Moved and seconded and passed by acclamation.

First Credentials Report: 62 PCOs signed in and eligible to vote.

Reading of Rules

Adoption of District Organization Bylaws and Standing Rules

Moved and seconded and passed by acclamation.

Election of 2017 District Chair:

David Ginsberg nominated by Marcee Stone-Vekich. Ivan Weiss spoke in support of David’s nomination. David delivers speech asking for membership’s vote.

David Ginsberg is elected by unanimous acclamation.

David Ginsberg is installed as chair and takes up the gavel of the 34th District Democrats. New Chair

makes a plea for unity after a divisive primary and general election season.

Election of District Officers by PCOs:

First Vice Chair: Treina Aronson by unanimous acclamation.

Second vice Chair: Michael Taylor-Judd by unanimous acclamation.

State Committeewoman: Lisa Plymate by unanimous acclamation.

State Committeeman: Chris Porter by paper ballot.

KCDCC Female Delegate: Carrie Alexander by unanimous acclamation.

KCDCC Male Delegate: Les Treall by paper ballot.

KCDCC Female Alternate: Martha Koester by unanimous acclamation.

KCDCC Male Alternate: Ted Barker by unanimous acclamation.

Appointment of District Credentials Committee is moved, seconded and passed by unanimous acclamation.

Second District Credentials Report regarding Non PCO members. 31 present. 68 PCOs signed in and

eligible to vote.

Election of Secretary: Jason Cheung nominated by Steven Butts, seconded by Gina Topp.

Elected by unanimous acclamation.

Election of Treasurer: Gina Topp nominated by Karen Chilcutt , seconded by Jason Cheung.

Elected by unanimous acclamation.

Committee Chair Slate submitted to the membership. Each candidate made a short

introductory speech before the vote was taken.

Finance: Michael Taylor-Judd

Digital Communications: Carrie Alexander

Diversity and Inclusion: Sean Riley

Finance: TBD

Fundraising: Elisabeth Atwood

Hospitality: Kate Riley

Legislative Action: Ann Martin

Membership: Joy Pakuluk

Outreach: Karen Richter and Steven Butts, Co-chairs.

PCO: Kathy Marshall

Program: David Ginsberg

Event Planning: Jacob Holt

Volunteer: Treina Aronson

Web Editor: Nick Bohall

Newsletter Editor: Steven Butts

Parliamentarian: Jacob Holt

Data and Technology: TBD

Old Business:


New Business:

Martha Koester (?) submitted a resolution to oppose Medicare Privatization. ________________ spoke against, Chris Porter spoke for. Moved, seconded and passed

by acclamation.

Nick Bohall unveiled new 34th District Website.

New PCOs appointed:

Chris Langeler in Precinct 1511

Ryan Kuehn in Precinct 1499

Lynn Randal in Precinct 1047

Good of the Order:

Rachel Glass spoke about the Women’s March and the West Seattle Democratic Women and Hate Free Delridge sign making party on Sunday, 1/15 at Treina’s house, running from 11am-2pm.

Lisa Plymate spoke about the Health Care Rally at Westlake Park, also on 1/15

Ann Martin spoke about the 34ths volunteer efforts at the White Center Food bank, every fourth Wednesday evening.

Chris Langeler spoke about the benefit concert for the West Seattle Helpline on 1/13 at Alki United Church of Christ.

Chris Porter spoke again in favor of the Medicare resolution. Warned of a dilution of benefits by incoming administration.

9:04 Meeting adjourned to Elliott Bay Brewery