E-Board Meeting Notes

Meeting notes from 34th Democrats Executive Board monthly meetings

May 15, 2019 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

April 17, 2019

Attendees: Gina Topp, Carla Rogers, Ted Barker, Sophia Aragon, Steve Butts, Karen Richter, Les Treall, Nick Bonazza, Max Brown, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Rachel Glass, Leah Griffin, Jacqui, Jordan Crawley, Chris Porter

7:06 Call to Order

7:06 Communications update

Carla Rogers presented a report from the communications committee.

  • Website and FB have tickets for sale for the Fundraiser on June 1
    • Volunteer Tickets page/URL
  • Survey responses netted several actionable items including:
    • Two of the primary purposes for the web is for calendar items and connecting with board members
    • More calendar items : show other org meeting schedules
    • More info on committees and how to get involved
    • wanting the agenda of the monthly meetings posted ahead of time,
    • Suggestion to email the newsletter to membership
    • Enhanced Calendar in the NL
    • More of a voice for the committees (outside of meetings)
    • More social posts, Facebook is most used.
  • Steve is going to be starting to work on the sample ballot, which is due to be distributed at the July meeting (July 10).
    • Very tight turn around
    • LAC to solicit candidates for ad sales after Gina’s email
    • Need plea to candidates from Gina by June 19 (excom meeting)
  • New web homepage update (Tai) – new look and feel
    • Please email any feedback or place in the slack channel (exec comm)
  • May 30 deadline for content for the NL

7:16 Introductions for new Committee Chair – Leah Griffin, KC Executive Board Member

7:18 Budget Discussion

  • Ben Reilly presented the latest revision to the budget. $10K in the budget for the Primary activities.. $30K projected carry over to next year
  • Do we want more in the budget for election contributions
  • Do we want to set this aside more for caucus expenses
  • Reduce cost of Annual Fundraiser by $500 and increase income by $500
  • A motion was made to move $1K additional to candidate contributions.
  • Motion was seconded and was approved.
  • The budget will be presented to the membership in June, for vote.

7:33 Events Report and Annual Fundraiser Planning

Jacqui presented the events report.

  • Phone banking to those who have not rsvp’d/bought tickets will be held Thursday 5/16 6-8pm
  • Silent and Live Auctions
  • Procurement deadline is the week before the event (June 1)
  • Volunteer Tickets are needed but we will just use the NGP link to sell those tickets.
  • Volunteers are needed and flowers for the event are needed for table decorations
  • Costs include linens, printing and food – approximately $5500, based on 75 people attending.

7:49 PCO Report

Nick Bonazza presented the PCO report.

  • Trainings are scheduled across the region in May/June.
  • Nick continues Outreach to recruit more PCOs

7:59 Endorsements

Gina led a discussion on the endorsement process for the June meeting.

  • No slate will be presented by the 34th Exec Board
  • 60% or more gets the endorsement
  • Runoffs of top two
  • If runoff doesn’t work, then a dual endorsement will be possible.
  • Candidates need to be coordinated (against the wall near the bar)
  • Nominations begin from the floor
  • Candidates should know about the event
  • Ballots are needed, Steve prints. They are numbered with the sign in process.
  • Ann Martin will be the tally chair, Ted would be the alternate tally chair
  • Candidates are allowed to observe the tally
  • Rules for who is eligible to vote need to be sent to the campaigns.
  • Renewing members will be sent to Ben.
  • Gina will ask Steve to be time keeper and Ann to handle the tally..

8:21 State Committee Report

Chris Porter presented the State Committee report.

  • Very heated discussion on the caucus/primary decision.
  • Staff members have left the office over the decision and how it was handled/how members behaved.
  • Affirmative Action plan was generally accepted by the DNC.
  • Constituency caucuses are creating a proposal to be in alliance with the state party.
  • Outreach is a focus. LDs will need to provide a formal account of what they are doing in outreach.
  • September is the next meeting
  • LD Caucus is in March (3 months prior plan should be set.), Primary is March 10.
  • Planning for the Primary season will start after the Annual Fundraiser.

8:33 King County Committee Report

Leah Griffin presented the report.

  • Will continue saying the pledge of allegiance.
  • Passed a budget.
    • Max have insight on the budget structure, which has changed.
  • Ted shared that a motion was made to raise limit of campaign contributions to 25% of the budget (from 10%)

Karen shared the Outreach Committee Report

  • Outreach committee is doing an Adopt-a-Street event this weekend.
  • There will be an event the day of the Annual Fundraiser as well
  • All upcoming events are on the calendar.

Jordan presented the LAC Report

  • The candidate events are complete for this cycle.
  • Jordan is now taking on legislation as a focus.

Les presented the Leadership Development Report

  • Les is beginning his work to recruit future board members and leaders for the 34th.
  • Asked that committee chairs look within their committees for potential leaders and forward them to him for follow up.

Chris mentioned that we should include the June 30 Pride Parade on the website. Max will get details to Carla to post on the site and on social.

8:50 Resolutions

  • Gina shared that there were questions from the membership as to how we deal with Resolutions presented to us. A discussion was held on how we can process resolutions in the future.

9:03 Good of the Order

  • Sophia has requested the membership list for use by her campaign.
  • Chris encouraged attendance of the Bee Festival this weekend.

April 17, 2019 Board Meeting

150 150 Carla Rogers

Board Meeting Notes for Minutes

Attendees: Gina, Ann, Les, Ben, Dawn, Jordan, Rachel, Carla, Karen

April 17, 2019

7:00 Call to Order

7:01 Primary Decision by the WA State Democratic Party

While members arrived to the meeting, those present discussed the choice by the WA State democrats to move to a Primary in 2020. Ann will share a state committee report in the next newsletter.

7:12 LAC Report

Jordan shared plans for the April 23rd D1 Candidate Debate were shared. There will be a planning meeting for the Debate Thursday 4/18 at 7 at Uptown Espresso on Delridge. Rebuttal format was agreed upon.

The Burien Candidate Forum will occur during our May membership meeting. There are 2-3 candidates for each of 3 position – 8 total. The group decided that we should organize it by position. Forum to begin at 7:30.

7:40 Fracking Resolution

Resolution was brought by a precinct committee member. This was shared by Les Treall. A speaker 350.org could be included to answer questions. The board can make a recommendation or just bring it to the floor at the membership meeting. The state discussed but postponed the vote on a similar resolution (initiated by the 32nd) with the same purpose. This resolution has the same content as the state resolution which passed. The group voted to bring it to the meeting for discussion.

7:55 Treasurer’s Report

24 new members were added at the forum. 211 is new total. A new list of not-renewed-yet members will be distributed for calls to be made to encourage renewal. Gina will also remind non-members that they may not vote on endorsements unless they rejoin by May 8. This will also be posted on Facebook.

Budget for 2019 was shared last month, updates have been made. New budget will be shared in the next Exec Board meeting and then we will vote at the July meeting.

8:01 Glen Morgan Lawsuit Updates

The PDC is arbitrating the Glen Morgan lawsuit at this point. We will need to spend on legal fees for this so that will be updated in the budget.

8:05 Membership Discussion

A request was made that a name tag be made for all new and renewing members and made available at the first general meeting.. Ben to send a list to Steve Butts prior to the meeting each month.

8:08 PCO Committee

PCO meetings have been held on Vashon and in Burien. Nick has scheduled trainings for all areas. These will be placed on the calendar.

8:09 Outreach Committee

Annie Phillips registered 25 votes in one hour at this event. Cambodia Fest is the next event. 10-5, 4/27. Need additional participation in the parades.

8:13 Hospitality Committee

The new visitors list will be used for follow up calls. Jesse needs help at the next 2 meetings welcoming at the meetings. New PCO Jeff will be asked to do this.

8:15 Communications

Committee is meeting w/o April 29 to get additional updates moving. Still need committee descriptions for Finance and Bylaws committees for the website.

8:16 Events

Annual Fundraiser meeting will be held this Saturday at 10am at Cupcake Royale. Procurement wishlists will be shared but we will also call past donors.

8:18 Bylaws

New draft bylaws are being prepared and will be shared prior to our board meeting so that the board can review..

8:21 Good of the Order

  • Ben (membership) will have a table at the Debate
  • Dawn suggested that we do a watch party for the Presidential Debates on June 26-27, July 30-31. Dawn will pursue venues and we will post on local and social media.
  • Dow is hosting an event on May 17 and 34th members are able to attend at a reduced cost of $50. The regular price of the luncheon is a $125 donation.

8:33 Adjourn

March 20, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Gina, Ann, David, Max, Steve, Nick, Les, Sofia, Ben, Dawn, Jordan, Rachel, Jesse, Carla

March 20, 2019

PDF: 03-20-19 Board Meeting Minutes

7:05 Call to Order

7:06 Treasurer’s Report was presented by Ben Reilly. Estimated 150 members ytd. Draft Budget  for 2019 was shared. This was prepared by Dawn Rains and Ben Reilly. Various additions/changes were discussed. KCDCC will not be asking for a donation this year. Should set aside monies for the caucus ($7-10K). Young Dems will also not be asking for a donation. Will need to increase PCO budget to $500. Will also need a budget for the candidate ballot but we will also have income for this which should offset the cost ($2500). A new version of the budget will be posted in Slack for approval.

7:24 Sofia provided a report from the January General Meeting.

  • Diversity/Inclusion, Education and Homelessness were the top issues
  • Top Priorities for the 34th – Homelessness, Climate, Economic Justice
  • A discussion about new volunteers was had. A communication plan was agreed to – Chair’s are required to contact all volunteers.
  • Need a Welcome Guest sign in sheet at the meetings. Jesse will take on converting guests to members.
  • Need to have discussion time at each meeting.

7:47 Dow Constantine visit

  • Introductions
  • King County works in parallel with the 34th. Goal it to create a welcoming community where everyone is free to thrive.
  • Dow spoke about housing insecurity/homelessness, Best Start program, health care, transportation and environmental concerns.
  • A Q&A session resumed.
  • Dow announced he will very likely be a candidate for governor.  

8:35 General Calendar

Gina shared an activities calendar for the year. Carla will post items to the website calendar and begin posting on social media.

8:38 Legislative Action Committee

Jordan shared his vision for the LAC. He also shared his proposal for candidate forums and debates for both D1 and Burien City Council.  His suggestion is to host a forum at our regular meeting and a debate format in a separate meeting/venue approximately 2 weeks later. This will allow for an incremental opportunity to see the candidates discuss the issues. It was decided that we will proceed with the Forum + Debate (2 sessions). April 23 will be the Debate with the Forum held during our April 10 regular meeting at Fauntleroy Hall. Jordan also shared a survey he wanted to send to membership to gain input on the topics to be covered. Due to time constraints, the survey will be shared via Slack for input.  

8:49 April Program

D1 Candidate forum!

8:50 The Communications Committee report was shared by Carla. Facebook engagement, LIKED pages and interaction are all up in the past month. Communications survey will be sent one more time and then closed.

8:52 PCO Committee

Nick explained that the PCO committee met last weekend. Has been contacting past/former PCOs. March 30 PCO meeting, and March 31 in Burien. Continued engagement for the PCOs. Planning an engagement event for the summer.

8:57 Events/Fundraising Committee

Jacqui, Delancey and Gina are holding Saturday planning meetings at 10am at Cupcake Royale each week. Anyone can join! The Earth Day event and June fundraiser are their focus and plans will be announced asap.

9:03 Outreach Committee

Steve reported that the committee is solidifying calendar of events for the year.

9:07 Adjourn

February 2019 Board Meeting

150 150 Carla Rogers

Board Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2019

Attendees: Gina, Ann, David, Tai, Max, Steve, Karen, Nick, Les, Jacqui, Sofia, Ben, Dawn

7:04 Call to Order and Introductions

7:06 Photoshoot

7:16 General Announcements from the Chair

  • KCDCC Bylaws Meeting is this weekend.
  • Joe McDermott invited us to attend the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Luncheon on April 30 at noon at the Sheraton downtown.
  • Still seeking a membership chair.

7:20 Communications Report

  • Carla presented the committees goals for 2019.
  • Committee plans to survey the membership via google docs to solicit input on the 34th communications (web, newsletter and social)
  • A request was made to have Hotspot at the Hall of Fauntleroy for meetings. Board members with Hotspots will share this information at the next meeting.

7:33 Caucus Committee Report

Ann Martin gave a report for Rachel Glass. There are significant changes being discussed for the upcoming election cycles. The group held a lively discussion.

DNC provided the new rules and they are being reviewed.

At April State Party meeting, Ann and Chris will vote to determine how we will do the next election. Several board members requested the ability to give input on this to our representatives.

Suggestion made by Karen and Gina to have this topic on the March meeting agenda to share status with the membership.

  • Historical Context of the Process
  • Options being considered
  • Ask for input to be submitted during the public comment period in March

8:11 Outreach Committee Update

Karen and Steve shared the Outreach Committee events calendar and invited the board to jointhe Outreach Slack channel. Next Outreach Committee meeting March 21. Adopt-a-Street sign is up and will be shared in communications channels when a picture is available.

8:19 Treasurer’s Report will be posted on Slack as Ben wasn’t able to attend the entire meeting to give a report.

8:20 Glen Morgan lawsuit status – Gina provided updates under closed executive session. (No  minutes.)

8:26 Events Committee Report

Jacqui stated she has not been in touch with Lacey (co-chair) yet. Earth Day is in April and she is beginning to plan an event. Her suggestion was to hold it at the West Seattle Nursery.

Jacqui would like to rename the Garden Party to the annual fundraiser.  The group mentioned that this event must be held before the Primary. Jacqui will move forward with a June date for the fundraiser. She proposed a June date with an indoor location (potentially the Eagles hall on California or the Burien community center.

The annual picnic will be held in August.

8: 34 A spirited discussion of the 34th endorsement calendar was held.

Jordan suggested that we have a Policy Roundtable along with the usual debate format.

The endorsement schedule/plan will be defined by Gina and shared at the next meeting.

The South King County Democrats organization is holding a spaghetti feed on May 18. They have asked us to partner on the event providing auction items (10 items), attendance, and someone to attend planning meetings. Nick Bonazza volunteered to represent us.

8:54 Bylaw changes

David shared that we need to update bylaws to align with the DNC bylaws.

Work was done in the past but never pursued. David will bring recommendations to the April Board Meeting.

8:56 Program for March

The group agreed on the following program items for the March 13th membership meeting.

  • Democracy Vouchers
  • Caucus Decision Updates

9:00 Good of the Order

Dawn suggested that state level budget/new revenue discussions be a topic for a future meeting.

9:06 Adjourn

January 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

Executive Board Meeting

January 16, 2019

Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Max Brown, Jesse Greene, Randy Litzenberger, Jordon Crawley, David Ginsberg, Jacqui Morris, Les Treall, Martha Koester, Sofia Aragon, Nick Bonazza, Marcee Stone-Vekich, Ann Martin, Ted Barker, Chris Porter, Ben Reilly, Rachel Glass, Gina Topp, Betsey Archambault

7:04 Call to Order and Introductions

7:20 Review and Discussion of 34th Committees

The attendees reviewed and discussed the work of the standing committees. Chairs were confirmed/committed. It was agreed that we should update the role of the committee to meet current activities/responsibilities.

Committees discussed included:

    • PCO
      • Chair – Nick with David, Randy and Max on the committee
    • Fundraising  – did not discuss
      • Chair – DeLancey Lane
    • Membership
      • OPEN
    • Outreach
        • First meeting – January 24th at Uptown Espresso (Delridge), 7pm
      • Co-Chairs: Karen Richter and Steve Butts
    • Leadership Development
      • Chair – Les Treall
    • Hospitality
      • Chair – Jesse Greene
    • Legislative Action
      • Chair – Jordan Crawley
    • Caucus & Elections
      • Chair – Rachel Glass
    • Hospitality
      • Chair – Jesse Greene
    • Events
      • Co-Chairs – Lacey Watson and Jacquie Morris (sp?)
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Chair: Sofia Aragon

Committees not discussed included:

    • Young Democrats
    • Programs
      • Chair – Gina Topp
    • Communications  
      • Chair – Carla Rogers
    • Bylaws & Rules
      • Chair – David Ginsberg
    • Finance
      • Dawn Rains
  • Data & Technology 
    • OPEN

Important Upcoming Meeting – Feb 9

Machinists Hall – Southpark (9125 15th Pl S, Seattle, WA 98108)
KCDC Bylaws & Rules Committee

8:44 Program for our February General Meeting (February 13th)

    • Gina thought an internally focused meeting would be appropriate.
    • Max suggested a different format for the meeting that allows more discussion in small groups.
    • Ann suggested something connected to the Legislative Session
    • Ann suggested that a program about Election Security might be interesting
    • Municipal election cycle is 2019 – homelessness, housing affordability, equity, public option (Cascade Care)
    • Announcements of candidates.
  • Gina and Sofia will work to get a panel of experts on several timely important topics.

8:58 Housekeeping

2nd Wed – General Meeting

3rd Wed – Board Meetings


    • Committee Reports
  • Program for the following month

Emails for elected/chairs will be handed off or reassigned by David.

May have a call with our attorney.

Bylaws committee made suggestions late last year. We do need to make changes to the Bylaws to be in state compliance.

9:04 Good of the Order

Les suggested that all eBoard members read through the Bylaws and Endorsement Rules.

Chris Porter has filed to be the King Conservation District Supervisor.

Next KCDCC meeting will be held Tuesday, January 22 meeting Renton Carpenters Hall meeting.

9:11 Meeting adjourned

September Executive Board Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

34thDistrict Democrats

E-Board Meeting


Puget Ridge Common House


Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Chair David Ginsberg


Chair’s Report: Returned from State Party Meeting. Found out that there is no mechanism to remove a PCO under the RCW. However, there is no rule about stripping privileges. We can, however, censure him, and we will do so. A desire was expressed to reach out to the victims.

There was an attempt to change the Issue and Constituency caucus —> This is being tabled.

A compromise was reached on the issue of Superdelegates. They will not be allowed to vote on the first ballot at a convention.

It was observed that the GOP got rid of Superdelegates and that is why we have Trump.


7:14 Treasurer’s Report — We are in good shape financially through the remainder of the year and the First Quarter of 2019.

Discussion returned to Primary vs. Caucus issue. There has been no decision at the DNC level. It is the way it is in Washington State because of the State Legislature and the Top 2 Primary system.


7:17 Outreach Committee — 3 new voter registrations at Fiestas Patrias. Would have liked more.

Adopt A Street will be at 1:00 on Saturday. This should be a good one! We get our sign after it!

B-Town Fiesta will be Sunday from 11-7. And don’t forget! October 8this the cut off for voter registration.


7:21 Events Committee — The Holiday Party will be the 2ndWednesday in December.


7:22 — State Committee Meeting in Spokane. — Ann was at the Rules Committee meeting the entire time.

A website is in the works to help with Caucuses and Absentee Ballots.

Executive Committee — 2 Bylaws were written – Gender and Diversity.

The Chair does not make the slate. 1/3 of the Executive Committee can call a special election if the chair becomes an impediment to the party.

Faithless Electors — Tabled for later.

Resolutions — Removal of Snake River Dams will be discussed. The removal of the Enlo Dam was agreed upon.


8:03 Results from Dues Revision Meeting

The number of different levels of membership are confusing. And, the amount that is called a “sustaining” member is in fact not.  Committee thought that the Living Lightly membership level might be considered demeaning, and the committee is in favor of eliminating it.

Les warned that there would be a huge pushback.

Lengthy Discussion of the membership levels and their relative pros and cons.

Chairs message will be used to advise membership that the issue will be put forth at the next regular membership meeting. Obviously, this will need a vote of the membership. *We will need to ask Gina how much we have to give for campaign contributions.


8:44 Re-Organization: RCW states that the Chair will call for a reorganization within 45 days of the election, this does not mean that we have to have the reorganization in that amount of time.


8:46 Gina Topp will continue to serve as Treasurer IF David Ginsberg runs for chair. David has agreed to do so if we can recruit a good 1stVice Chair who can serve as backup, as he wants to spend more time with his kids before they graduate in 2020.

January 9thwill be the reorganization meeting. The PCO Committee Chairmanship is open, and this role will be CRITICAL for the next election, as we only have about ½ of our precincts filled.

Recruitment and retainment of members – Maybe an informal meeting once or so a month to ID potential new Board Members and “regular” members. We would like to build the organization to be a big part of the community.


9:01 Credentials and Membership — Discussed


9:04 October Program — GOTV, Trick or Vote?

November Program — Post Election wrap up/Reorganization


9:06 Good of the Order.








May 2018 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Chair David Ginsberg

Chair’s Report: Bailey Stober registered to run, then withdrew his candidacy.

Treasurer’s Report: Gina gave an update on the Morgan situation.

Budget: No notable expenses. $11,500 in member dues. Trending higher than expected. A separate account will be set up to set aside funds for the caucus. Amended budget MSP. Re:  Morgan – Motion to Dismiss and Declaration of Counsel. MSP.

Committee Reports:


Events – Garden Party will be Thursday July 19th. Cost for the facility $100 per hour less discount.

Procurement of Auction items to begin. Theme is TBD.

Outreach – Karen and Steve report that 4 voters were registered at the Cambodian Festival.

1 homeless person was registered, there was a discussion of how that can be handled in the future. Discussion of whether we can/should be collecting voter information.

Adopt-A-Street cleanup is Saturday.

Event season will be gearing up. Steve will post a schedule on Slack.

Finance – Is trying to be consistent with reporting. She is trying to determine revenue figures.

KCDCC – Dustin Lambro is the new ombudsman for Code of Conduct. As of April, they are in the black.

Slate of endorsements passed. Shannon Hadder is the sole candidate endorsed. After the endorsement vote, the co-chairs of the endorsement committee resigned. Gloria Hatcher-Maze and Rick Polinton appointed as the new co-chairs.

Bylaws were amended to allow board to elect an interim Chair to serve through December.


Legislative Action – Tim will be focusing more on Seattle issues. Housing, Transit, U-Pass to All UW Employees, eviction reform. And, is resigning, as he is moving out of the district.

Fundraising – Garden party and state convention are the only events on the horizon.


8:13 New Business – Chair proposed voting on a slate of candidates to endorse. They are all candidates that we have endorsed before.  MSP.


Candidates have been informed on what they need to do to potentially be endorsed.

*Need to fill out the county form. That form requires a candidate to declare that they are a Democrat.


8:25 Program – June – Endorsements

July – Possibly endorsements part 2



Good of the Order:


Steven suggests removing the $3 membership. State Party Bylaws (which supersedes ours) prohibit making dues mandatory. Everyone deserves a voice. This would be an issue that would need to go to the membership.


Idea of sustaining rate for membership floated. Ad hoc committee should investigate this before November. Committee will include the treasurer, and chairs of the Finance, Bylaws, and fundraising.


$34 a month? $13 a month? TBD.


West Seattle Transportation Committee meeting.


New member Annabelle (did not get last name) running for PCO.

April 2018 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

34th District Democrats

E-Board Meeting


Puget Ridge Common House

Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Chair David Ginsberg


Committee Reports:


King County — Les reported that there was a resolution to allow the board to elect a new chair

without PCO input, thereby preventing the need for an expensive election for an organization

that is essentially bankrupt. According to their bylaws, a vice chair cannot assume the chair.

Outreach – Karen and Steve report that the Cambodian New Year’s is the 28th.

Green Life Section at Summerfest will cost $175. Waiting for their Board to approve the application.

June will see Burien Pride on the 2nd.

Strawberry Festival, Morgan Junction event and the State Convention are all on the same day. Nick will be working Vashon again this year.

Events – Hoping for a big turnout at the Duwamish Alive Pigeon Point Earth Day Clean Up.

Planning is getting underway for the Garden Party.


Finance – Katie met with Gina to discuss how reporting could be simplified and how to limit our financial exposure.

What info do we wish we had?

​​Performance vs. Budget

​​Performance vs. Long Term Goal – 2020 Caucus

​​Relative Reliability of sources of income.

​​Fundraising efficiency

​​Cost per meeting at the Hall

​​Cost per member.

​​How many days (less caucuses expenses) of operating expenses are on hand?



7:33 Sister District Discussion –


​Dow will be getting involved.

​31st, 8th, and 47th are under consideration.

​Decision made on the 47th.



7:45 KCDCC Dues are $800


​​Les made a motion to pay which was seconded and passed.

​​Gina will be instructed to pay.



8:05 Resolution –


​​Martha Koester has presented a resolution to open VoteBuilder to all Dem candidates.

There is no litmus test in the resolution. Current rules state that the candidate must be endorsed before access is granted. MSP to send back to Martha to reword.

Second resolution presented to urge Gov. Inslee to not send troops to help the Border Patrol. Resolution fails to get the votes to present to the membership.


8:20 Program –

​​May – Senate Candidates

​​June – Primary Endorsements

​​July – Primary Endorsements

​​August – Possibly no meeting? If there is one, Michael Taylor-Judd is willing to chair.




8:31 Good of the Order


Initiative 1631 dealing with carbon emissions will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Next E-Board meeting to be at Katie’s house. Address to follow.

8:53 Adjourned.

July E-Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Nick Bohall

July E-Board Meeting Minutes

34 th District Democrats
E-Board Meeting
Puget Ridge Common House

  • Meeting called to order at 7:06 by Chair David Ginsberg
  • Chair Report
    • Chair provided an update on Glen Morgan filings. Advised that we might be delivered a
      lawsuit in the near future, and that the State Party has strongly advised that the E-Board purchase
      insurance, preferably ASAP. David, Treina, and Gina will be taking training to learn how to defend
      against and prevent future suits. Public Disclosure Laws allow complaints and are retroactive for 5 years.
      These suits are expensive and time consuming, they could possibly bankrupt a smaller LD. Board
      Insurance will help mitigate this risk. In addition, the State Party is forbidden to provide insurance for
      this purpose because they have a different tax I.D than we do. P.D.C. forms should be self-audited and if
      an error is found, we must self-report. The Chair, the Vice Chair and the Treasurer should review the
      PDC’s. Blue Wave will help with compliance review services. Board Insurance will cost about $2500.00
      Directors and Officers would be protected from liability under the insurance. It was mentioned that the
      County used to cover liability, David will check on that.
  • Committee Reports:
    • King County
      • Posted Endorsements. Insurance re: Glen Morgan discussed.
    • Outreach
      • Karen and Steve report that the Burien Parade was GREAT. Thanks to Pramila
        Jayapal and the 33rd ! The 34th was warmly received.
      • Dow, Bob Hasegawa, and John Calkins will be marching with us on Saturday, and Ted will head
        up parade prep efforts that day.
      • Steve expressed some concerns about the White Center Jubilee Sunday, attendance is
        sometimes “sparse” that day.
      • The West Seattle Summerfest was “not great” this year. We did not have a booth.
      • Our Adopt a Street Clean-up event will be Saturday, 8/5 at 10 a.m. We will meet at 16 th and
      • Delridge Day is coming up on the 12 th .
      • The White Center Food Bank Picnic and Block Party will be Saturday, August 26 th .
        An email will go out to membership to remind them of parades and events this weekend.
    • Volunteer
      • 72 people in the committee, however, there has not been a lot of response lately.
      • The volunteer page on the website gets the most participation.
      • Logistics for the Resist and Persist Carnival discussed. What program did 3 Dollar Bill Cinema
        use? Drink wristbands and attendant insurance discussed. Liability insurance will cover Dram
        Shop issues. Boars Nest BBQ in Ballard will provide the BBQ. Possibly get South Seattle
        Community College Culinary Program involved next year? LD Picnic date discussed. 9/23.
    • Digital Communications
      • Thanks to Treina for the use of her hotspot. Some of the videos have hundreds of views, and there is some vigorous discussion in the comments. Lynne needs someone to cover the August meeting, as she is unable to attend. She is trying to make our messaging more accessible to the differently abled. Next meeting will be 8/3 at the Burien Library, 7 p.m.
      • Congratulations!
      • E-Board should have posting and Admin privileges across the Social Media platforms. Lynne
        would like further discussion on what our Social Media “voice” should be. Board reminded to
        cross-post on their personal pages. She would like to try to generate a social media schedule.
    • Legislative Action
      • Legislature still in session!
    • Bylaws
      • Discussions are starting now that the endorsement season is winding down
    • Hospitality
      • Kate and Sean had dinner and a discussion with Pat Thompson from the White
        Center Yes Foundation.
    • Membership
      • Joy does not have access to see which members are PCO. Suggestion is made to check the King County website. Les asked how many PCOs there were, David will need to ask Brooks. Ann suggests that in the future, credential reports should be given before any votes are taken.
  • No Unfinished Business.
  • New Business:
    • What about trying to get State AG Bob Ferguson to a future meeting? He could speak about how Washington is Leading the Resistance.
    • August program will include endorsements, in some cases re-endorsements. Hopefully we will get a legislative recap.
    • At the August meeting or possibly in September, David would like each committee to present a short report/update/check-in to the membership. Hopefully, these reports may increase membership involvement, and will let the membership know where help may be needed. Going forward, a couple of committee reports each meeting will get each of them in front of the membership twice a year.
  • Good of the Order:
    • **************** DAVID GETTING MARRIED ON SEPTEMBER 30 th ! **********************
    • The West Seattle Democratic Women will be showing “Chasing Coral” on Thursday at the West Seattle Golf Course.
    • The West Seattle Chamber will be holding a Mayoral Forum in Youngstown tomorrow at 6:15.
    • 60-65 people attended the Light Rail Design meeting that was held at Fauntleroy Hall last
    • Reminder of the Digital Communications meeting on 8/3.
    • P.D.C. training on 8/12 at 9 a.m…
  • 8:53 Adjourned.

May E-Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Nick Bohall

May E-Board Meeting Minutes

34th District Democrats

E-Board Meeting


Puget Ridge Common House

  • Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Chair David Ginsberg
  • Chair Report – President Carter showed up and spoke at Dow’s Reelection Kickoff Luncheon!
  • Committee Reports:
    • King County — Les reports that things are not moving as quickly as he would like with the candidate Support Committee, but he is trying to get access to the Coordinated Campaign lists and hopes that will jumpstart things.
    • Outreach – Karen and Steve report that things went rather well at the Cambodian Fest.
      • 8 Voter Registration Forms and 1 New Member!
      • Treina sent in the application for the Adopt A Street program, our section is 16th and Roxbury to a mile north. We have to have 4 organized Clean Ups before we can get a sign promoting our participation.
      • Met with Stacia Jenkins about tabling at the June 3rd, Burien Pride, event.
      • Seattle Indivisible Activist Fair on May 30th.
      • Working to participate in the Burien and Vashon Strawberry Fests.
    • Program – Michael wonders: Are there any volunteers to work on the bylaws?
    • State Committee – Chris reports that work on the Code of Conduct and the Harassment Policy continues. He is still looking for a Fundraising Co-Chair. Discussion of a theme for the Garden Party, no decisions made yet.
    • Nick reports for Digital Communications/Data/Technology/Web Editor – Spokane LOVES our website and would love our help. A way to obfuscate email addresses for PCOs has been found and will be implemented. Trying to get more experience in the database function of WordPress or using Mailchimp to streamline member communications. Possibly the My Campaign side of Votebuilder? Member Stories project restarting in June, awaiting Ann Martin’s return.
    • Membership – Joy is delighted to report that we have 515 members, the most ever!
  • No Unfinished Business.
  • New Business:
    • Mayoral Candidate Debate/Forum at the June meeting. Who to Invite? Possibly 1st round is each Candidate gets 60 seconds to introduce themselves to the membership, and then are asked a few Yes/No questions. Membership then votes as to who moves on to 2nd round.  Decided that our endorsement will be voted and given at the June meeting. It is decided that every candidate will be invited and we will use the Showdown protocol. As before, ONLY declared Democrats will be eligible to receive the 34th’s endorsement.
    • David received an email from Proposition 1, the 1% For the Arts/Access for All. Asks if we should include this in the program. (David, I must have missed the answer to this. Can you provide?)
    • Ted advises that sauces and desserts are needed for the Spaghetti Dinner. We have 3 sauces and need 3 more.  You can NEVER have too many desserts.  Participation in the sauce contest is optional.
    • New banners have been sent via Slack. Probably will need new t-shirts? Question is asked: Might orders for them be taken? May want to reach out to Darcie Burner’s son for these? He has a printing business. Still looking for a vertical banner, David suggests democraticstuff.com. MAKE SURE TO LOOK FOR THE UNION BUG!
    • Possible discussion of Seattle City Council’s Income Tax proposal at a future membership meeting.
  • Good of the Order:
    • Les asked about possible interest in coffee with Mike McGinn to talk about his Mayoral candidacy.
    • Michael advised the West Seattle Transportation Coalition’s interest in a ST3 Design Workshop on June 22nd at 7 pm to describe and talk through what it will look like when it is complete. Will it be over ground? Underground? Come and make your voice heard! Might be a good springboard to discuss the Center City proposal.
    • Treina is still looking for recipes! Would like them ASAP, may reach out to The Salvadorian Bakery for a recipe or two.
  • 8:01 Adjourned.
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