10-16-19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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Attendees: Carla Rogers, Dawn Rains, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Jesse Greene, Ben Reilly, Chris Porter

7:13 Gina called the meeting to order.

  • Gina shared the updated calendar and walked through all the items. 
  • April 26 is the LD Caucus – all are expected to work that day.
  • Carla shared the plan for the Nov 13 Town Hall and asked everyone to share the details sent in email and on slack to their connections, while also sharing the event on Facebook. 
  • Holiday Party details were shared by Gina on behalf of Delancey. We will do the Navos giving tree at the November meeting, with the gift to be brought back by December. 
  • We need nominations for the awards we will give at the Holiday Party. 
  • The Code of Conduct is in its final stages. Code of Conduct will be shared with the board prior to the next board meeting. 
  • Bylaws final draft will also be shared at the November meeting. 
  • Ben shared that Lisa Herbold did not intend to buy a full page ad in the sample ballot. We will invoice for $200 with a $200 in-kind donation. The Burien candidates will also not be charged. We should have about $8000 to carry into next year. A large legal bill has been paid.
  • Membership dues income has been better than in past years. Gina mentioned that we could consider changes to the dues structure. We will push renewal of memberships at the Holiday Party.
  • Carla gave Communications committee updates – Lindsey Schober will start posting 2x weekly on Instagram and we will start to keep a content calendar for all channels. We need a plan for Twitter as we do not have anyone owning this. Chris Porter volunteered. Carla purchased a Tripod to be used for the live streams. We will change the position of the camera for the Facebook live stream going forward. 
  • Ann and Chris gave the state committee report. The caucus information will be coming out soon, won’t be as last minute as in the past. Next meeting is in January. 
  • Max Brown provided the King County committee report. A canvass will be held this weekend (see KCDCC website for details). Ballot Party is also planned for Saturday, Oct 19.  KCDCC Platform will be formed early next year. 
  • Outreach committee doesn’t have anything planned for the rest of the year. Sept 28 was the 2nd clean up Saturday of the year. 
  • Fundraising – Delancey is looking at locations and quotes for the 2020 annual summer fundraiser. A theme selection is in Slack and members should weigh in. 
  • PCOs will be called to get out this weekend for canvassing. Really need help in Burien. 
  • We are at 303 for membership. 103 PCOs.

Gina announced that after the next Post-general meeting we will adjourn to Locol Barley and Vine. Whiskey West is too loud to have conversation.

Caucus – April 26

Rachel shared the report of the Caucus Committee. The committee convened for the first meeting on Monday, Oct 14. Rachel is creating a month by month plan. 

Operations and Outreach are the two areas of planning focus.

Operations  – set up, venue (Chief Sealth High School) 

  • Deadline for Insurance is early December.
  • State party has hired someone to help us get ready.
  • There is a grant available but we will not spend time on this due to the fact that we would likely not qualify. 
  • A walk thru of the venue will be held in March. 
  • Will need a lot of volunteers and technical support for the event.
  • Agenda for day-of event will be formed.
  • Gina will be the chair at caucus but we will need to be prepared for others to run for chair.
  • There will be concessions sold.
  • We will need printers to print out ballots and other documents. 
  • Signs for parking and directions to the venue will be needed. 
  • Sound Systems need to be arranged. 
  • Donation forms needed – we need to keep track of donations during the caucus.
  • Rachel will need to keep a budget for this event ($20k).


  • We need to do a lot of work to educate the public.
  • The state party has a webinar.
  • We will need to get the word out (use the libraries) to the public – programs will be held in multiple locations.
  • Need to contact affirmative action communities.
  • Outreach campaign work will start on January 3 (deadline for turning in signatures for national delegate).

Next caucus planning meeting will be Nov 12 or 14, to be confirmed by Rachel. 

9:06 Adjourn


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