Meeting Notes

Archived notes from our business meetings, WSDCC meetings, KCDCC meetings and our newsletters.

March 20, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Gina, Ann, David, Max, Steve, Nick, Les, Sofia, Ben, Dawn, Jordan, Rachel, Jesse, Carla

March 20, 2019

PDF: 03-20-19 Board Meeting Minutes

7:05 Call to Order

7:06 Treasurer’s Report was presented by Ben Reilly. Estimated 150 members ytd. Draft Budget  for 2019 was shared. This was prepared by Dawn Rains and Ben Reilly. Various additions/changes were discussed. KCDCC will not be asking for a donation this year. Should set aside monies for the caucus ($7-10K). Young Dems will also not be asking for a donation. Will need to increase PCO budget to $500. Will also need a budget for the candidate ballot but we will also have income for this which should offset the cost ($2500). A new version of the budget will be posted in Slack for approval.

7:24 Sofia provided a report from the January General Meeting.

  • Diversity/Inclusion, Education and Homelessness were the top issues
  • Top Priorities for the 34th – Homelessness, Climate, Economic Justice
  • A discussion about new volunteers was had. A communication plan was agreed to – Chair’s are required to contact all volunteers.
  • Need a Welcome Guest sign in sheet at the meetings. Jesse will take on converting guests to members.
  • Need to have discussion time at each meeting.

7:47 Dow Constantine visit

  • Introductions
  • King County works in parallel with the 34th. Goal it to create a welcoming community where everyone is free to thrive.
  • Dow spoke about housing insecurity/homelessness, Best Start program, health care, transportation and environmental concerns.
  • A Q&A session resumed.
  • Dow announced he will very likely be a candidate for governor.  

8:35 General Calendar

Gina shared an activities calendar for the year. Carla will post items to the website calendar and begin posting on social media.

8:38 Legislative Action Committee

Jordan shared his vision for the LAC. He also shared his proposal for candidate forums and debates for both D1 and Burien City Council.  His suggestion is to host a forum at our regular meeting and a debate format in a separate meeting/venue approximately 2 weeks later. This will allow for an incremental opportunity to see the candidates discuss the issues. It was decided that we will proceed with the Forum + Debate (2 sessions). April 23 will be the Debate with the Forum held during our April 10 regular meeting at Fauntleroy Hall. Jordan also shared a survey he wanted to send to membership to gain input on the topics to be covered. Due to time constraints, the survey will be shared via Slack for input.  

8:49 April Program

D1 Candidate forum!

8:50 The Communications Committee report was shared by Carla. Facebook engagement, LIKED pages and interaction are all up in the past month. Communications survey will be sent one more time and then closed.

8:52 PCO Committee

Nick explained that the PCO committee met last weekend. Has been contacting past/former PCOs. March 30 PCO meeting, and March 31 in Burien. Continued engagement for the PCOs. Planning an engagement event for the summer.

8:57 Events/Fundraising Committee

Jacqui, Delancey and Gina are holding Saturday planning meetings at 10am at Cupcake Royale each week. Anyone can join! The Earth Day event and June fundraiser are their focus and plans will be announced asap.

9:03 Outreach Committee

Steve reported that the committee is solidifying calendar of events for the year.

9:07 Adjourn

March 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

General Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

Attendees: See Sign In Sheet

7:01 Opening Ceremonies

        Pledge of Allegiance

        VIP Acknowledgement

7:07 The minutes from the February 13, 2019 meeting were accepted as presented.

The agenda was adopted with no changes. Motion made by Chris Porter and seconded by Ann Martin.

7:08 Report of Officers and Standing Committees

Chair’s Report was presented by Gina Topp and focused on the vast number of democratic candidates there already are and how we will need to align behind a single candidate.

Membership and Treasurer’s Report was presented by Gina Topp in Ben Reilly’s absence. There are 125 members currently down significantly from last year.

There will be a membership event held on March 27th at Arthur’s on California at 7pm.

Communications chair requested input on 34th communications via a Google forms survey. Input will be used to make changes in current communications strategy and website content.

7:15 Joe McDermott discussed recent gun violence prevention. He also announced his campaign kick off on March 28th at 5:30 at Click! on California.

7:16 Primary versus Caucus Presentation and Discussion

Chris Porter shared details of the Affirmative Action Plan

Ann Martin presented the Delegate Selection Plan

  • The difference between the two plans is caucus or primary
  • The current nomination process was shared.
  • The major difference for the LD is that our focus for the caucus process is the largely undefined precinct level, with a fairly well defined LD Caucus.
  • The primary is run by the Elections office so our focus shifts to the largely undefined LD Caucus.
  • Cost is another big difference as the precinct caucuses are very expensive.
  • Venue Size – an LD based caucus would need to be held at a very large venue.
  • Timing – caucus would be held on a Sunday.
  • Not sure how absentee ballots would be handled, or if there would be an absentee opportunity.
  • We spent $30K on the caucus process in 2016 (14 locations rented).
  • We do not have party registration in WA.
  • In the Primary system, voters would be required to list their party designation. This means that the 34th would get data on voters which would help our votebuilder efforts.
  • A questions period was held.
  • Discussions were held at tables and each table shared their ideas.

8:20 New Business

Leah Griffin  was introduced as the Chair’s nomination of KCDCC position #2. Leah spoke about several bills involving sexual assault. Motion was made and passed to approve her nomination. PCOs voted and approved.

8:30 King Conservation District endorsement

Martha made a motion to endorse Chris Porter.  Ann Martin and Martha Koester spoke on behalf of Chris and encouraged everyone to request a ballot.

8:35 Three PCOs were appointed. (87 PCOs currently)

8:38 Jeanne Fellin made a motion to suspend the rules to consider a non-binding resolution to endorse the Primary process.

Rules were suspended.

Chris Porter stated a point of order and spoke against the motion.

Jeanne Fellin presented a Resolution (review here).

Martha Koester made a motion to amend the resolution by striking the 4th Whereas. Jacqui seconded the motion.

The group voted for the amendment. Motion to amend fails.

Chris Porter made a motion to amend. Chris requested to strike “and call on their State Committee Members to vote accordingly at the April 2019 State Central Committee meeting.”

Debate was held for and against.

The group voted on the amendment. Amendment passed.

8:50 Good of the Order

Events Chair Jacqui Morris announced plans for the Earth Day celebration and upcoming events.. Information will be posted the website soon! The annual fundraiser will be the first week of June. Please volunteer to help with events planning.

Lisa Herbold announced the first candidates forum. Speak Out Seattle will host the event at 7-8:30 pm Thursday, March 21st, at American Legion Post 160 (3618 SW Alaska). Lisa’s campaign kick off will be held on March 27 from 2-4 at the Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC) located at 12th and Holden.

Les Treall expressed concerns about the size of attendees of the LD Caucus. He is scared of possible attendance. Volunteer after the 2019 election to support this process!

Randy Litzenberger announced the Climate Strike activity information. 3/15 at 5pm.

Sofia Aragon announced the Meaningful Movie event 8pm Burien City Hall on 3/28 at 6pm and 3/29 at 8pm.

Jesse mentioned the Democracy Vouchers and mentioned holding them and using them.

Renton Community Center will hold a plant sale at 9am  = hosted by King Conservation District.

April 10 next meeting – candidate forum for 34th District 1.

Democracy Vouchers will also be discussed at the meeting.

9:08 Adjourn to Whiskey West

2018 WSDC Meeting Minutes

150 150 Steve Butts

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Acting Chair Michael Taylor-Judd

7:00 Pledge of Allegiance.

7:02 Acknowledgement of VIP’s – Representative Eileen Cody, State (and endorsed) Senate Candidates Shannon Braddock and Joe Nguyen.

7:07 Minutes and Agenda (M)oved(S)econded(P)assed.

7:08 Recognition of the nominations of Rashida Tlaib and Sharice Davids, the first Muslim woman and one of the 2 two first Native American women to Congress respectively.

Need to get our PCO#s up. 2020 Caucuses are expected to be very well attended.

7:10 Treasurer’s Report –
Garden Party raised $23,000, expenses for it were $8,000
There is $15,000 in the caucus fund and $19,641.56 in the savings account.

7:12 KCDCC Report – Martha Koester reports that there is a new Treasurer.

7:13 Chris Porter expressed his thanks to the Garden Party Committee.

7:14 Recognition of Seattle City Councilmember Lisa Herbold.

7:16 – Program – Things you can do to get involved!

Help with the Outreach Committee to get people signed up to vote!

Get involved and help with other districts and campaigns.

Some organizations worthy of your consideration:

Voter Registration and Engagement:
Latino Community Fund of Washington ( – Works on growing
Latinx community involvement.

Code Blue Washington ( – Kim Ricketts reiterated that STATE LEGISLATIVE
RACE MATTER. She invited the membership to join the Code Blue Facebook Group. They are not
A fundraising operation in this state yet. They try not to favor any candidates in primaries.
Voter Registration is NOT their focus. It is more on engagement. Don’t have an iPhone? Prefer
pen and paper to tapping on a keyboard? Check out
You can help from the comfort of your own home! The Code Blue team does work with
MiniVan, the state parties and candidates.

Knock 10 (

Facing Homelessness (
Low Income Housing Institute (
Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (
Real Change (
West Side Interfaith Network ( Provides
meals and funds

Timothy Harris from Real Change spoke about the paper.

Also discussed were the Facing Homelessness Facebook Group, the Pike Place Senior Center,
Camp Second Chance, Low Income Housing Alliance’s Tiny Houses program, support for
Veterans, the America’s Promise program.

Observed that centralized services were not as efficient as de-centralized services were.

It was also pointed out that School Districts define homelessness differently than the
government does, and that tough conversations were needed about prioritizing funding.
Teams? Theaters? Or…People?

Bathrooms that are safe for all (
Assist Citizenship Seekers
Planned Parenthood (
Volunteer to help pass Initiative 1639.
Check out

8:10 New Business – Martha Koester introduced a Resolution in support of Councilmember Kohl-Welles’s Amendment to invest an additional $184 million into affordable housing for King County residents. It is a compromise on stadium funding and funds for the homeless.

A point of order was raised of the necessity of suspending the rules to consider the motion.

Moved and Seconded to vote to suspend the rules. Motion failed. Steve will publish it in the newsletter.

8:20 Recognition of newly Elected PCO Julie Whitaker from Vashon Island.

8:23 Good of the Order.

8:25 Adjourned.

February 2019 Board Meeting

150 150 Carla Rogers

Board Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2019

Attendees: Gina, Ann, David, Tai, Max, Steve, Karen, Nick, Les, Jacqui, Sofia, Ben, Dawn

7:04 Call to Order and Introductions

7:06 Photoshoot

7:16 General Announcements from the Chair

  • KCDCC Bylaws Meeting is this weekend.
  • Joe McDermott invited us to attend the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Luncheon on April 30 at noon at the Sheraton downtown.
  • Still seeking a membership chair.

7:20 Communications Report

  • Carla presented the committees goals for 2019.
  • Committee plans to survey the membership via google docs to solicit input on the 34th communications (web, newsletter and social)
  • A request was made to have Hotspot at the Hall of Fauntleroy for meetings. Board members with Hotspots will share this information at the next meeting.

7:33 Caucus Committee Report

Ann Martin gave a report for Rachel Glass. There are significant changes being discussed for the upcoming election cycles. The group held a lively discussion.

DNC provided the new rules and they are being reviewed.

At April State Party meeting, Ann and Chris will vote to determine how we will do the next election. Several board members requested the ability to give input on this to our representatives.

Suggestion made by Karen and Gina to have this topic on the March meeting agenda to share status with the membership.

  • Historical Context of the Process
  • Options being considered
  • Ask for input to be submitted during the public comment period in March

8:11 Outreach Committee Update

Karen and Steve shared the Outreach Committee events calendar and invited the board to jointhe Outreach Slack channel. Next Outreach Committee meeting March 21. Adopt-a-Street sign is up and will be shared in communications channels when a picture is available.

8:19 Treasurer’s Report will be posted on Slack as Ben wasn’t able to attend the entire meeting to give a report.

8:20 Glen Morgan lawsuit status – Gina provided updates under closed executive session. (No  minutes.)

8:26 Events Committee Report

Jacqui stated she has not been in touch with Lacey (co-chair) yet. Earth Day is in April and she is beginning to plan an event. Her suggestion was to hold it at the West Seattle Nursery.

Jacqui would like to rename the Garden Party to the annual fundraiser.  The group mentioned that this event must be held before the Primary. Jacqui will move forward with a June date for the fundraiser. She proposed a June date with an indoor location (potentially the Eagles hall on California or the Burien community center.

The annual picnic will be held in August.

8: 34 A spirited discussion of the 34th endorsement calendar was held.

Jordan suggested that we have a Policy Roundtable along with the usual debate format.

The endorsement schedule/plan will be defined by Gina and shared at the next meeting.

The South King County Democrats organization is holding a spaghetti feed on May 18. They have asked us to partner on the event providing auction items (10 items), attendance, and someone to attend planning meetings. Nick Bonazza volunteered to represent us.

8:54 Bylaw changes

David shared that we need to update bylaws to align with the DNC bylaws.

Work was done in the past but never pursued. David will bring recommendations to the April Board Meeting.

8:56 Program for March

The group agreed on the following program items for the March 13th membership meeting.

  • Democracy Vouchers
  • Caucus Decision Updates

9:00 Good of the Order

Dawn suggested that state level budget/new revenue discussions be a topic for a future meeting.

9:06 Adjourn

February 2019 Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

2/13/19 Hall at Fauntleroy

Membership Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

Attendees: See Sign In Sheet

7:00 Call to Order

7:01 Pledge of Allegiance

7:02 VIP Acknowledgements

Leslie Harris (Seattle School Board President) – The levies passed yesterday. Still have a 14M deficit. Considering options to fill the gaps. 30% costs come from the state. Asking for a new equitable tax structure. Preschool Promise levy passed in November – Charter Schools will get some of this levy funding. City Council must pass this plan. Leslie will run again for her role.

Austin Bell (Burien City Council) – Discussed updates on affordable housing in Burien. Tenant protection packages are on the docket in Olympia.  

Judge Marshall Ferguson – appointed by Governor Inslee last summer. Announced he is running to continue his appointment in the fall. Shared his background and vision. [King County Superior Court Position 5.]

Judge Maureen  McKee –  also appointed by Governor Inslee and will also run this fall. [King County Superior Court Position 31.]

Joe McDermott – spoke about the recent weather related issues in the county.

7:17 Approval of the January Meeting Minutes – approved as submitted.

7:18 Motion to adopt the Agenda Ann Martin, seconded. Adopted as submitted..

7:18 Chair Report

Recognized the Blue Wave in 2018 and those election results. 2019 election  year is our current focus.

Shared that a focus of the 34th will be to fill all 209 Precinct Committee Officers. 78 precincts are currently filled, of 209. Introduced Nick Bonazza as PCO Chair. Introduced committee chairs and officers.

7:25 Treasurer’s Report

Ben Reilly presented the Treasurer’s Report. 103 members currently.

Glen Morgan Lawsuit – no updates.

7:27 New Business

Appointment of Committee Chairs – Motion from Ann Martin. Motion passed, executive committee chair slate was confirmed.

Committee Chairs present made short comments on their goals for the year. Seeking 2 committee chairs – Membership and Programs. Chair will serve as Programs Chair unless/until we have a volunteer.

Appointment of new Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) – Nick Bonazza introduced new

PCO nominees. Motion to approve Ann Martin, Chris Porter seconded. Chair called for a vote of PCO nominees. Point of order – PCOs are only able to vote.

Now have 83 PCOs in the district.

King Conservation District Supervisor candidate introductions

Rachel Malloy and Chris Porter made short statements about their candidacy.

7:56 Program

Discussion of Goals and Priorities for the coming year.

2nd Vice Chair Sofia Aragon ran an interactive brainstorming session. Results to be used by the Executive Committee in planning for the year.

8:59 Lisa Herbolt announced her candidacy for reelection and provided updates on various

bills from the  current session.

9:02 Good of the Order

Chris Porter discussed sexual assault.

Rachel Glass made an announcement made about Camp Second Chance and the upcoming West Seattle Democratic Women’s upcoming meeting – Feb 28 at Admiral UCC Church, main topic being transportation.

New member Leah called attention to HB116, which is in appropriations committee. Call Timm Ormsby (360 786-7946 or and ask him to move the bill out of committee.

Jesse Greene made an announcement about a social justice project.

Next 34th Dems general meeting is on March 13th at 6:30pm.

The KCDCC Bylaws meeting is rescheduled for Feb 23 from 9am – noon at the Machinists Hall.

9:10 Adjourn to Whiskey West

January 2019 Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

Minutes of the January 2019 Reorganizational Meeting of the 34th LD Democrats

The Hall at Fauntleroy

January 9, 2019

7:02 Call To Order from Temporary Chair Shasti Conrad, Chair KCDCC

7:02 Flag Salute led by State Senator Joe Nguyen.

Parliamentarian – Allan Munro

Sergeant at Arms – Les Treall

Tally Chair – Ann Martin

7:04 Credentials Report – 50 eligible PCOs present.

7:05 Motion to adopt agenda and meeting rules. Chris Porter motioned to amend rules to grant 2 minutes to each speaker, and 2 speakers for and 2 speakers against.

7:06 Question of Intent of Amended Rules raised by Ann Martin.

7:07 Bunny Hatcher spoke Against.

7:08 Chris Porter spoke For.

7:09 Ann Martin asked who was eligible to vote – only PCO’s elected in August.

7:10 Credentials Report – 51 eligible PCOs present.

Explanation of current County Rules.

7:11 Question asked: Do we need to give notice to change rules?

As per Parliamentarian – All rules are up for discussion as the LD is reconstituting itself.

7:13 Vote on Amendment – 2 minutes/2 For/2 Against

33 For

17 Against

7:16 Agenda and Rules adopted.

7:17 Resolution to keep District Bylaws in effect adopted.

7:18 Election for 34th LD Chair:

Gina Topp Moved and Seconded.

Rachel Glass Moved and Seconded.

Ivan Weiss Moved and Seconded.

Speakers for and against all candidates heard.

7:40 Joe Nguyen addressed the membership while votes were tallied. He will be on the Energy, Environment and Tech Committee, the Rules Committee, the Transportation Committee and will be Vice Chair of the Human Services Committee.

7:48 Joe presented with the 2018 Rising Star Award. He announced a Town Hall at the Delridge Community Center.

7:52 Representative Eileen Cody announced her retirement from Kaiser after 40 years with them. Announced that a Public Option bill would be put forth.

7:54 Election Results announced.

Gina Topp – 52.8%

Rachel Glass – 22.6%

Ivan Weiss – 24.5%

53 credentialed votes. There were 54, but one was spoiled.

1st Vice Chair Nominees

David Ginsberg

Ivan Weiss – Declined Nomination.

Rachel Glass

7:58 Peggy Abby spoke for David Ginsberg.

     Sofia Aragon spoke for Rachel Glass. 

8:00 Vote begins.

8:04 Representative Joe Fitzgibbon addressed the membership and spoke of his excitement for the new term.

8:09 52 Votes

Rachel Glass — 71,2%

David Ginsberg — 28.8

8:10 Second Vice Chair

David Ginsberg – Declined Nomination

David nominates Sofia Aragon

MSP – Sofia elected by acclamation.

8:12 State Committee Person Male – Ann Martin nominates Chris Porter – Wins by acclamation.

8:14 State Committee Person Female – Chris Porter nominates Ann Martin – Wins by acclamation.

8:17 KCDCC Male Delegate Max Brown nominated, wins by acclamation.

8:18 KCDCC Female Delegate Elizabeth Archambeau nominated, wins by acclamation.

8:20 KCDCC Alternate Male Ted Barker nominated, wins by acclamation.

8:22 KCDCC Alternate Female Martha Koester nominated, wins by acclamation.

8:23 Secretary Karla Rogers nominated, wins by acclamation.

8:25 Treasurer Ben Reilly nominated, wins by acclamation.

8:27 New Business –Marcee Stone-Vekich reminded the membership that School Levy and Water

     District votes are coming up. 

8:32 Motion to vote on endorsing the levies. Required 80% to come up for a vote.

Yes – 43 Votes

No – 8 Votes

Motion passes.

Proposition 1 – Heather Barker and David Ginsberg spoke for.

         Moti Krauthamer and Lois Schipper spoke against.  

         41 For 

         13 Against 

          Motion Passes 

Proposition 2 – No speakers for or against.

         32 For 

          6 Against 

Motion Passes

Water District Proposition 1 – Moti Krauthamer spoke against.

          26 For 

9 Against

Motion Passes.

8:50 Good of the Order – Les Treall asked for Committee members and reminded the membership of the upcoming special election.

8:55 Meeting Adjourned.

January 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

Executive Board Meeting

January 16, 2019

Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Max Brown, Jesse Greene, Randy Litzenberger, Jordon Crawley, David Ginsberg, Jacqui Morris, Les Treall, Martha Koester, Sofia Aragon, Nick Bonazza, Marcee Stone-Vekich, Ann Martin, Ted Barker, Chris Porter, Ben Reilly, Rachel Glass, Gina Topp, Betsey Archambault

7:04 Call to Order and Introductions

7:20 Review and Discussion of 34th Committees

The attendees reviewed and discussed the work of the standing committees. Chairs were confirmed/committed. It was agreed that we should update the role of the committee to meet current activities/responsibilities.

Committees discussed included:

    • PCO
      • Chair – Nick with David, Randy and Max on the committee
    • Fundraising  – did not discuss
      • Chair – DeLancey Lane
    • Membership
      • OPEN
    • Outreach
        • First meeting – January 24th at Uptown Espresso (Delridge), 7pm
      • Co-Chairs: Karen Richter and Steve Butts
    • Leadership Development
      • Chair – Les Treall
    • Hospitality
      • Chair – Jesse Greene
    • Legislative Action
      • Chair – Jordan Crawley
    • Caucus & Elections
      • Chair – Rachel Glass
    • Hospitality
      • Chair – Jesse Greene
    • Events
      • Co-Chairs – Lacey Watson and Jacquie Morris (sp?)
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Chair: Sofia Aragon

Committees not discussed included:

    • Young Democrats
    • Programs
      • Chair – Gina Topp
    • Communications  
      • Chair – Carla Rogers
    • Bylaws & Rules
      • Chair – David Ginsberg
    • Finance
      • Dawn Rains
  • Data & Technology 
    • OPEN

Important Upcoming Meeting – Feb 9

Machinists Hall – Southpark (9125 15th Pl S, Seattle, WA 98108)
KCDC Bylaws & Rules Committee

8:44 Program for our February General Meeting (February 13th)

    • Gina thought an internally focused meeting would be appropriate.
    • Max suggested a different format for the meeting that allows more discussion in small groups.
    • Ann suggested something connected to the Legislative Session
    • Ann suggested that a program about Election Security might be interesting
    • Municipal election cycle is 2019 – homelessness, housing affordability, equity, public option (Cascade Care)
    • Announcements of candidates.
  • Gina and Sofia will work to get a panel of experts on several timely important topics.

8:58 Housekeeping

2nd Wed – General Meeting

3rd Wed – Board Meetings


    • Committee Reports
  • Program for the following month

Emails for elected/chairs will be handed off or reassigned by David.

May have a call with our attorney.

Bylaws committee made suggestions late last year. We do need to make changes to the Bylaws to be in state compliance.

9:04 Good of the Order

Les suggested that all eBoard members read through the Bylaws and Endorsement Rules.

Chris Porter has filed to be the King Conservation District Supervisor.

Next KCDCC meeting will be held Tuesday, January 22 meeting Renton Carpenters Hall meeting.

9:11 Meeting adjourned

October 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 Steve Butts

October 10, 2018

At the Hall at Fauntleroy

7:00 Call To Order from Chair David Ginsberg

7:01 Flag Salute

7:02 Minutes approved

7:03 Agenda amended, Dues Committee report added.

7:04 Agenda adopted

7:04 Chairs Report – 28 Days until the Election! This is our chance to put a check on this president. Let’s Get Out The Vote! Because when The People turn out, DEMS WIN! Face to face contact is best, but if you can’t do that, Call!

7:06 Walk Lists distributed. Please use Minivan!

7:08 Christy Hader from the Yes on 1631 asked the membership to help knock on doors to support clean energy!

7:15 Dues Committee recommendations:

Expenses have grown since the last dues change. The cost per member is over $100 a year now. Dow and generous members of the Board have helped to keep us solvent, but this is clearly not sustainable.

The following is proposed:

Moving to paying dues monthly and optimally online.

$15 – Sustaining Membership

$34 – Friend of the 34th

$50 – Benefactor

$100 – Hero

This new structure would start in January. Dues are NOT mandatory. No one will ever be denied

Membership due to their financial situation. Much spirited discussion. Membership advised that they would have the opportunity to vote on it at the next meeting.

8:00 New Business – Campaign contributions considered

$500 to I-1631, Remaining $500 to be distributed equally to the 3 remaining endorsed Initiatives.

8:20 A Remembrance of Jackie Dupras. Ivan Weiss, Michael Taylor-Judd, Steve Butts, Ann Martin, Joe McDermott and Martha Koester all shared moving, heartfelt memories of Jackie. Her husband Ed also addressed the membership.

8:40 Good of the Order –

SW Lutheran Family Services is having their gala on October 27th. Ann Martin has purchased a table and extended an invitation to join her.

The White Center Food Bank Gala will be on October 20th.

Mona Das and Debra Entenman will be at the West Seattle Democratic Women’s meeting on October 25th at noon.

8:45 – Adjourned.

34th District Democrats ⛄❄ Holly Jolly Holiday Party 🎉

150 150 David Ginsberg

Celebrate the holidays and everything we’ve accomplished this year with the 34th District Democrats!

By tradition the 34th District Democrats, like most other local party organizations, does not conduct business in December. Instead we get together at our regular meeting time and location to celebrate our accomplishments and cheer in the next year.

POTLUCK! We’ll have turkey and vegetarian main courses – please bring a dish to share if you can (not required, we’ll have plenty of food)!

GIVE! We’re also collecting food for our local food banks, please bring some canned goods to share the abundance of the holiday season with those less fortunate.

Hall at Fauntleroy (Old Fauntleroy School)
9131 California Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98136

Parking lot available behind building
Transit Rapid Ride C Line

November 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

November 14th, 2018 

The Hall at Fauntleroy 


7:00 Call to Order 

7:01 Pledge of Allegiance 

7:02 No November Minutes. Agenda (M)oved (S)econded (P)assed 

7:03 Chairs Report – Election Wrap Up.  

7:07 Treasurer’s Report  


7:09 Awards Committee report – Ann Martin 

Nominations are open for the LD’s 2018 Awards. Winners to be announced at the Holiday Party  

in December. 


7:13 34th LD Reorganization will take place at the January meeting on January 9th, 2019. 


7:14 KCDCC Reorganization will take place on December 1st at the Machinist’s Hall in South Park. 


7:16 Discussion of the dues revision led by Michael Taylor-Judd. Vigorous discussion.  

Speaker against – Ivan Weiss 

Speaker for – Michael Taylor-Judd 

Speaker against – Ivan Weiss 

Speaker for – Martha Koester and Ann Martin 


7:29 –MSP. 


7:30 – AIDS Memorial Pathway Project. On behalf of Tom Rasmussen, David made a presentation for this proposed project. It is to run from the Capitol Hill Light Rail to Cal Anderson Park. The request was for support of the project. David did not have a lot of information about the project. This will be re-presented in January. 


7:35 – Question was asked if there was a quorum present. Affirmative. 34 members were present, quorum is 20. 


7:36 Endorsement of signature gathering for Initiative 1000. MSP by acclamation. 


7:40 – Motion to Censure PCO Dan Gage for conduct unbecoming a Precinct Committee Officer.  

Noted that new PCOs take office on December 1st 

Dan Gage Spoke for himself. 


7:54 Motion to Censure passed.  Mr. Gage threatened legal action. 


7:55 Leslie Harris motioned to suspend the rules to endorse the levies for K-12 education. She is speaking as a private citizen and not in her capacity as a school board member.  


8:00 King County Council Chair Joe McDermott recognized. He informed the membership of the passing of the county budget, which will address gun safety, the census, no fare increases for the water taxi for the next two years, funding for South Park and housing.  


8:06 Danna Pakulak spoke about the Navos Gift Drive.  


8:07 Good of the Order – Washington State voter participation was over 70%! 


8:11 Adjourn to Whiskey West.