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Resolution in Support of the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s   Draft Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance

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Whereas Seattle is losing not only its biggest trees, but much more of its green cover, as developers frequently scrape properties clean of trees to maximize their buildable area; and  

Whereas Seattle has failed to require developers to replace all “exceptional” trees and trees over 24” DBH (diameter at 54” high) as prescribed by SMC 25.11.090; and 

Whereas Seattle, unlike Portland and other major cities, has not instituted a permit system to govern tree removal on developed property or property being developed, but relies instead on a complaint-based system that is applicable only to already-developed property and does not protect trees even there; and  

Whereas the Seattle City Council voted in 2009, and again by Resolution 31870 in March 2019, to support an updating of its Tree Protection Ordinance; and  

Whereas the City concluded, in its 2017 Tree Regulations Research Report, that “Current code is not supporting tree protection” and that “we are losing exceptional trees (and groves) in general”; and 

Whereas Seattle’s trees and urban forest comprise a vital green infrastructure that (a) reduces air pollution, stormwater runoff, and climate change impacts like heat-island effects, while providing essential habitat for birds and other wildlife, and (b) is important for the physical and mental health of Seattle residents: and  

Whereas the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission has drafted, at the suggestion of several City Council members, an updated Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance consistent with the eight recommendations specified by the Council in Section 6 of its Resolution 31870, which would:  

a. increase protections for Seattle trees and tree canopy volume by requiring, in each land-use zone in the city, a permit for removal and replacement of any tree over 6” DBH, whether on developed property or property being developed; 

b. require two-week on-site posting of tree removal and replacement applications (as SDOT already requires); 

c. require on-site tree replacement equivalent, in 25 years, to the tree canopy volume removed, or payment of a fee into a Tree Replacement and Preservation Fund for planting and 5-year maintenance of trees elsewhere in the city; 

d. retain current protections for exceptional trees and reduce the definitional upper threshold for exceptional trees to 24” DBH; 

e. allow no more than two significant non-exceptional trees to be removed over 3 years on developed property; 

f. require registration of all tree services providers with the city; 

g. track all significant tree loss and replacement; and 

h. provide adequate funds to administer and enforce the ordinance. 

Therefore, be it resolved that, in recognition of the environmental importance of trees and the urgent need to update and strengthen Seattle’s current ordinance, the 34th District Democrats urge the Seattle City Council to enact, and the Mayor to sign and enforce, the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s June 14, 2019 draft Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance. 

Adopted 9/11/19 by 34th District Democratic Organization

09/12/19 Monthly Meeting Minutes

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September 11, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

6:30 Potluck Social 

7:04 Call to Order

Opening Ceremonies

  • Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sofia Aragon
  • Moment of Silence
  • VIP Acknowledgements 

Joe Nguyen was recognized and announced his upcoming event held for LG Bob Ferguson on Sept 28 at C+P Coffee. 

Joe McDermott was recognized and requested help from the 34th. Saturday, Sept 14 doorbelling for Sofia Aragon and Kevin Schilling.  Meeting at 1:30pm Boulevard Park Library. 

  • Gina reminded everyone about our code of conduct.

7:07 Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

  • A motion was made to approve the minutes from the August meeting. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made to adopt the agenda. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
  • Chair’s Report – Executive board is working to update our code of conduct and Bylaws. Drafts are circulating. Input to the chairs of the committees are welcome. (Jordan Crawley – Resolutions Process, Chris Porter – Code of Conduct and Art Chippendale – Bylaws)Approval by the end of the year is the goal.
  • Membership and Treasurer’s Report – Ben shared highlights of the treasurer’s report and shared membership figures.

7:16 Housing and Homelessness Presentation

Sofia Aragon provided updates on the legislative front around housing.

Robin Koskey – Communications Manager at the Seattle Office of Housing

  • Shared info about current housing initiatives in Seattle

Daniel Malone –  Downtown Emergency Services Center (DESC)

  • Over 500 beds
  • Behavioral Health Organization
  • “Housing is what ends homelessness”

If members want to help advocate, sign up for action alerts on the Low Income Housing Alliance website.

8:11 New Business

  • School Board District Endorsements

A motion was made to support Aaron Garcia for Highline School Board Position 1. Motion was seconded. No further motions were made. Several members spoke in favor of Garcia’s nomination. A voice vote was held and Garcia was endorsed.

Steve Butts made a motion to nominate Eric Blumhagen for District 1 Seattle School District Director. Motion was seconded. No further motions were made. Blumhagen was endorsed with no dissention by the 34th.

Leah Griffin made a motion to nominate Rebeca Muniz for Seattle School Board District 3 Director. The motion was seconded and no further motions were made. Muniz was endorsed with no dissention by the 34th. 

  • Resolution in Support of the Seattle Urban Forestry and Commission’s Draft Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinances

Jordan Crawley, Legislative Action Committee Chair, provided background on the resolution. 

Motion and second was made to consider the resolution. Steve Zemke spoke in favor of the motion. Les Treall spoke against the resolution. The resolution passed as submitted.

  • Appointment of PCOs – 2 new PCOs were nominated and approved by representing PCOs at the meeting.
  • General Election Campaign Donations

The attendees talked among themselves to provide ideas for how to divide the 34th’s allocated budget for campaign donations of $1000.

Motion was made to give $500 each to Sofia Aragon and Kevin Schilling. Motion was seconded and a vote affirmed this donation.

8:56 Good of the Order

Ann Martin invited the group to support the Gala to be held on October 5 at the Seattle Design Center.

Jesse Greene spoke in support of the Regional Housing Authority. 

Art Chippendale encouraged attendance of the Impeachment Teach In.

DeLancey Lane mentioned the upcoming fundraisers for Joe McDermott. 

Les Treall reminded everyone that the West Seattle Food Bank Auction this weekend. 

Aaron Garcia thanked the group for his endorsement and invited support at his upcoming fundraiser. 

Eric Blumhagen thanked everyone for the endorsement. 

9:09 Adjourn to Whiskey West

September Newsletter Published

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The 34th District’s monthly newsletter has been released. Editor Steve Butts says this issue is one you won’t want to miss! Download it and see what’s going on in the district!

08/21/19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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Board Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Carla Rogers, Karen Richter, Les Treall, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Jordan Crawley, Steve Butts, Ted Barker, Gina Topp, Jesse Greene, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass

7:07 Gina called the meeting to order. 

Glen Morgan Lawsuit

Gina shared the Possinger Law Group memo regarding the State of Washington ex rel. Morgan v. 24th Legislative District Democrats. This memo is a settlement offer in the lawsuit. 

The group discussed the offer as communicated in the letter. 

Our attorney Laura Ewan shared options with the board and answered questions.

The board agreed to the following response to be provided by Gina to our attorney.

  • No admission of violation
  • Public Disclosure Commission Training
  • Civil Penalty Payment of $3000
  • Suspension of $1500
  • 34th will pay no attorney’s fees
  • Probation to the end of the current board term, November 30, 2020

8:00 Committee Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report – Ben Reilly presented the treasurer’s report. 
  • September Program – Sofia Aragon is organizing the program
    • Homelessness program, 2 speakers
    • Seattle School District candidates speak and potential endorsements
    • Highline School District School Board 
  • State Committee
    • State committee meeting is end of September and will be taking up the code of conduct
  • Communications
    • Sponsorship of Joe Nguyen’s Town Hall
      • Carla will get more details about the nature of our involvement. Who’s paying, nature of sponsorship – official state event or a Joe campaign event
    • Communications Committee is growing. 3 interested members have connected and we are working out how they can support the committee. 
    • Tai Yang will be working as Technology Special Projects Lead going forward and will be first working on the Donations page.
  • Outreach – Steve and Karen gave updates. 
    • 2 events upcoming
    • Goal is 175 registered voters. Need 20 more to make the goal. 
  • LAC
    • Jordan has been working on the Code of Conduct with Chris. 
  • PCO
    • Nick submitted a written report prior to the meeting. 
    • Nick is asking our electeds to provide names of potential PCOs. 
    • Also in communication with One America to help find volunteers or PCOs.
    • With the September meeting we will have 100 PCOs (207)
  • Bylaws 
    • Art Chippendale will be nominated at the next meeting to be the chair of the Bylaws committee. Jordan, Chris and others expressed interest in being on the committee.
  • Hospitality
    • Jesse stated he talked 5 folks (visitors) who had not signed in at the last meeting. 
  • Caucus
    • Sunday, April 26 is the Legislative District Caucus
    • Locations have been contacted
  • Events
    • Gina received and email about the picnic. The group agreed that we will not have a picnic this year due to lack of time for planning and other initiatives that are more important. 
    • Gina shared and email from Delancey regarding event planning questions. Comments should go into Slack.

8:53 Resolution in Support of Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s Draft Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance

  • Ann Martin presented a resolution to consider. Discussion was held about the resolution. 
  • There was a motion and a second to send the resolution to the membership for consideration with no recommendation.
  • Discussion of the resolution process was held. 
  • The motion passed unanimously.

9:07 Good of the Order

Brunch Fundraiser for Lisa Herbold, 11-12:30 Sept 7 at the Public House 

September agenda will include a proposal for how to spend funds in the budget for campaign contributions.

Les shared his experience canvassing. Lesson – be careful canvassing!

WSDC Picnic is Aug 22 (3-7pm) at Ann’s home. 

9:15 Adjourn

Discount Huskies Tickets for Government Groups

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We have been invited to the 2019 Husky Football Local Government Appreciation games on Saturday, August 31st against Eastern Washington and also on Saturday, September 28th vs. USC. Go out and support the Huskies with this targeted offer. Purchase your tickets at this link.

08/14/19 Monthly Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

General Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

6:30 Potluck Social 

7:01 Call to Order and Opening Ceremonies

Gina led the Pledge of Allegiance

VIP Acknowledgements

  • Krystal Marx was acknowledged and gave a few updates about tenant protections, just-cause ordinances and funding for a housing ombudsman. She stated that these topics/goals came from speaking with constituents. 
  • Kevin Schilling thanked the room for their support and endorsement then mentioned that GOTV is super important. 31% turnout in Burien vs. 35% in Seattle. 
  • Leslie Harris (School Board District 6, president) requested continued support for  her re-election campaign. Mentioned that Collective Bargaining will happen this year during the election cycle. She mentioned that the last school board vote was about a new district dress code. 
  • Lisa Herbold thanked the 34th for helping deliver a victory in the Primary. She needs continued support to fight big business influence in the election. She needs help with GOTV.

Recognition of Visitors 

  • Eric Blumhagen spoke about his run for District 1 School Board and requested support in the district-wide election.

Code of Conduct Reminders and announcements from Chris Porter 

7:22 Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

The July meeting minutes were presented. Motion and second was made to approve as presented.  Minutes were approved. 

It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda as presented by the chair. Motion passed and agenda was approved. 

7:27 Report of Officers and Standing Committees

  • Chair’s Report – Gina thanked those who worked in support of the Primary. 
  • Ben Reilly presented the Membership and Treasurer’s Reports. We are ahead of goal for carry over to 2020. Membership is at 290 as of this evening.

7:29 Program

Leah Griffin (King County Representative) made a presentation about the state of legislation regarding sexual assault. 

7:50 New Business

Appointment of PCOs

  • Nick Bonazza introduced 2 new PCOs. Jesse and Wendy shared their stories. A motion was made and seconded to affirm the new PCOs.

Family Separation Resolution

  • A motion and second was made to adopt the resolution.
  • Ben Reilly spoke in favor of the resolution.
  • A vote was held and the resolution passed unanimously.

Affirmative Action Resolution

  • A motion and second was made to adopt the resolution.
  • Ann Martin presented a motion to amend. The amendment was to substitute “the 34th District Democrats” for “the WA State Central Committee”. 
  • A vote was held to include the replacement of language. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Ivan Weiss spoke in favor of the resolution.
  • Resolution passed unanimously, as amended. 

8:05 Good of the Order

Les Treal announced the Postcards to Voters meeting at C&P coffee 10-12 on Thursday. Les also is going to host a fundraiser for Lisa Herbold on Sept 7 at the Public House where he lives. 

Ann Martin announced a WSDW picnic on August 27th from 3-7 at her home to celebrate the birthday of founding member Georgia Kunkel. 

Peggy Abbie reiterated the Postcards for Voters effort which will also be done at the Senior Center. 

Max Brown announced a panel about the census to be held on Tuesday, August 27 6-8pm at El Centro De La Raza. 

Marcelle Johnsen promoted attendance of the “Between the Lines” presentation at the Log House Museum starting August 19 (general public). 

Keith Weir spoke about IRAP (Apprenticeships) and  HR397. 

8:25 Adjourn to Whiskey West 

Urging Approval of Referendum 88

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WHEREAS I-200 (the initiative that launched the career of Tim Eyman in 1998) has restricted educational opportunity and economic mobility among Washington’s most diverse communities for the last two decades; and

WHEREAS the Washington State Democratic Party believes guaranteeing every resident of Washington State equal opportunity and access to public education, public employment, and public contracting without discrimination based on their race, sex, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or honorably discharged veteran or military status; and

WHEREAS this can be accomplished by restoring affirmative action into state law without the use of quotas or preferential treatment; defining the meaning of preferential treatment and its exceptions; and establishing a governor’s commission on diversity, equity, and inclusion; and

WHEREAS the Washington State Legislature passed the Washington State Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Act (I-1000) during the normal legislative session of 2019, with the overwhelming support of Democratic House and Senate members; and

WHEREAS the Washington State Democratic Party and all Democrats in Washington have a moral obligation to stand up in defense of our friends, family, and neighbors subjected to discriminatory rhetoric, agendas, and action whenever possible;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Washington voters must be given clear instructions on how to vote on this critical issue to avoid any confusion in determining how to vote consistently with their values; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the Washington State Democratic Central Committee, urge all Washington voters to vote “Approved” on Referendum 88 on their November 2019 ballots; and

THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution be circulated to all Democratic Washington state legislators and members of Congress.

Submitted by Chairwoman Tina Podlodowski and Vice Chairman David Green to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee for consideration at its September 28th, 2019, meeting in Yakima, Washington

(Date Submitted 7/26/2019)

Resolution Regarding Child Separation

800 800 Carla Rogers

Whereas the Trump administration has, since at least March 2017, enacted a cruel, inhumane policy of separating the children of immigrant families from their parents, and

Whereas the United States of America was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that we interpret “men” to mean human persons, and that all people are endowed with certain unalienable rights; and

Whereas the Constitution guarantees the right of due process under the law, and prohibits discrimination on the basis of national origin or ethnic identity; and

Whereas the Trump administration’s originally stated justification for separating families was that doing so was required by existing US Law, but that explanation has been proven to be unequivocally false; and

Whereas the administration’s actual goal in separating families from their children was meant as a deterrent to keep immigrants away from our borders by purposefully kidnapping and mistreating their children; and

Whereas the administration claimed to have ended the policy of child separation in 2018, but in fact lied about ending the policy, and has continued to detain children and separate them from their families without justification; and

Whereas the administration has repeatedly and consistently failed not only to return immigrant children to their families, but also to identify which children belong to which parents; and

Whereas the administration has, with no plausible justification, deported parents without first reuniting them with or identifying their children; and

Whereas the administration has utterly failed to provide adequate care or supervision for the children that have been taken into custody; and

Whereas the impact of this policy has been proven to be wildly ineffective, incredibly destructive and harmful to the children who have been separated from their families;


  1. Denounce and oppose the separation of immigrant children from their parents, except in some circumstances when the parents are charged with an actual criminal felony; and
  2. Demand the immediate end to child separation policies at our borders, as well as the reunification of all children with their parents that have been separated; and
  3. That all of our federal and state elected officials immediately demand action and pass legislation to end the administration’s child separation policy, censure the administration for its gross miscarriage of the public’s trust, and ensures reunification of separated families; and
  4. That all elected officials and candidates for office voice solidarity with us in these convictions; and
  5. That all elected officials and candidates for office present plans to end this policy permanently and prevent its reenactment in the future.

Endorsed Candidates Move Forward to the General Election

338 211 Carla Rogers

A hearty congratulations to our endorsed candidates for their successful bid to move into the general election on November 5. Thank you to our PCOs and volunteers for knocking on doors and getting out the vote in the Primary. Now it’s time to gear up for the big day. Below are links to each of the campaign’s websites if you would like to volunteer or get a yard sign.

We also suggest getting involved in your precinct. Contact Nick Bonazza to find out if your precinct has a PCO. We need all hands on deck to GOTV.

August 8, 2019 Special Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

Board Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Carla Rogers, Karen Richter, Les Treall, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Jordan Crawley, Steve Butts, Chris Porter, Ted Barker, David Ginsburg (left early), Gina Topp

7:05 Gina started the meeting with an exercise for the group.

The group shared their goals for this meeting. Also each member provided their goals for the year.

Goals for the rest of the year:

Improved Resolution Process
Bylaws Updated
Glen Morgan matter settled
Finalize Code of Conduct
Plan for Caucus Cycle (financial and logistical)
Begin Monthly Socials (like debate parties) to help us expand membership
Increase PCOs in preparation for next year
GOTV for this election cycle
Increase members who are working with committees to help chairs accomplish all their goals/responsibilities

7:13 Issues unresolved from June Endorsement Meeting

Response to Lou Frillmans Letter
Reaction or response to David and Lou’s letters to Westside Herald
Response to Marcee Stone-Vecich’s letter
The component of our resolution regarding David and Lou’s unrepaired relationship not being fulfilled

Board agreed to remove the 4th item.

Members of the board asked David Ginsberg to leave the meeting for the remainder of the discussion. David departed.

Lou’s Letter to the Board

Carla read Lou’s letter to the board
Board stands firm in our decision to make the 34th a safe place, and it will not revisit the consequences from our July executive board meeting.
Reviewed the area of the Code of Conduct which were broken by Lou’s behavior
Must separate the incidents: letter in Westside vs. board meeting incident
It was resolved that Gina will respond to Lou’s email.

Marcee’s Letter to the Board

Carla read Marcee’s letter to the Board
Chris shared Marcee’s main concern regarding David and Marcee’s relationship
Les stated that our job is to elect democrats, not to govern or repair relationships between members
Marcee needs to decide if she is going to bring Code of Conduct violations against David
It was resolved that Gina will respond to Marcee’s email

David and Lou’s letter to Westside Seattle

Carla read both David’s and Lou’s Westside Seattle letters
Beyond an intrapersonal fight; letters were in the public domain
Chris wants the chair to regain control of being the voice for the organization
Jordan read a written statement referencing David’s code of conduct violations
Jesse shared his position regarding the code of conduct violation
Ben shared that he felt that both letters violate the code of conduct
Les provided his take on the letters
Carla shared that Lou had already been punished and didn’t believe we should add another set of consequences for his letter to the paper. David however, should be considered differently as he is a chair/executive board member, higher standard of behavior.
Jesse wants to make sure that whatever we decide, we speak as a board and back Gina as chair 100%.
Gina stated that David has been a significant help to her during the transition.
Rachel is concerned about how this reflects on the board and how David remaining on the board might have adverse effects.
Dawn feels a lack of trust in David, given the events and how they transpired.
Several members of the board shared that they had a trust issue with David and some felt uncomfortable working with him.
Chris suggested that the next chair’s message include clarification that the chair is the only person able to speak for the board.
Karen and Ted stated the need to not make this a further public issue that makes the 34th look badly.

After everyone had time to state their position on the matter, Gina made a suggestion for how to move forward:

Gina will include mention of the chair having the voice of the 34th in the next Chair’s message, calling out the Bylaw which speaks to that point
Gina will find someone to take over as co-chair of the Bylaws committee so that the work on bylaws can be voted on and finalized by the end of the year.
David will be suspended from attending events and activities of the 34th District Democrats until the November 2019 Election. This will allow for the Executive Board to do some work to try and repair working relationships.
Gina is going to have conversations with board members who have concerns about David’s behavior
Gina to speak with David about his behavior and how members of the board feel about working with him.

Board voted 10-2 to move forward with the above proposal.

Gina mentioned that Glen Morgan has offered a settlement in the lawsuit. This will be discussed in full at the August board meeting.

Chris shared the Affirmative Action Resolution regarding Referendum 88. Members approved the motion to take the resolution to the membership in the August meeting, as written.

9:20 Adjourned