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November 13, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

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Hall at Fauntleroy

6:30 Potluck Social Time

7:00 Call to Order

  • Reminder of Code of Conduct
  • Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sofia Aragon

Opening Ceremonies

  • VIP Acknowledgements
    • Sofia Aragon and Kevin Schilling thanked the audience for their support during the general election. Looking forward to advocating together. Knocking on doors is how it happened. 
    • Aaron Garcia (Highline School District) thanked the 34th for their support during his campaign.
    • Tina Podlodowski spoke about the local races and encouraging candidates. She discussed 2020 tactics and how we will need to knock doors and drive turnout across the state. Republicans will target Washington for the freshman up for reelection and the governor’s race. 
  • Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

Ann Martin requested two edits to the October general meeting minutes. Both are in the state party update section. 

  1. LD and County levels – by proxy
  2. Often Under-represented communities

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as amended. 

  • Adoption of the Agenda – A motion was made, seconded and the agenda was adopted as submitted. 

7:20 Legislative Town Hall

8:37 Good of the Order

West Seattle Democratic Women are meeting at the Senior Center next Wednesday Nov. 20 and the program features Moms Demand Action.

Highline/Burien Healthcare Workers are picketing on Nov 20 2:30-6 at Highline Medical Center. 

Chris Porter announced the January program about racism. 

Gina announced the holiday party – December 11. Bring back the Navos cards and nominate someone for the awards being given.

9:00pm Adjourn to Locöl Barley & Vine 7902 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

Sound Transit Engaging Communities

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Sound Transit is engaging Seattle communities in a conversation about the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions project, which will deliver light rail connections to West Seattle and Ballard with stations in between including SODO, Chinatown-International District, Midtown, Westlake, South Lake Union, Denny, Seattle Center, Smith Cove and Interbay.

In late October, the Sound Transit Board identified additional alternatives to study in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), in addition to the preferred alternatives and other alternatives the Board identified in May. The Draft EIS is the next step in the environmental review process, where we will evaluate potential impacts and benefits of the alternatives on the natural and built environment, and identify potential mitigation measures. The Draft EIS is anticipated to be released in late 2020 for public review and comment.

As part of our continuing commitment to engage communities and future riders, we’re hosting five Neighborhood Forums to share the alternatives we’ll be studying in the Draft EIS, what happens next in the environmental review process and how communities can stay engaged. There will also be opportunities to participate in small group activities to share your unique neighborhood context and discuss how that might relate to future light rail stations.

The event details are below:

  • Downtown Seattle (Includes stations at Seattle Center, South Lake Union, Denny, Midtown, Westlake, Chinatown-International District, Stadium and SODO)
    Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019 | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
    Central Seattle Public Library (Washington Mutual Room)
    1000 4th Avenue, Seattle
  • West Seattle (Includes stations at Delridge, Avalon and Alaska Junction)
    Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019 | 6 – 8 p.m.
    Alki Masonic Center
    4736 40th Avenue SW, Seattle
  • Chinatown-International District station (Includes the Chinatown-International District station only*)
    Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019 | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
    Union Station (Great Hall)
    401 S Jackson Street, Seattle
  • Interbay-Ballard (Includes stations at Smith Cove, Interbay and Ballard)
    Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019 | 6 – 8 p.m.
    St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
    5710 22nd Avenue NW, Seattle 
  • Delridge Station (Includes the Delridge station only*)
    Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019 | 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
    Delridge Community Center (Gym)
    4501 Delridge Way SW, Seattle

*Events will build upon the community engagement and collaboration approach outlined in the Racial Equity Toolkit. Interpreters will be available – see web link for more details.
Learn more and RSVP today

If you’re not able to attend in person, we’ll have opportunities to participate online and learn more, starting as early as November 18th.

UW Huskies

Discount UW Basketball Tickets Offered

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The PAC12 again has extended a discount ticket program offer to our organization. They make their “Local Government Appreciation” games available for members of the 34th. Enjoy a UW Mens Basketball game at reduced price on Saturday, February 1st at 7:30pm against Arizona State. The second game included in the offer is on Friday, February 28th at 6pm. This will not only be a great way to get discounted seats, but it will also be early access to single game seats before they go on sale to the general public on December 3rd. The WSU game is one of four premium games this season! To buy tickets, visit this link:

November Newsletter Published

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The 34th District’s monthly newsletter has been released. Editor Steve Butts says this issue is one you won’t want to miss! Download it and see what’s going on in the district!

Participate in our Giving Tree at the November Meeting

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Again this year we will again support the Navos Holiday Drive. Pick up a card at our November meeting/Town Hall and support Navos’ clients by donating a gift card in a value that is personal and meaningful to you. Cards from Target, grocery stores and VISA are requested. Bring the donation back to our December holiday party.

Navos’ Holiday Drive supports our Emergent Needs Fund. At Navos, 90% of the clients we serve are low-income or even homeless.  In many cases, our clients do not have the means to meet their basic needs, so we help support them by collecting gift cards that they can use to purchase necessary items, such as diapers, hygiene items, clothes for a job interview, or food for a family that just had to move out of their home due to a domestic violence situation.  This fund also helps support our clients by providing items necessary to reaching their treatment plan goals, as well as bus tickets so that clients can get to and from their scheduled appointments.  The Emergent Needs Fund covers a wide range of needs, allowing us to help provide our clients whatever they may need to help them reach recovery, from rain ponchos for our homeless clients to weighted blankets to help soothe anxiety for the kids in our Youth Residential Treatment Program.

10-16-19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

Attendees: Carla Rogers, Dawn Rains, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Jesse Greene, Ben Reilly, Chris Porter

7:13 Gina called the meeting to order.

  • Gina shared the updated calendar and walked through all the items. 
  • April 26 is the LD Caucus – all are expected to work that day.
  • Carla shared the plan for the Nov 13 Town Hall and asked everyone to share the details sent in email and on slack to their connections, while also sharing the event on Facebook. 
  • Holiday Party details were shared by Gina on behalf of Delancey. We will do the Navos giving tree at the November meeting, with the gift to be brought back by December. 
  • We need nominations for the awards we will give at the Holiday Party. 
  • The Code of Conduct is in its final stages. Code of Conduct will be shared with the board prior to the next board meeting. 
  • Bylaws final draft will also be shared at the November meeting. 
  • Ben shared that Lisa Herbold did not intend to buy a full page ad in the sample ballot. We will invoice for $200 with a $200 in-kind donation. The Burien candidates will also not be charged. We should have about $8000 to carry into next year. A large legal bill has been paid.
  • Membership dues income has been better than in past years. Gina mentioned that we could consider changes to the dues structure. We will push renewal of memberships at the Holiday Party.
  • Carla gave Communications committee updates – Lindsey Schober will start posting 2x weekly on Instagram and we will start to keep a content calendar for all channels. We need a plan for Twitter as we do not have anyone owning this. Chris Porter volunteered. Carla purchased a Tripod to be used for the live streams. We will change the position of the camera for the Facebook live stream going forward. 
  • Ann and Chris gave the state committee report. The caucus information will be coming out soon, won’t be as last minute as in the past. Next meeting is in January. 
  • Max Brown provided the King County committee report. A canvass will be held this weekend (see KCDCC website for details). Ballot Party is also planned for Saturday, Oct 19.  KCDCC Platform will be formed early next year. 
  • Outreach committee doesn’t have anything planned for the rest of the year. Sept 28 was the 2nd clean up Saturday of the year. 
  • Fundraising – Delancey is looking at locations and quotes for the 2020 annual summer fundraiser. A theme selection is in Slack and members should weigh in. 
  • PCOs will be called to get out this weekend for canvassing. Really need help in Burien. 
  • We are at 303 for membership. 103 PCOs.

Gina announced that after the next Post-general meeting we will adjourn to Locol Barley and Vine. Whiskey West is too loud to have conversation.

Caucus – April 26

Rachel shared the report of the Caucus Committee. The committee convened for the first meeting on Monday, Oct 14. Rachel is creating a month by month plan. 

Operations and Outreach are the two areas of planning focus.

Operations  – set up, venue (Chief Sealth High School) 

  • Deadline for Insurance is early December.
  • State party has hired someone to help us get ready.
  • There is a grant available but we will not spend time on this due to the fact that we would likely not qualify. 
  • A walk thru of the venue will be held in March. 
  • Will need a lot of volunteers and technical support for the event.
  • Agenda for day-of event will be formed.
  • Gina will be the chair at caucus but we will need to be prepared for others to run for chair.
  • There will be concessions sold.
  • We will need printers to print out ballots and other documents. 
  • Signs for parking and directions to the venue will be needed. 
  • Sound Systems need to be arranged. 
  • Donation forms needed – we need to keep track of donations during the caucus.
  • Rachel will need to keep a budget for this event ($20k).


  • We need to do a lot of work to educate the public.
  • The state party has a webinar.
  • We will need to get the word out (use the libraries) to the public – programs will be held in multiple locations.
  • Need to contact affirmative action communities.
  • Outreach campaign work will start on January 3 (deadline for turning in signatures for national delegate).

Next caucus planning meeting will be Nov 12 or 14, to be confirmed by Rachel. 

9:06 Adjourn

10-09-2019 Monthly Meeting Minutes, Amended

150 150 Carla Rogers

Hall at Fauntleroy

6:30 Potluck Social Time

7:00 Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sofia Aragon

Opening Ceremonies

VIP Acknowledgements

  • Joe Fitzgibbon was recognized and spoke about referendum 88 and I-1000 as well as I-976.
  • Kevin Schilling thanked the 34th for continued support. Merrill Gardens canvas this weekend. 
  • Sofia Aragon talked about how the democrats came out in the primary. 
  • Joe McDermott talked about recent legislation coming out of his committee that affects Vashon Wineries. Joe announced GOTV Efforts on the 17th and 20th as well as a campaign event (on 34th website). 

The chair recognized visitors, first time guests.

The chair reminded attendees of our code of conduct.

Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

  • Approval of the Minutes – The minutes were provided and a motion was made and seconded to approve as submitted. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Adoption of the Agenda
    • Nick Bonazza asked to allow Cydney Moore to speak about her campaign, (Burien City Council) during the New Business section of the agenda.
    • A motion was made to add teh Vashon Parks Levy, with was accidentally left off the agenda.
    • A motion and second was made to accept the agenda as amended. The amended agenda was unanimously approved.

Report of Officers and Standing Committees

  • Chair’s Report – important to GOTV! Please pick up the new General Election Sample Ballot. Gina attended Pramilla Jayapal’s Impeachment Town Hall and shared her takeaways. 
  • Membership and Treasurer’s Report – Ben Reilly provided a financial update and announced that we have 303 members now!
  • State Committee Report – Ann Martin and Chris Porter attended the state committee meeting in Yakima at the end of September. LD and County Level Vote by proxy was submitted and was not approved. Bylaws changes around constituency caucuses were also vetted. Chris sits on the Code of Conduct Committee and reported on those activities. Chris also sits on the Affirmative Action Committee which is working to engage members of often under-represented communities. 
  • Gina announced that a Caucus Planning Committee will be held on Monday, Oct 14, 6pm at Uptown Delridge.
  • PCO Committee Report was provided by Nick Bonazza, chair. PCOs are canvassing in their precincts and in Burien. All members are encouraged to volunteer to GOTV. Sample ballots are available tonight.
  • Events Committee Report (Holiday Party Invitation) Carla discussed details of the Holiday Party to be held on December 11 here at the Hall at Fauntleroy. Chris Porter shared the process for nominating someone for our annual awards. Form is online and the deadline is November 19.

7:42 Our Climate Crisis

Alec Connon from 350 Seattle made a presentation about our Climate Crisis.

8:27 New Business 

  • Endorsement of the Vashon-Maury Hospital District – a motion and second was made to endorse. Members spoke in favor of the endorsement. Members approved the endorsement. 
  • Endorsement of Vashon Parks Levy – a motion and second was made to endorse. Members spoke in favor of the endorsement. Members approved the endorsement. 
  • Cydney Moore (Burien City Council candidate) shared information about herself and her opponent and asked for our support in her effort to bring change to Burien.
  • The chair recognized Executive Dow Constantine. Dow spoke about I-976 and encouraged an endorsement in opposition of the measure.
  • Endorsement in Opposition to Initiative 976 – A second was made to endorse. Members spoke in favor of the endorsement. Members approved the endorsement.
  • Endorsement in Support of Referendum 88 – a motion and second – a motion and second was made to endorse. Members spoke in favor of the endorsement. Members approved the endorsement. 
  • Appointment of PCOs – Nick Bonazza introduced 2 nominees for PCOs in Burien. New PCOs were confirmed. 

8:30 Good of the Order

  • Dawn Rains encouraged anyone interested to consider participating in Emerge Washington.

8:49 Adjourn to Whiskey West 

Nominate a 34th Dem!

200 200 Carla Rogers

Do you know someone who has made outstanding contributions to the 34th this year, a PCO who has gone above and beyond, or an elected official whose advocacy has inspired you? Nominate them for the 34th Democrats Annual Awards, to be announced at our holiday party on December 11th. Read more abou the awards and make nominations here: Nominations are due by November 19th.

09/18/19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

Board Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Carla Rogers, Karen Richter, Les Treall, Dawn Rains, Jordan Crawley, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, DeLancey Lane, Leah Griffin, Jesse Greene, Ben Reilly, Chris Porter

7:05 Calendar through the end of 2020

  • Bylaws and Code of Conduct are not yet ready for review by the board. 

7:07 Seattle Green Spaces Coalition

Martin Westerman shared a presentation with the board about the recent history of Seattle’s greenspaces and the coalition’s intent to place a value on the city’s greenspaces (turning greenspace into an asset for the city). Marty is asking for our support in encouraging the funding of a consultant. Seattle would be the first to undertake this approach. The group asked for a resolution to be drafted for consideration.

7:34 Resolution Process

  • Resolution submitted
  • If board approves to go to membership, LAC will do an analysis (interpretation) of the resolution to be shared at the membership meeting. 
  • LAC discusses resolution with the sponsor.
  • Analysis to be shared in a non-biased fashion to the membership. Factual, not opinion or conclusion.
  • Analysis will also be posted to web/social.

Good feedback was collected after the first use of the process during the last meeting. Ann was concerned the analysis shared last month was too detailed. Ben suggested a high level summary. Carla suggested that Jordan consider doing a summary level read for the membership, and have the details on the tables at the meeting.

7:48 Executive Board Meeting location needs to change for October and November. We will not have a board meeting in December. October meeting will be at Ann’s home and November will be at Carla’s house.

7:50 Continue discussion of calendar through the end of 2020

October program is climate change – Rachel is organizing. 

November will be the Town Hall with Legislative Updates from Joe N, Eileen Cody and Joe F.

December program will be the holiday party, organized by Jacqui.. No business. We need to form an ad hoc awards committee.

January program will be bylaws and code of conduct. (Chris’ Racism program added at the end of the meeting.)

February program will be Immigration.

PCO Popcorn Party will be held in February.

March 10 is the Primary and March 26 is the Caucus.  The March program will be about delegate selection process and expectations of being a delegate.

We will continue to plan for a “Non-Profit Speed Dating” program. Those with connections to non-profits will own an invitation to participate as we get closer. Rachel, Gina and Carla will continue planning this and a date will be confirmed in the near future.

8:07 Committee Reports

  • Treasurer/Membership – continued issues with members not getting into NGP. A solution has been defined for this going forward.
  • Settlement for Glen Morgan was submitted and there has been no response yet..
  • Fundraising – DeLancey shared planning options. The group approved July 25 as the date of the 2020 fundraiser, before the local primary. Theme ideas will be debated in Slack.
  • PCO – Nick shared that we have appointed 21 PCOs since January. Nick shared some of his goals for the coming year including PCO mentors. We will hold a PCO recruiting event in February. 
  • Outreach – Karen and Steve talked about their last event of the year coming up on the 28th (adopt-a-street). Voter registration goal was met this year! 
  • Communications – Carla proposed that we buy a tripod for use at the meetings to live stream on Facebook. Group approved $75 for the tripod. Councilmember Bagshaw and candidate Pugel responded to the endorsement for the Tree Protection Ordinance. Lindsey Schomer will join the Comms Committee to support Instagram.
  • Caucus – Rachel and DeLancey will tour 3 venues for the Caucus. Volunteers are coming forward. 
  • State Committee – Chris and Ann are going to Yakima for the state party meeting next weekend. Code of Conduct will be decided. 
  • King County Dems – No report.
  • Legislative Action – Gina and Jordan have been working on a bill for the State Party. Change the current law to have all PCO candidates to be on the ballot whether they are opposed or not. Discussion was held. This will be a cost-focused issue. 

8:42 Sample Ballot

The group discussed having a sample ballot to distribute at the October meeting. Group agreed that we do want to pursue this and will confirm goals/plans outside the meeting. 

8:56 Good of the Order

Reminder that October Executive Board meeting will be held at Ann’s house. 

Chris brought up the topic of racism and would like to have a program. Chris will work on a program about race for January.

Art mentioned that Friday is the kick off of Strike for Climate.

Jesse and Nick will bring forward a plan for the PCO recruitment party.

9:10 Adjourn

Resolution in Support of the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s   Draft Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance

800 800 Carla Rogers

Whereas Seattle is losing not only its biggest trees, but much more of its green cover, as developers frequently scrape properties clean of trees to maximize their buildable area; and  

Whereas Seattle has failed to require developers to replace all “exceptional” trees and trees over 24” DBH (diameter at 54” high) as prescribed by SMC 25.11.090; and 

Whereas Seattle, unlike Portland and other major cities, has not instituted a permit system to govern tree removal on developed property or property being developed, but relies instead on a complaint-based system that is applicable only to already-developed property and does not protect trees even there; and  

Whereas the Seattle City Council voted in 2009, and again by Resolution 31870 in March 2019, to support an updating of its Tree Protection Ordinance; and  

Whereas the City concluded, in its 2017 Tree Regulations Research Report, that “Current code is not supporting tree protection” and that “we are losing exceptional trees (and groves) in general”; and 

Whereas Seattle’s trees and urban forest comprise a vital green infrastructure that (a) reduces air pollution, stormwater runoff, and climate change impacts like heat-island effects, while providing essential habitat for birds and other wildlife, and (b) is important for the physical and mental health of Seattle residents: and  

Whereas the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission has drafted, at the suggestion of several City Council members, an updated Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance consistent with the eight recommendations specified by the Council in Section 6 of its Resolution 31870, which would:  

a. increase protections for Seattle trees and tree canopy volume by requiring, in each land-use zone in the city, a permit for removal and replacement of any tree over 6” DBH, whether on developed property or property being developed; 

b. require two-week on-site posting of tree removal and replacement applications (as SDOT already requires); 

c. require on-site tree replacement equivalent, in 25 years, to the tree canopy volume removed, or payment of a fee into a Tree Replacement and Preservation Fund for planting and 5-year maintenance of trees elsewhere in the city; 

d. retain current protections for exceptional trees and reduce the definitional upper threshold for exceptional trees to 24” DBH; 

e. allow no more than two significant non-exceptional trees to be removed over 3 years on developed property; 

f. require registration of all tree services providers with the city; 

g. track all significant tree loss and replacement; and 

h. provide adequate funds to administer and enforce the ordinance. 

Therefore, be it resolved that, in recognition of the environmental importance of trees and the urgent need to update and strengthen Seattle’s current ordinance, the 34th District Democrats urge the Seattle City Council to enact, and the Mayor to sign and enforce, the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s June 14, 2019 draft Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance. 

Adopted 9/11/19 by 34th District Democratic Organization