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February 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

34th LD Democratic Organization

Meeting Notes for February 14, 2018

Note: No secretary was present. Ann Martin agreed to take notes of meeting actions.

The meeting was called to order promptly at 7 pm. Chair David Ginsberg led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dignitaries present were introduced and spoke briefly, including: Councilmember Crystal Marx, Burien City Council; Jimmy Matta, Burien Mayor; Leslie Harris, Seattle School Board Chair; Judge Gregg Hirakawa; and Councilmember Joe McDermott, King County Council.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved without objection. The agenda was amended to add reports from the PCO and state committees and then adopted.

The chair reported that there were several openings on the executive committee including King County committee woman, a digital communications chair and a technology chair. Kate Harris was introduced as a candidate to take on the role of finance chair. The chair described her extensive political experience both here and across the nation. Later in the meeting, the body approved her appointment.

Gina Topp, treasurer, reported that at the end of January the organization had $22,101.94 in the bank. Income of $5,799.95 and expenses of $692.52 leaves a current balance of $27,209.30.

First vice-chair Treina Aronson reported that 85 members have signed up as volunteers. She also noted that volunteers will be needed to help the LD caucus on March 24 go smoothly.

PCO chair Brook Salazar noted that PCO filing this year is in May. He also encouraged people to attend Vote Builder training by Jon Culver on February 17 at the High Point Community Center, which will include door knocking in the newly built out area adjacent to the community center. Crystal Marx was appointed PCO by an affirmative vote of the body.

State committee woman Ann Martin reported on the state committee meeting that had been held in Bellingham January 26 through the 28. She will submit more extended notes, but highlighted the equity training conducted there and the need of the organization to incorporate and equity lens into its decision-making processes. More to come. Also noted is the Code of Conduct procedures adopted by the state.

Legislative Action Committee chair Tim Marshall invited people to sign up for Lobby Day on February 19 in Olympia.  He then introduced the panel discussing Safe Injection Sites/Supervised Consumption Spaces. (All the following names are spelled phonetically as I heard them and need to be corrected for spelling. In addition, you should get the titles of the individuals from Tim as I was unable to catch that information adequately. – Ann) Speakers included: Patricia Soling, Terina James and Dr. David Safinenze. Injection sites are aimed at enabling health and safety for as well as conversations with drug users. Jail is the most expensive and least effective way to deal with drug use. One speaker likened the efforts to sex education – you know people will have sex so you aren’t trying to say, “No sex;” rather you are saying, here is how to have safe sex. For more information go to

Katy Wilson of the Transit Users Union spoke on addressing homelessness.  Housing may be different depending on needs ranging from housing, shelter to unsheltered policies. Based on a resolution passed last fall, the Seattle City Council will likely consider a new regulations regarding progressive tax policies in March of this year. Based on recommendations from the Progressive Revenue Task Force, the proposal will likely include a tax on large businesses to create a fund for new affordable housing.

Under new business, three people were elected to committees of the state convention. They include Ann Martin, Credentials; Bunny Hatcher, Platform; and Patrick Wicklund, Rules. The body approved the appointments of Kate Harris as Finance Chair and Treina Aronson as Events Chair. No additional PCOs were appointed.

The meeting closed with good of the order and adjourned at about 8:50 pm.

January 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

34th District Democrats

Monthly Membership Meeting


The Hall at Fauntleroy



Meeting called to order at 7:01 by Chair David Ginsberg


7:02 Pledge of Allegiance.


7:03 VIP’s present:


Bill Tracy, President of the Southwest Suburban Sewer District.

King County Executive Dow Constantine

King County Council Chair Joe McDermott

Seattle City Council Member Lisa Herbold

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud


Thanks to Bruce Stotler, who sold land to the city for half of its value, adding to Schmitz Park.


Minutes were MSP, as was adoption of the meeting agenda.


Chairs Report –

Reflections on the past year. 2017 was the year of Resistance.


2018 will be the year of Resurgence.



Main Program

Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democrats

Western states will lead the Blue Wave, Nevada and Arizona have been good for Democrats in

the past. The DNC appears to be renewing its commitment to individual states, and this is a

helpful direction for it.


Emphasis on rural canvassing this past cycle, found that the use of texting increased Democratic turnout by 28%. Tavern Tour and investment in BIG signs were good strategies in this effort.


Looked for Areas of Intersection


Family Wage Jobs and Wage Equity

Health Care

Education – Not just college, the trades and union apprenticeships as well.

Affordable Housing

Retirement with dignity

Building a deep bench.


TargetSmart initiative identified Moral Pillars, using this approach to hone our message in 2018.


Joe McDermott – Spoke about the need to Pause and Reflect during Martin Luther King Day.

Advised that the Light Rail Stakeholder Advisory Group was looking for a West Seattle resident to join it.


Lisa Herbold spoke briefly about the Seattle City Council’s Infrastructure Plan.


Treasurer’s Report –

Treasurer Gina Topp reports that we have $21,101.94 in the bank and that 187 members have signed up so far in 2018.



Committee Reports –


Lisa Plymate is stepping down as State Committee Woman (Thank you Lisa!).

Ivan Weiss nominates Ann Martin as her replacement. Ivan’s nomination is seconded, and

Ann is elected by acclamation. Congratulations, Ann!


Ann then went on to present a Resolution to state the 34th’s support of real infrastructure investments. MS and unanimously Passed.



No Unfinished Business



No New Business


No PCO candidates to appoint.


Good of the Order

9:02 Adjourned


March 2018 Meeting Minutes

150 150 David Ginsberg

34th District Democrats

Monthly Membership Meeting


The Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Chair David Ginsberg

7:03 Pledge of Allegiance.

 7:04 Eileen Cody addresses the membership. Is glad to be home now that the Legislative Session is over.

7:05 Superior Court Judge Michael Diaz addresses membership. Running to retain seat.

7:07 Superior Court Judge Karen Donohue addresses membership. Running for reelection.

7:08 Seattle Municipal Court Judge Andrea Chin addresses membership. Running unopposed.

7:11 Seattle Municipal Court Judge Maureen McKee addresses membership. Running for position.

7:13 Seattle Municipal Court Judge Adam Eisenberg addresses membership. Running to retain seat.

7:15 Speaker (did not catch name) on behalf of Washington State Supreme Court Justice Steven Gonzalez.

7:18 Minutes approved.

7:20 Agenda. Marcee Stone-Vekich moved to amend agenda to consider a new resolution, Amended agenda passes.

7:23 Chairs Report – Chair David Ginsburg addressed the tragedy in Parkland, the student walkout, and March For Our Lives.

Reminded membership of the Caucus on March 24th.  Purpose is to elect delegates to the State Convention in Wenatchee in June. 10:00 am, Evergreen High School Cafeteria. Same day as the March For Our Lives, there will be a photo booth at the caucus to support the March.

Treasurer’s Report – Gina Topp reports that we have $27,294.17 in the bank, with income of $1,346.02 and expenses of $1,261.15

Committee Reports –

7:26 KCDCC Report – Martha Koester and Les Treall updated the membership on the complaint vs. the Chair, Bailey Stober.

KCDCC will accept the Vice Chair’s report. Attempt was made to organize a 5 member panel.

​Effort failed, could not find last two volunteers. There will be a meeting on March 19 to continue the investigation. Efforts being made to investigate leak. If matter moves to trial the jury would be every King County PCO. Martha remarked that there was no evidence presented at the meeting. Patrick Wicklund raises a point of information, Chair Stober says that he has proof nothing happened.

7:35 Health Care For All / Washington Health Security Trust presentation.

Bevin McLeod , Director explained that it is State Based Universal Health Care. Attempts have been made over the past decade to get it passed. It would be Publicly Funded and Privately Delivered. Funding may come from a tax on investment transactions. $100,000 from the General Fund will be allotted for study of this bill. The Office of the State Actuary will assist. Organization’s website is

Q&A – This is NOT advocating a new tax. Would have to apply for a waiver to keep Medicare. They are working with Pramila on it. This will not happen overnight. For now they are concentrating on educating of officials and the public. They are not intending to put forth a Capital Gains Tax. It is important that this insurance coverage is NOT tied to employment. This will not take away healthcare choice. It is solely an administrative entity. It pays your private provider directly. The payer DOES NOT get involved in your care, and provider networks will go away. Acknowledged that there will be job displacement. There will be funds for retraining and the entity will STILL need workers. Single Payer saves Billions, which could be used to fund, not stifle, medical innovation. Many other states are trying to get this passed. There will be another attempt to get it passed in 2019. It was one vote shy of getting out of Senate committee. There is statewide support for Single Payer, it polls at 64% positive. The fact that hospitals are closing in rural areas is sparking interest. Canada would be our model.

There is a competing initiative that is essentially a different route to get to the same place. They have a funding source that is not in this bill.

8:23 KC Council Chair Joe McDermott recognized. Discussed efforts to put local companies at the top of hire list.

8:27 New PCOs – Joe Nguyen and Jack Edy elected. Passed unanimously.

8:30 Patrick Wicklund raises a point of Parliamentary Procedure. The proposed Resolution is Out of Order.

Chair David Ginsburg raises a Point of Personal Privilege and wants to keep any exchanges respectful.

8:35 There is a Motion to Suspend the Rules to allow a Resolution to be brought forth without proper notice.

62 voting members present. 60 are for the Motion and 2 are against. Motion Passes.

Marcie Stone-Vekich Presents a motion to circulate a petition to PCOs about the KCDCC Chair situation.

Patrick Wicklund speaks for Chair Stober, says that he has worked with him and has never seen him exhibit this type of behavior, and is in favor of an investigation. Chair Stober should “have his day in court”.

Rachel Glass read part of a letter from Tina Podlodowski to the 36th LD that agrees that Chir Stober should step aside.

Chris Porter decries a rush to judgement. Says that we cannot claim fairness if we do not hear from both sides, and that we do not have all the facts.

Moved, Seconded and Passed to extend Arguments.

The question is asked if a Non Member may speak. Parliamentarian Michael Taylor-Judd allows that a current member can cede their time to a non-member, but that this only applies to endorsements.

Les Treall speaks for the Resolution, pointing out that it is not censorial and does not lay out any charges.

Art Chippendale asked what such a meeting (the trial) would look like. Chair explained Trial as per Robert’s Rules.

No other speakers against.

Voice Vote – The Ayes have it. Not a unanimous vote, but Nays were the distinct minority.

8:53 Good of the Order

9:01 Adjourned.


chairs message logo

Chair’s Message: February

1024 328 David Ginsberg

First I’d like to thank all who attended our February program on resisting the Trump Agenda, whether in-person or by watching our livestream. As I said that night, you give me hope, and the sheer number of people who showed up in person and watched online up was inspiring. We hope to see you all again in March, when the topic will be protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from the Republican juggernaut.

It’s President’s Day and I’m taking this day to reflect on the presidents who’ve made America’s journey a journey of progress. From George Washington’s revolutionary role to James Madison’s central role in writing the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, to Abraham Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves, to Teddy Roosevelt’s conservation, to William Howard Taft’s trust-busting and establishment of the Department of Labor, to FDR’s New Deal, to Dwight Eisenhower’s sending federal troops to support desegregation, to JFK’s call to put a man on the moon, to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, to Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

And then there’s Donald Trump, a threat to everything these great presidents and many others have achieved.

The Dodgy Republican President

We’re one month into the Republican Presidency. And by February 9th – the last date for which information is available on, the former reality TV host had issued 23 Executive Orders, which if he continues at that rate works out to a rate of 399 per year, the highest of any president in history, and more than 10 times the rate of Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans who were so outraged at the 129 Executive Orders signed by President Obama during his second term remain notably silent as the Republican President issues Executive Orders at more than 3X that rate. So where is the Republican outrage at “presidential overreach” now? Like most Republican outrage, it was nothing but false outrage manufactured for consumption by our facile and ratings obsessed television news organizations.

Meanwhile, as the Washington Post reports, the Trump family’s lavish lifestyle continues to cost taxpayers more than $1,000,000 per day, with much of that money being funneled into Trump businesses in New York and Florida. This is an unprecedented conflict of interest from a man who has refused to release his taxes, put his assets into a blind trust, or otherwise be honest with the American people.

As the Republican President continues to enrich himself at taxpayer’s expense, his ties to Russia continue to raise questions. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign after admitting he’d discussed reversing sanctions imposed by the Obama Administration in violation of the Logan Act. Questions abound about what the president knew and when he knew it. Americans have a right to know if there is a Russian mole in our White House, and even Fox News has joined the calls for a full investigation.

The Center of the Resistance

Seattle and Washington State continue to establish themselves as the center of the resistance to the Republican President’s extremist agenda. Attorney General Bob Ferguson successfully blocked the Republican President’s travel ban, Governor Inslee has made standing up against Trump a hallmark of his Governorship, and both Seattle and Burien have passed legislation making them sanctuary cities in defiance of Republican anti-immigrant polices. Mayor Murray has been increasingly vocal in his critiques of the new regime in Washington D.C. as well.

Here in the 34th we’re building a resistance movement to be reckoned with. Our February program was attended by more than 700 concerned citizens while a similar number watched our first livestream on Facebook Live. We gained 111 new members, more than $4,000 in contributions, 15 new PCOs and 2 new Executive Board members. THIS is what the beginning of a successful resistance looks like, and here in the 34th we’re just getting started!

The Indivisible movement continues to grow, and there are now Indivisible groups in West Seattle, Burien and Vashon.  The West Seattle group has organized a weekly meeting with the staff of Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell at the Federal Building downtown, which Indivisible groups from around the 7th and 9th Congressional Districts are now joining.

Get Involved!

I hear this question frequently from people who’ve never been involved in politics in any way before but feel compelled to do something now. If you’re wondering what you can do to help empower this local resistance, here are some of my top suggestions:

1. Become a Precinct Committee Officer

The biggest impact you can have on changing outcomes is to become a PCO and help us reach out to your neighbors, get them registered to vote, help them stay informed and engaged, and hear their concerns. Our new Data and Technology Chair Kyle Prete has just built a wonderful map-based PCO Lookup Tool for our website to help you:

  • Find out if there’s already a PCO for your precinct
  • If there isn’t you can contact our PCO Chair Brooks Salazar to get appointed
  • If there is a PCO you can look for a nearby precinct where you can become an Acting PCO

Also, this feature will be coming soon:

  • Ability to contact your PCO so you can offer to join their Precinct Committee and help in them contact voters in your neighborhood

2. Become a Member of the 34th District Democrats

The 34th District Democrats are one of the most powerful and well organized Democratic organizations in the State of Washington, but we’re only as strong as our members and PCOs. What does the 34th do?

  • We partner with other community organizations and support our community
  • We recruit candidates for open positions and help them get their campaigns off the ground
  • We hold programs on topics of interest to the community
  • We host candidate forums to help the community get to know candidates
  • We endorse candidates and support them with our money and our ability to directly contact voters to get them elected
  • We get out and talk to voters from Alki to Talequah to help keep them informed, engaged and help make sure their voices are heard
  • We mobilize like nobody’ business to GOTV for Democrats at election time
  • And much, much more

Many of these efforts cost money, and our Treasurer Gina Topp tells us that the current cost per member of running this organization is just under $10/month, so the best way to become a member is to sign up by selecting the $10 monthly contribution option here. Monthly contributions help us budget and plan, so please consider contributing in this way. I recently switched to monthly contributions myself, and I encourage everyone who’s able to do so as well.

3. Join one of our Executive Committees

The Executive Committees are the workhorses of the organization. Most of the committees meet monthly, and all of our committees welcome and encourage new members. You can learn more about each of our standing committees, including how to contact each Committee Chair, on our website here.

4. Sign up to Volunteer

We participate in community events, march in parades, host candidate forums and community-focused programs throughout the year, and we need your help! You can sign up to volunteer on our website here.

Other ways to help

As many of you know, we have several special elections coming up this year which will determine control of the Washington State Senate. Our neighbors to the South in the 31st District could use some help. Their new Chair Brian Gunn has made a plea to help raise the funds they need to take Pam Roach’s seat this fall. Please join me in contributing $25 or more to the 31st Legislative District Democrats to help out in this effort. You can do that here.

Also Dow Constantine’s campaign kick-off is coming up this Thursday. Dow’s leadership at the County has never been more important than it is today in the face of this national nightmare. I’m a co-host of this event, which will be held at the home of Maryanne Tagney and David Jones (a.k.a. the Coleman Mansion) in Fauntleroy this Thursday, February 23rd. Please join me there!

Thursday, February 23rd at 5:30PM

at the home of Maryanne Tagney and David Jones

9343 Fauntleroy Way SW

Seattle, WA 98136

Guest $100 | Friend $250 | Sponsor $500 | Co-host $1000

RSVP here or

Questions: or (206) 328-2969

Who are the 34th District Democrats?

We are the Democratic Party of the 34th Legislative District. We work to elect Democrats, uphold Democratic values, and support Democrats in Seattle, White Center, Burien, Vashon/Maury Island and beyond.

We are our elected officials. We are our candidates. We are the activists who knock on doors in neighborhoods from Alki to Tahlequah and the voters who make their voices heard each election. We are all volunteers.

We are your neighbors. We are your co-workers. We are your friends. We stand up for the marginalized and the voiceless among us. We join arms with allies to fight against injustice and fight for equity. We are engaged in our communities and we are committed to a brighter future for all of us.

We believe in inclusion, that unity is better than division, that we are stronger and better when everyone has an equal shot at living up to their potential. We believe diversity is a source of strength and that inequality is a threat to democracy itself.

We believe it’s important to stand up to tyrants and bullies. We believe in the power of individuals working together to make great progress against incredible odds. We believe in you.

Join us in the fight of our lives. It might not be easy, but it will be rewarding.

And we will win.

In solidarity,
David Ginsberg
Chair, 34th District Democrats


February Meeting Recap: How to Resist Trump and Protect What We Hold Dear

150 150 David Ginsberg

Thank you to everyone who attended in person or watched on Facebook live and made our first program such a success! This is what the beginning of a movement looks like, and this is a movement that will rescue our democracy, restore decency and a leave a liveable planet for our kids.

Together we will win.

The attendance last night was inspiring, staff at the Hall at Fauntleroy put the headcount at just over 700! An additional 674 watched via the Facebook live feed provided by Indivisible West Seattle.

Per usual, the best play by play of the evening can be found on the West Seattle Blog here:


We started the night with 195 members, and this morning we have 290, thank you to everyone who joined last night! Last year at this time we had 350 members, so we’ve still got a ways to go just to stay even with last year, and I know we can do better – if you haven’t joined for 2017 please do so now, and please consider monthly donations as it helps us plan. Note: it costs about $10/month per member to provide the programs and candidate/election support we do, so a monthly donation of $10 is the sustaining level. If you can afford to give more please do – we’ll put your money to good use continuing to build the strongest Democratic organization in the state! You can join or renew on our new website at


We started the night with 125 PCOs, and ended with 141. Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a PCO last night, this is by far the biggest impact one can have on voters and elections, and we don’t want to leave any potential democratic voters behind. We have 209 precincts, so we’ve still got work to do here. If you’re interested in becoming a PCO please contact Brooks Salazar at

Lobby Day

King County Democrats Lobby Day is Monday, February 20th. If you’re interested in carpooling to Olympia please contact Steve Butts at

Calling all High School Activists!

Do you know a high schooler who’s concerned about their future and interested in having their voice heard in Olympia? The 34th District Democrats are sponsoring a bus to take high schoolers from the 34th to Olympia for Lobby Day. Please have them contact ASAP to get on board.

Sponsor an activist! Please contribute whatever you can to help send these budding young activists to Olympia by making a contribution on our website here:

Taking the next step and getting involved

Here are some ways you can get involved in the new 34th District Democrats organization:

  1. Become a PCO:
  2. Become a member:
  3. Volunteer:
  4. Join one of our Executive Committees:
  5. We’re still looking for an Executive Board member to chair the Finance Committee. If you’re interested in this role please contact me at

And here are the speakers and organizations we heard from last night. Please join one or more as well as joining the 34th. Our strength will come in the relationships we build.

  1. ACLU of Washington:
  2. Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition:
  3. IndivisibleSEA:
  4. American Muslim Empowerment Network:
  5. Equal Rights Washington:

Thanks again for everything you do. We’re building a grassroots organization to protect what we hold dear and leave our kids a world we can be proud to leave them.

It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding. And we will win.

In solidarity,
David Ginsberg
Chair, 34th District Democrats

February Monthly Agenda: Resistance

150 150 David Ginsberg
  • Social Time & Potluck, please bring a dish to share

Note: we have unprecedented interest in our program for this meeting, so to accommodate more of our neighbors we won’t have the round tables in the room this time, so finger food and small bites may be more suitable for this setting. And be sure to welcome these members of our community who share our values and concerns!

  • Meeting brought to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Consideration of Agenda, Membership and Treasurer’s report
  • Chair’s Report
  • Digital Communications Update
  • Panel: How To Resist Trump And Protect What We Hold Dear


Binah Palmer

Binah Palmer serves on the board of the ACLU of Washington. Though she currently lives on Queen Anne, she grew up in West Seattle. She is the Communications Director at SEIU 925, and has served on the City of Seattle’s Human Rights Commission, the board of the Japanese American Citizens League, and the political action committee for Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Civic Empowerment. When she isn’t in Olympia or a union hall, Binah is usually either at the Westy cheering on the Sounders or hiking somewhere in the Cascades.

Amirah Mirziteh

Amirah Mirziteh is a longtime activist and organizer living in West Seattle. She currently works as a union organizer and is active in her local chapter of the Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition, which formed shortly after Trump’s election in response to his hateful and divisive rhetoric. Amirah lives in West Seattle.

Judy Lightfoot

Judy Lightfoot retired from teaching after 35 years and is now a freelance writer, editor, and volunteer. In her 7 years writing for Seattle’s online; her articles mainly focused on homelessness, mental illness, social services, and at-risk kids. Judy is a founding member of SIPPA. The mission of SIPPA, Seattle Indivisibles Protecting the Progressive Agenda, is to block as many of Donald Trump’s undemocratic actions as possible. They aim at sustaining progressive programs, policies, and proposals through the next four years by organizing locally and taking focused, effective, practical, “indivisible” steps together. SIPPA started at the end of November, 2016.

Aneelah Afzali

Aneelah Afzali is the founder and Executive Director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network (AMEN), a new initiative launched through the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) in response to the challenges of our times.  Aneelah graduated from the University of Oregon Honors College, and was named a Chayes International Service Fellow at Harvard Law School.  She enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and football, and is a proud Seahawks and Ducks fan!

Monisha Harrell

Monisha Harrell is the Board Chair of Equal Rights Washington, and the daughter of Councilmember Bruce Harrell. ERW was founded in 2004 to assist in the passage of Washington State’s LGBT anti-discrimination bill, which for 28 years had been introduced in the state legislature, but never passed. In 2006, ERW played a crucial role in securing the passage of this legislation, Washington House Bill 2661, now known as the Anderson-Murray Anti-Discrimination law. ERW pivoted to become the lead organization in an early fight to recognize marriage rights for same-sex couples.

  • Appointment of Kyle Prete to Chair Data and Technology Committee
  • Appointment of PCOs
  • Resolutions:
    • Resolution regarding Goals for Greenhouse Gases Emission Reductions (HB-1372)*
    • Resolution regarding Renewable Energy System Tax Incentives and Recycling (HB 1048) by 34th District Democratic Organization*
  • Old Business
    • Awards from the Holiday Party
  • New Business
  • Good of the Order
  • Adjournment to Whiskey West


Meeting Details:

Hall at Fauntleroy (Old Fauntleroy School)

9131 California Avenue SW

Seattle, WA 98136

Parking lot available behind building

Transit Rapid Ride C Line


Note: please RSVP to this event on Facebook to help us plan and prepare. We’ll also be Livestreaming via Facebook Live, and will post highlights on YouTube after the meeting.


Resolution regarding Goals for Greenhouse Gases Emission Reductions (HB-1372) by 34th District Democratic Organization

Whereas, in 2008 the State of Washington adopted goals for the reduction of Greenhouse Gases emissions reductions by 2020, 2035 and 2050; and

Whereas, these goals have been codified to the Revised Code of Washington at Title 70, Section 235; and

Whereas the best available climate science requires reducing global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to below 350 parts per million no later than the end of this century in order to avoid catastrophic climate change impacts; and

Whereas, the nations of the world have agreed last year in Paris that our goal must be to limit the global average temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius, with an aspiration to limit it to 1.5degree Celsius; and

Whereas, the adopted Washington goals will not sufficiently contribute to achieving the new international goals; and

Whereas, the Washington goals must be significantly tightened if Washington is to achieve its fair share of the necessary global emissions reductions; and

Whereas, legislation has been introduced as HB 1372; Updating the Framework for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Washington Based upon Best Available Climate Science, that would revise Washington’s goals in RCW 70:235 to values that, if achieved, will make our necessary contribution to the international effort, specifically

By 2020, emissions must be at least 10% below 1990 levels

By 2035, emissions must be at least 68% below 1990 levels

By 2050, emissions must be at least 91% below 1990 levels; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation would also require the Department of Ecology to use its existing authority to adopt policies, rules, and regulations that will achieve the necessary emission reductions, and to track and annually report emission reduction progress to the governor, legislature, and public; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation would remove the exception for emissions of carbon dioxide from industrial combustion of biomass in the form of fuel wood, wood waste, wood byproducts, and wood residuals; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation would align state agency emission reduction requirements with the best available science and require the state of Washington to inventory consumption based emissions; Now, Therefore

Be it Resolved That:

The 34th District Democratic Organization requests all members of the 34th District legislative delegation join Representative Eileen Cody in co-sponsoring HB 1372 to amend RCW 70:235 and to ask for hearings on the legislation in each house; and

The Executive Board is directed to send a copy of the proposed legislation along with this resolution to each member of the 34th District legislative delegation; and

The Executive Board is directed to send a copy of this resolution to the King County Democratic Central Committee Legislative Action Committee.

Submitted by Stu Yarfitz

Resolution regarding Renewable Energy System Tax Incentives and Recycling (HB 1048) by 34th District Democratic Organization

Whereas, in 2006 the State of Washington created the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Program; and

Whereas, these goals have been codified to the Revised Code of Washington at Title 70, Section 235; and

Whereas the best available climate science requires reducing global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to below 350 parts per million no later than the end of this century in order to avoid catastrophic climate change impacts; and

Whereas, solar is a clean and renewable source of carbon-free energy; and

Whereas, solar has already created thousands of jobs in Washington, and could expand greatly; and

Whereas, distributed solar makes Washington State more energy independent and resilient; and

Whereas, the Western Washington University’s Center for Economic & Business Research finds that for every $1 spent on solar through the Cost Recovery Program has spurred $16-$20 in economic activity; and

Whereas, solar power keeps our energy dollars in Washington State; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation is much more cost-effective than the current policy for Washington to get as much solar power as possible, giving Washington 5x more solar power per dollar; and

Whereas, solar power lessens the costs of adapting to climate disruption; and

Whereas, the proposed legislation would create a clear and stable solar program for Washington. Now, therefore:

Be it Resolved That:

The 34th District Democratic Organization requests all members of the 34th District legislative join Representative Joe Fitzgibbon in sponsoring and supporting HB 1048 and to ask for hearings on the legislation in each house; and

The Executive Board is directed to send a copy of the proposed legislation along with this resolution to each member of the 34th District legislative delegation; and The Executive Board is directed to send a copy of this resolution to the King County Democratic Central Committee Legislative Action Committee.

Submitted by Stu Yarfitz

chairs message logo

Chair’s Inaugural Message

1024 328 David Ginsberg

First, I’d like to thank all of the PCOs who elected me Chair by acclamation at the reorganization on January 11th (my late mother’s birthday). It is an esteemed honor to serve as Chair of one of the strongest LD organizations in Washington State. The challenges ahead are daunting and will require more of all of us. Rest assured that I and the new Executive Board are already hard at work preparing to make the 34th even stronger, better organized, more representative of the population we serve and even more effective politically so we can meet those challenges head on.

A Catastrophic Election

Many of you were at the Hall at Fauntleroy on November 9th when I announced I would run for Chair, less than 24 hours after the most catastrophic election in U.S. history. I didn’t have a prepared speech, but I spoke to you about my 14 year-old twins and how this was the first election they’d really paid attention to, how that morning my daughter Anya woke up, grabbed her phone to check the results and sat in bed and cried. It was heartbreaking as a father, and as I struggled to figure out how to explain why and how this had happened I realized I couldn’t because I didn’t understand it myself, but what I could do was show how we respond when everything we care about, democracy, civility, equity and even life itself are threatened: and how we respond as Democrats is we stand up and fight!

Depths of Despair

I don’t mind sharing with you that the next several weeks were not easy. As Trump put together his transition team and small bands of the worst of his supporters went about attacking people who didn’t look like them, didn’t worship like them, didn’t love like them, I sank as far into the depths of despair as anyone. I’m a gay father. My kids are Jewish. Nearly half of my neighbors in High Point are immigrants, and a third are Muslims. We’ve kicked the can on climate change to the very last yard, even the Paris Agreement isn’t nearly enough. And here we are faced with a neofascist wrecking crew with unfettered power over our once great democratic institutions. I’d lay in bed at night with my mind racing, wondering “where do we go from here?”

Developing a plan: What can we do here in the 34th to resist?

Despair, like doing nothing, was not an option. I got to work developing a plan to realize the full potential of the 34th. I started with our PCOs because I knew anything substantive we hoped to accomplish depended on our PCOs, who are the most important part of an effective Democratic party. So, drawing on my previous experience as 34th District Captain for the Neighborhood Leader program of the Obama ’08 campaign, I came up with a plan to recruit a PCO for every precinct, to build a precinct committee in as many precincts as possible, to build a structure to support our PCOs including 12 PCO Area Coordinators, and to ask our PCOs to engage in their precincts not just at election time but on at least a quarterly basis. I also resolved to personally participate on the PCO Committee and in its activities. But would our PCOs be willing?

Calling PCOs

I started calling PCOs to introduce myself and these plans, and to let them know that if I was elected we’d be asking more of them than we ever had before, and what I found was remarkable. Everyone I spoke with realized that we all need to do more, that business as usual is no longer enough. Not a single PCO pushed back – not one. Out of those conversations I began to get a sense of hope that we could rise to this challenge. That hope has grown stronger every day.

Executive Board

While those conversations with PCOs were happening, the beginnings of a new Executive Board started to come together. A handful had stepped up by the last meeting of the outgoing Executive Board in November. In early December I got the outgoing Board and candidates for the new Board together at my home, and after that started meeting weekly with the candidates so we’d be prepared to hit the ground running. I’m thrilled with our new Executive Board. Many of you had the opportunity to hear from each of them on January 11th, and I’m confident you’ll be as thrilled with this Executive Board and their work as I am. As we’ve worked together my hope and confidence have continued to grow, and I’ve no doubt at all we’ll accomplish great things here in the 34th, and beyond.

We provided a sneak preview of our new website at our January reorganization, and it went live the next day. Please check it out, it’s beautiful and easy to navigate, includes a search function, and you can sign up to join one of our Executive Committees right on the site – and, by the way, please do – we need all hands on deck! Here are the new logos designed by our Digital Communications Chair Carrie Alexander:

This one is for use in places where we want a rectangular logo:

34 Dems rectangular logo, two-tone blue with "34" circled and "Dems" to the right of the circle

And these are for use in places where we want a square logo (such as profile pictures on our Social media accounts):

34th Dems square logo. Blue circle with text "34th Dems" inside, also in blue.                  

I absolutely love them, they look great on our new website and other digital communications. I really appreciate the clean, modern design and I hope you do too.

Ready to Roll!

So here we are. On January 20th Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. While this was a dark day in our nation’s history, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

First, this is NOT Donald Trump’s America, and the Republicans have NO MANDATE for their draconian agenda. Trump received only 46.1% of the vote, Republican House candidates received 49% of the vote, and their Senate candidates received just 42% of the vote. The approval rating for the new “President” is at 37% – a historic low, and the approval rating of the Republican Congress is just 13.8%. Even Republican gerrymandered districts can come into play with numbers like that.

Second, despite Hillary Clinton’s hopeful words after the election we no longer owe Mr. Trump a “chance to govern.” That goodwill quickly evaporated as this administration began shaping up to be nothing more than a fascist kleptocracy, a threat not just to beloved programs and policies, but to our republic itself and to the future of life on this planet. We owe them NOTHING. Accordingly, there will be no ‘honeymoon’. As Democrats we will fight to block or delay every one of his unqualified and corrupt nominees. We’ll organize and fight to defeat every piece of draconian legislation. We’ll lose many of these battles, but we’l win this war for our nation’s future. Here in the 34th, we’re already hard at work recruiting PCOs for every precinct, building an infrastructure to support them, and reaching out to the 31st and 45th LD organizations to see how we can help them win the special elections in their districts later this year so we can take back our State Senate and finally meet Washington State’s paramount duty and fully fund our schools.

Please stay tuned, we have great things in store. Our first program, on February 8th, will focus on resistance and what we can do locally to resist the Trump agenda and support communities marginalized by Trump’s policies. Among the confirmed participants are the ACLU of Washington and the West Seattle chapter of the newly formed Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition, members from Seattle Indivisibles, and the founder and Executive Director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network. It should be quite a program, you won’t want to miss it!

The road ahead won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding, and we will win.

Forward together,

David Ginsberg,

Chair, 34th District Democrats