Membership Meeting Agendas

October 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 Steve Butts

October 10, 2018

At the Hall at Fauntleroy

7:00 Call To Order from Chair David Ginsberg

7:01 Flag Salute

7:02 Minutes approved

7:03 Agenda amended, Dues Committee report added.

7:04 Agenda adopted

7:04 Chairs Report – 28 Days until the Election! This is our chance to put a check on this president. Let’s Get Out The Vote! Because when The People turn out, DEMS WIN! Face to face contact is best, but if you can’t do that, Call!

7:06 Walk Lists distributed. Please use Minivan!

7:08 Christy Hader from the Yes on 1631 asked the membership to help knock on doors to support clean energy!

7:15 Dues Committee recommendations:

Expenses have grown since the last dues change. The cost per member is over $100 a year now. Dow and generous members of the Board have helped to keep us solvent, but this is clearly not sustainable.

The following is proposed:

Moving to paying dues monthly and optimally online.

$15 – Sustaining Membership

$34 – Friend of the 34th

$50 – Benefactor

$100 – Hero

This new structure would start in January. Dues are NOT mandatory. No one will ever be denied

Membership due to their financial situation. Much spirited discussion. Membership advised that they would have the opportunity to vote on it at the next meeting.

8:00 New Business – Campaign contributions considered

$500 to I-1631, Remaining $500 to be distributed equally to the 3 remaining endorsed Initiatives.

8:20 A Remembrance of Jackie Dupras. Ivan Weiss, Michael Taylor-Judd, Steve Butts, Ann Martin, Joe McDermott and Martha Koester all shared moving, heartfelt memories of Jackie. Her husband Ed also addressed the membership.

8:40 Good of the Order –

SW Lutheran Family Services is having their gala on October 27th. Ann Martin has purchased a table and extended an invitation to join her.

The White Center Food Bank Gala will be on October 20th.

Mona Das and Debra Entenman will be at the West Seattle Democratic Women’s meeting on October 25th at noon.

8:45 – Adjourned.

November 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

November 14th, 2018 

The Hall at Fauntleroy 


7:00 Call to Order 

7:01 Pledge of Allegiance 

7:02 No November Minutes. Agenda (M)oved (S)econded (P)assed 

7:03 Chairs Report – Election Wrap Up.  

7:07 Treasurer’s Report  


7:09 Awards Committee report – Ann Martin 

Nominations are open for the LD’s 2018 Awards. Winners to be announced at the Holiday Party  

in December. 


7:13 34th LD Reorganization will take place at the January meeting on January 9th, 2019. 


7:14 KCDCC Reorganization will take place on December 1st at the Machinist’s Hall in South Park. 


7:16 Discussion of the dues revision led by Michael Taylor-Judd. Vigorous discussion.  

Speaker against – Ivan Weiss 

Speaker for – Michael Taylor-Judd 

Speaker against – Ivan Weiss 

Speaker for – Martha Koester and Ann Martin 


7:29 –MSP. 


7:30 – AIDS Memorial Pathway Project. On behalf of Tom Rasmussen, David made a presentation for this proposed project. It is to run from the Capitol Hill Light Rail to Cal Anderson Park. The request was for support of the project. David did not have a lot of information about the project. This will be re-presented in January. 


7:35 – Question was asked if there was a quorum present. Affirmative. 34 members were present, quorum is 20. 


7:36 Endorsement of signature gathering for Initiative 1000. MSP by acclamation. 


7:40 – Motion to Censure PCO Dan Gage for conduct unbecoming a Precinct Committee Officer.  

Noted that new PCOs take office on December 1st 

Dan Gage Spoke for himself. 


7:54 Motion to Censure passed.  Mr. Gage threatened legal action. 


7:55 Leslie Harris motioned to suspend the rules to endorse the levies for K-12 education. She is speaking as a private citizen and not in her capacity as a school board member.  


8:00 King County Council Chair Joe McDermott recognized. He informed the membership of the passing of the county budget, which will address gun safety, the census, no fare increases for the water taxi for the next two years, funding for South Park and housing.  


8:06 Danna Pakulak spoke about the Navos Gift Drive.  


8:07 Good of the Order – Washington State voter participation was over 70%! 


8:11 Adjourn to Whiskey West.

September 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 Steve Butts

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Chair David Ginsberg

7:01 Pledge of Allegiance.

7:02 Minutes and Adoption of Agenda MSP.

7:03 Chair’s Report – Hospitality and Membership Chairs are currently vacant.  Chair related how his family has been affected by gun violence. This, along with jobs, housing and income inequality will all be topics raised in the debate tonight.

7:06 New Business – Proposal from the E-Board to pass a slate of Initiatives. I-940 (De-escalation training for Law Enforcement) I-1631 (Cleaner Air, Cleaner Energy) and 1639 (Gun Safety) – MSP.

7:08 Martha Koester spoke in support of King County Council Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles proposed budget amendment for affordable housing.  Brooks Salazar raised the point that the issue is moot as this issue has already been addressed in Council.

A motion to table the issue until the next meeting was MSP.

7:11 PCO Chair Brooks Salazar announced that there would be a penalty against a PCO at the next membership meeting.

7:12 – Representative Eileen Cody arrived and was greeted.

7:13 – A Debate in the Lincoln Douglas format between candidates for State Senate Shannon Braddock and Joe Nguyen. Chris Porter moderated.

Joe won the toss and spoke first about how he would address economic inequality. Acknowledges that our tax code is regressive. Favors a Capital Gains Tax, and for reviewing those tax emptions that as of now will never expire. Points out that the amount of the exemptions is more that the budget of the state. Supports a State Bank. McCleary clearly did not address the inequality/achievement gap. We must support our teachers, and we need to make sure that our elected officials reflect our community and our community’s values. Lack of access to childhood early learning linked to inequality.

Shannon’s Cross Examination – Supports capital gains tax. What does Joe’s method of “naming and shaming” look like? Which tax exemptions would he target?

Shannon then gave her ideas on how she would address inequality. Hopes that her children would be able to live in Seattle if they wanted to. Limited by our regressive tax system. There are over 600 tax exemptions in the WA Tax Code.  She would focus on Luxury/Consumer Services, international banking, prescription drug resellers, investment banking, and state sales tax on out of state residents are outmoded. Addressing these loopholes/exemptions could net us about a billion dollars. Capital Gains figures in there too. Working Families Tax Rebate, based on the Federal Earned Income tax. Capital Gains Tax would be a heavy lift in this state. Clearly, we are not paying our teachers enough. Let’s change this. Favors free tech school or c/c to get workers change. Better for COC. Child care affects the mother’s mood. Happy kid? Happy, calm mom.

Joe – He would not just name and shame. He represents the 34th, one of the most liberal districts in the state, if not the nation and is not interested in pandering to moderate Democrats or Republicans. Health care access is worth standing up for. We do not have a claw back mechanism for lost tax exemption or loophole funds. Boeing is an illustrative example. They were given many tax incentives to stay here in Washington State, yet they still moved to Chicago anyway. Would be in favor of taking another look to see if those are being used appropriately.

Shannon – Shannon cares just as much as Joe about the folks in our district, and our state.

Equity access is hugely important. Best Starts for Kids Levy has been remarkable. Spoke about involvement with the Somali community regarding health care. We must be prepared to be uncomfortable with what we don’t know and be willing to connect and learn about things that we may not know. Need to raise the Housing Trust Fund, it helps to leverage other dollars. We should be looking at surplus land, across the board, INCLUDING the State Department of Transportation. Homelessness is a complex issue, and we need to start giving front line workers more funds to help prevent it. When building shelters, we need 24/7 shelters. They are the most effective way to help the homeless, as there are often Navigation Centers at them as well.

Joe – How do we make sure that funds go to housing and not to stadiums?

Next topic was Schools, guns, and public safety. The statistics are sobering. There are more gun dealers in Washington than Starbucks AND Post Offices combined. What specific legislation will you introduce to address this? What is your plan to build support?

Shannon – Kids should not be worrying about how to defend against an active shooter. Supports I-1639.

The Legislature has failed us. Gun Violence IS a public health crisis. Have not done a good enough job in dealing with how domestic and gun violence inter relate, or for protecting families. How guns relate to suicide and mental health. For every dollar invested in mental health for children, $17 are saved later.

It isn’t about taking away people’s guns anymore than seat belts are about taking away people’s cars.

Getting I-1639 passed is not enough. We need to have a solid plan of how we will implement it.

If I-1639 doesn’t pass, she will introduce legislation to address every piece of it.

Joe – Mental health and suicide.  Very personal for him, as his cousin committed suicide using a gun.

Supports I-1639. We do not need military weapons to go hunting with. Need more training in gun safety.

This is an issue that can be prevented.

Funding comes into play. $25 fee for gun purchases, to be used for gun safety education and to provide funding for prevention. We need to keep better track of people who have guns.

Joe would like to know how Shannon talks to people on the other side of the gun debate.

Shannon finds that a lot of them are motivated by fear. Individually, she finds more common ground. Observes that the NRA stokes the fear mongering. Taking a Public Health approach emphasizes SAFETY.

Joe recognizes that there is a cultural issue as well. We need to engage with people to find out what motivates them so that we can find a common solution. There should be training for the safe use of guns. Good place to start.

Shannon – Hopes I-1639 passes. If it doesn’t pass, there ARE legislators that are working on the issue.

Senator Frockt from North Seattle is one of them. She would reach out to him to come up with a plan to engage those on the other side. Would be relentless in keeping this issue at the forefront with other legislators.

What is the highest priority for the 34th?

Shannon – Passing Capital Gains tax and addressing our regressive tax system. Addressing Child Care access. This is very important. People should have the opportunity to make the life that they want for themselves.

Joe – Fixing the tax structure. Having an equitable environment for everyone. Standing with workers and the working class. Is not taking PAC money. The DISTRICT is his special interest.

Closing statements – Both Candidates thanked the membership for coming out and participating.

Shannon pointed out that she cannot self-finance.

8:13 Election in 55 days!

Britney from the Coordinated Campaign advised that we keep in mind the lessons of the 2016 election. Nothing is safe, and we need to make sure that we are getting people involved because that means that they will be more likely to vote next time.

Britney has some granular data about priority precincts that she would be happy to share.

Avi from Kim Schrier’s campaign came to talk about Kim. She’s been a pediatrician in Issaquah for the past 17 years. Saw what the Republican Health Care plan would do her patients. It is a tough race in a big district. Kim will need our help.

Hannah from the 47th LD (Our Sister District) was up next. She is the Campaign Manager for Mona Dawes for the State Senate. Debra Entenman is running as well.

8:25 King County Council Member Joe McDermott moved to endorse Seattle Proposition 1. Assures that it does not fund charter schools. It will inject a lot of money into Seattle Schools. It was Moved, Seconded and Passed by the membership.

Good of the Order: Seattle School Board President Leslie Harris gave a short talk about the state of the school Board and the school boundary changes that are being discussed. The Seattle School Board has a 20 Billion Dollar wish list, of which only 1 billion will be on the next levy. She appreciates the teachers and the staff for bargaining hard and avoiding a strike.

9/15 to 10/15 National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Martha Koester has info to help people get re-enfranchised. And for Domestic Violence survivors to vote anonymously.

Chris Porter reported on an outbreak of HIV in North Seattle, and that there has been a 17% uptick in sexual assault reporting.

8:40 – Adjourned to Whiskey West.

April 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

34th District Democrats

Monthly Membership Meeting


The Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting called to order at 7:01 by Chair David Ginsberg


7:02 Pledge of Allegiance.


VIP’s in attendance: Krystal Marx, Burien Councilwoman, Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta, Burien Councilman Pedro Olguin, Seattle School Board Member Leslie Harris, Seattle Municipal Court Judge Ed McKenna, King County District Judge Ann Parker, Seattle Municipal Court Judge Anita Crawford and Magistrate Fay Chess.



Minutes (M)oved(S)econded(P)assed.


Chris Porter proposed an amendment to the agenda to inform the membership of an offer of tickets from Arts West. Chair determined that this would fall under New Business.

Chair moved Recognition and Awards to members to a later date and advised the Body that State Senator Nelson would not be in attendance.


Agenda as amended MSP.



7:22 Chairs Report –

Paul Ryan retiring. David Hogg taking a gap year to work on elections. Reminded the Membership of the upcoming Duwamish Clean Up and Pramila’s Kick Off event.

Potential PCOs can file online. Dow Constantine’s Campaign Kick Off Lunch at noon on May 18th.

There will be a Blue Wave Party at the IAM Machinist’s Hall on June 2nd.


7:27 Treasurer’s Report –

​Membership stands at 303 members. Currently have $29,000.00 in the bank, however, $15k is

​reserved for the 2020 Caucuses. There were $3,054.87 in expenses and $5,084.10 in income.



7:29 KCDCC Report –

​At the end of a 13 hour trial the previous Sunday, Chair Bailey Stober was found guilty on all 5

​charges. He resigned his seat.


​Sharon Mass, who is a DNC member, will act as interim chair. She will preside over the County

​Convention. KCDCC DESPERATELY needs funds.


7:37 Post Session Report –


​Delivered by Rep. Eileen Cody.

​Very busy session, many, many bills.

​Disappointed that there was not more progress on Health Care and nothing on the opioid crisis.

​Lots to be happy about. Progress on voting rights, gun control, funding for education, state need ​act, Dreamers, gender equality, Net Neutrality passed, student loan protections, banned

​conversion therapy. The Health Exchange was divorced from the Affordable Care Act, Drug Take

​Back program passed. Also progress on housing issues, juvenile justice and the environment.

​Transportation package got through, and more $$$ for education.


​She then took questions from the membership.


King County Executive Dow Constantine arrived and thanked our legislators. He also gave a short update on County issues, including housing, Juvenile Detention, issues with Sinclair, and land conservation efforts.


Austin Bell from the Burien City Council spoke. Trespass ordinance repealed, junk vehicle bill defeated, advocated for a youth council on violence, and the need for more rentals in Burien.



8:20 Gun Reform program – Chris Porter moderating.


Panel consisted of Seattle City Councilwoman Lorena Gonzalez, Sarah Brady, Campaign Manager for Pramila Jayapal, Shawn Terjeson, statewide communications lead for Moms Demand Action, and Jason Lindbom, President of Washington CeaseFire.


9:06 Old Business – None


9:07 New Business –


​New PCOs candidates, Michael Matt Miller – 34-1415 and Dawn Rains – 34-1420.

​Both are appointed.


Chris Porter advises the membership that Arts West has offered the 34th 50 tickets to the April 34th performance at 6:30.

9:11 Good of the Order.


9:18 Adjourned.


August 9th Meeting Agenda

150 150 Carrie Alexander

Fellow Democrats,

With the primary season behind us, this month we turn our attention to the State of the 34th. How are we doing? What are we doing well? Where can we improve? Where do we need more help?

We’ll hear from each of our committees, as well as get a legislative report from Representatives Eileen Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon (and possibly Senator Sharon Nelson) and congressional report from Congresswoman Jayapal’s office.

August 9th Meeting Agenda

6:30 Potluck Social Time, please bring a dish to share

7:00 Call to Order
Opening Ceremonies
Pledge of Allegiance
VIP Acknowledgements
Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda
Approval of the Minutes
Adoption of the Agenda
Reports of Officers and Standing Committees
Reports of Officers
Chair’s Report
Membership and Treasurer’s Report
Reports of Committees

7:15 District Update from Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal’s Office

7:30 Legislative Update from Olympia

7:45 Program: State of the 34th

Unfinished Business

8:45 New Business

8:50 Good of the Order

Adjourn to Whiskey West

The 34th District Democrats meet on 2nd Wednesdays at the Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting Details:
Hall at Fauntleroy (Old Fauntleroy School)
9131 California Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98136
Parking lot available behind building
Transit Rapid Ride C Line

See you on the 9th!

June Agenda: Mayoral Showdown

150 150 Nick Bohall

Showdown in the 34th: Seattle Mayor

With 21 declared candidates for Mayor we’ll be hosting another showdown in West Seattle. We’ve invited all the Democratic candidates and other candidates who share our values to participate in the forum, and the remaining candidates are welcome to participate as well with the understanding that when we did this in April the first round left just the serious, progressive candidates; and the second round left only the viable candidates.

 Note: If you have questions you’d like to hear one of the candidates answer please send them to Chris Porter at

 After the  program we may consider whether to endorse one (or more) of the candidates.  Hope to see you there!

 June 14th Meeting Agenda

 6:30  Potluck Social Time, please bring a dish to share

 7:00 Call to Order

Opening Ceremonies

Pledge of Allegiance

VIP Acknowledgements

Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

Approval of the Minutes

Adoption of the Agenda

Reports of Officers and Standing Committees

Reports of Officers

  • Chair’s Report
  • Membership and Treasurer’s Report
  • Format for the evening
    • Each candidate will have 2 minutes for introductory remarks.
    • There will then be a lightning round of yes/no questions, and after this we’ll take a vote to determine who proceeds to the next round.
    • There will then be a round of questions, and each candidate will draw a question at random, and then have 2 minutes to answer it. The timer begins when the question is drawn.
    • The winner will receive a highly sought after 34th District Democrats cowboy hat.
  • Need: Fundraising co-chair to assist Chris Porter
  • Call for ideas: Garden Party theme

Reports of Committees

 7:10 Presentation by Seattle Proposition 1

 7:20 Consideration of Endorsement of Seattle Proposition 1

 7:30 Showdown in the 34th: Seattle Mayor

Confirmed Participants

  • Jenny Durkan (D)
  • Jessyn Farrell (D)
  • Senator Bob Hasegawa (D)
  • Mike McGinn (D)
  • Cary Moon (D)
  • Jason Roberts (D)

 Unfinished Business


8:50 New Business

Appointment of PCOs

Endorsements may be considered

 8:55 Good of the Order

9:00 Adjourn to Whiskey West

A note about voting for motions, resolutions and endorsements: according to our bylaws:

“Only members in good standing by the end of the prior month’s meeting may vote, except that any member who had paid dues in the previous calendar year may vote if the membership is renewed at or before the meeting where the endorsement takes place.”

The endorsement rules for the 34th District Democrats can be found here.

If you were a member last year but haven’t renewed yet, you can click here to pay your dues and renew your membership in time for our next meeting. If you weren’t a member by the end of the last meeting you won’t be eligible to vote at the June meeting but can join now to be eligible to vote at our July meeting where we will condider endorsements for Mayor of Seattle.

The 34th District Democrats meet on 2nd Wednesdays at the Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting Details: 

Hall at Fauntleroy (Old Fauntleroy School)

9131 California Avenue SW

Seattle, WA 98136

Parking lot available behind building

Transit Rapid Ride C Line

May Monthly Meeting Agenda

150 150 Nick Bohall

May 10th Meeting Agenda

6:30  Potluck Social Time, please bring a dish to share

7:00 Call to Order

  • Opening Ceremonies
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • VIP Acknowledgements
  • Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda
    • Approval of the Minutes
    • Adoption of the Agenda
  • Reports of Officers and Standing Committees
    • Reports of Officers
    • Chair’s Report
    • State Committee Report
    • Reports of Committees
    • Digital Communications Minute

7:20 René LeBeau, Program Manager of the City of Seattle Democracy Voucher Program

7:30 Consideration of Primary Ballot Endorsements

  • Seattle City Council Pos. 8
  • Proposed Block Endorsement
    • King County Executive: Dow Constantine
    • King County Sheriff: John Urquardt
    • King County Council District 5: Dave Upthegrove
    • Seattle City Attorney: Pete Holmes
    • Seattle City Council Pos. 9: Lorena Gonzalez
  • Other Endorsements May be Considered 

8:45 Unfinished Business

  • None

 8:45 New Business

  • Appointment of Committee Chair Nominee
    • Wes Morris as Technician
  • Appointment of PCOs
  • Membership and Treasurer’s Report

8:55 Good of the Order

9:00 Adjourn to Whiskey West

April Monthly Meeting Agenda

150 150 Nick Bohall

April 12th Monthly Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the April Monthly Meeting is as follows:

6:30 – Potluck Social Time

7:00 – Call to Order

     Opening Ceremonies

     Pledge of Allegiance

     Presentation of Awards

     VIP Acknowledgements

          Judge David Mann

          Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez


          Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

          Approval of the Minutes

          Adoption of the Agenda

     Reports of Officers and Standing Committees

          Reports of Officers

               Chair’s Report

          Reports of Committees

               Digital Communications Minute

7:10 -Showdown in the 34th: Seattle City Council Position 8

  • Ryan Asbert
  • Hisam Goueli
  • Jon Grant
  • Jenn Huff
  • Mac McGregor
  • Teresa Mosqueda
  • Rudy Pantoja
  • James Passey
  • Sheley Secrest
  • Charlene Strong

7:30 – Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal addresses the 34th (we’ll interrupt the program to accommodate the Congresswoman’s schedule)

8:20 – Endorsement for Seattle City Council Position 8

8:40 – Burien City Council Candidate Introductions

     Unfinished Business


8:45 – New Business

     Membership and Treasurer’s Report

      Approval of the Budget

      Appointment of Slate of Committee Chair Nominees

          Carrie Alexander as Events Chair

          Chris Godwin as Finance Chair

          Chris Porter as Fundraising Co-Chair

      Appointment of PCOs

8:55 – Good of the Order

9:00 – Adjourn to Whiskey West

March 8th Monthly Meeting Agenda

150 150 Carrie Alexander

Our next meeting will feature Mayor Murray, Robby Stern and Velma Veloria and focus on Republican threats to women and seniors.

Part I: Threats to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid by Robby Stern
Robby Stern retired in April, 2008, after fifteen years as the Special Assistant to the President of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, an organization that represents over 450,000 workers statewide. He served as staff counsel and lead lobbyist. Stern had responsibility for helping develop policy in a number of areas, including workers’ compensation and healthcare.

Robby was elected the President of the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA) in December of 2009. PSARA has a membership of approximately 1300 members and is a volunteer powered progressive and feisty voice for retirees and for people of all ages who look forward to being able to retire some day.

Robby also serves as the Chair of the Social Security Works Washington Coalition, a large coalition focusing on preserving and improving Social Security and Medicare for the generations to come.

Robby has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Syracuse University in New York. His law degree is from the University of Washington. He is married to Dina Burstein a retired nurse and they have two adult offspring and a foster daughter from Kinshasa, DRC. He’s has been an activist in the Puget Sound Region and in Washington State for more than 40 years. In honor of his retirement, Governor Christine Gregoire proclaimed May 10, 2008, Robby Stern Day in the state of Washington and a similar proclamation was issued by Mayor Greg Nickels, declaring May 10, 2008 Robby Stern Power to the People Day in the City of Seattle.

Part II: Oppression facing women around the world in connection with labor trafficking and international trade agreements by Velma Veloria
Velma Veloria immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in the 1950s, grew up and attended college in the Bay Area, and became an activist through her participation in the anti-war and Asian American student movements in the 1960s.

Upon graduating from San Francisco State University, Veloria traveled to the Philippines, where she observed the brutality and oppression of the Marcos regime. When she returned to the United States, Veloria joined the Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP), or Union of Democratic Filipinos, to put pressure on Marcos and end U.S. support for the dictatorship. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Veloria was a labor activist.

Following the dissolution of the KDP, Veloria became a Legislative Assistant to State Representative Art Wang. In 1992, Veloria became the first Filipina in the continental United States to be elected to a State Legislature, serving 12 years as State Representative for South Seattle’s 11th District. In addition to advocating for affordable housing, workers’ rights, and racial justice, Veloria took particular interest in the impact of international trade and globalization on local communities and co-authored important legislation to combat human trafficking and require oversight of international trade agreements.

March 8th Meeting Agenda

6:30 Potluck Social Time, please bring a dish to share

7:00 Call to Order
Opening Ceremonies
Pledge of Allegiance
Presentation of Awards
VIP Acknowledgements
Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda
Approval of the Minutes
Adoption of the Agenda
Reports of Officers and Standing Committees
Reports of Officers
○ Chair’s Report
○ Membership and Treasurer’s Report
Reports of Committees
○ Data & Technology
○ Digital Communications Minute

7:15 Candidates for Seattle City Council
○ Teresa Mosqueda
○ Sheley Secrest

7:20 Mayor Murray addresses the 34th

7:25 Program, Part I: Threats to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

7:55 Program, Part II: International Women’s Day

8:25 Unfinished Business
Resolution on Goals for Greenhouse Gases Emission Reductions*

8:30 New Business
Appointment of PCOs
Resolution on Opposing Attacks on our Health Benefits*
Resolution on Expanding Social Security*
Resolution on Amending State Greenhouse Gas Limits*
WFSE Letter of Support

8:50 Good of the Order

9:00 Adjourn to Whiskey West
*Please see our March Newsletter (available on our website at

The 34th District Democrats meet on 2nd Wednesdays at the Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting Details:
Hall at Fauntleroy (Old Fauntleroy School)
9131 California Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98136
Parking lot available behind building
Transit Rapid Ride C Line

See you there!

David Ginsberg
Chair, 34th Dems

Meeting Minutes Feb 8, 2017

150 150 Carrie Alexander

34th District Democrats

Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2017


Meeting Called To Order at 7:00pm

Chair David Ginsberg thanked everyone for coming, and made a short address as to the purpose of evening’s panel. Spoke to the importance of the PCO. Talked about the upcoming Lobby Day, and asked for donations to help cover the expenses for the students that were attending. Announced that a Fundraiser for County Executive Dow Constantine would be holding a campaign fundraiser on February 23rd at the Hall at Fauntleroy. Advised that the Annual Party Crab Feed had been moved and would be taking place on March 5th.

Flag Salute

Report from the Treasurer – As of the beginning of the evening, $10,039.03 on hand.

Approval of Agenda voted on and passed by the Membership.

Panel Discussion – “How To Resist Trump And Protect What We Hold Dear”


Binah Palmer from the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington

Judy Lightfoot from Indivisible Seattle

Monisha Harrell from Equal Rights Washington

Amirah Mirziteh from the Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition

Aneelah Afzali from the Muslim Association of Puget Sound/American Muslim Empowerment Network

Moderator: Michael Taylor Judd

The Panel Discussion was followed by questions from the audience.

After the end of the Q&A, there was a short recess.

Meeting was called back to order at 8:30.

Kyle Prete and Brooks Salazar were presented as candidates for Data and Technology Chair and PCO Chair respectively, and were voted on and unanimously approved by the membership.

Chair appointed Bill Jarcho PCO of Quartermaster Precinct of Vashon Island. Bill had to leave early to catch his ferry.

Stu Yarfitz presented a resolution on HB 1372 “Goals for Greenhouse Gases Emission Reductions”.

Stu’s resolution would further limit emissions than the current bill does. Anne Phillips asked if it was the same bill that Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon had presented that had already been passed out of committee, Stu demurred, but admitted that his resolution would probably not pass out of committee and might be moot in light of Rep. Fitzgibbon’s bill. Grace Stiller spoke for it, Lisa Plymate spoke against it and suggested that it might be reworded. Chair moved to table the resolution so that Stu could reword it.

Kathy Marshal presented 16 candidates for PCO, 9 Appointed and 7 Acting. They were unanimously approved.

Stu Yarfitz presented a second resolution supporting HB 1048 “Renewable Energy Tax Incentives and Recycling”. Chris Porter asked if it conflicted with any items in the Governor’s Budget, Stu said that he did not think so. Peggy Tlapak spoke for it and it was Moved, Seconded and Approved by the membership.

Old Business was tabled for the next meeting in the interests of time.

New Business – Carrie Alexander presented the new logos and branding for the 34th LD. They were Moved, Seconded and Approved by the membership.

Good of the Order – Chris Porter urged the membership to support Planned Parenthoods effort to husband Birth Control methods against any shortages or reductions caused by the new administration.

Treasurer Gina Topp reported that 85 new members had signed up that night and that about $3,000 had been raised.

Annie Phillips informed the membership of the inaugural meeting of Indivisble Burien that would be occurring the next night.

Steve Butts spoke about the need for Volunteers at Lobby Day.

Jacqui Morris informed the membership about Uber President Travis Kalanick’s pledge of 3 Million dollars to help Uber drivers affected by the administrations Muslim Ban, along with the establishment of a 24/7 legal advice service.

Marcee Stone-Vekich congratulated the membership on a great meeting, and wondered why there were no union members on the panel. She urged that the membership support them in their efforts against a proposed State Bill that would further extend “Right to Work” rules that are being advanced by Kevin Baumgardner from the 6th District in Spokane.

Carrie Alexander informed the membership about Our Revolution King County.

Chair David Ginsberg informed the membership about Indivisible West Seattle’s meetings with the Murray and Cantwell staffs at their offices at the Federal Building every Tuesday at 1:00.

Heather Engel informed the membership that an Indivisble White Center chapter was in the process of forming.

Les Treall extended on a panel members remarked and said that “Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone.

Meeting adjourned to Whiskey West.