Thank you Donors!

Thank you Donors!

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Our annual fundraiser, held June 1, was a prideful success. Our leadership did a great job putting together a fun event that met our fundraising goal. Big thank you to Chair Gina Topp, Fundraising Chair DeLancey Lane and Events Chair Jacqui Morris who did the lion’s share of the legwork. The receipts are still being tabulated and we will report out the final numbers as soon as all expenses are in.

Our gracious donors included:

  • Elliott Bay Brewery
  • Phil Tavel
  • West Seattle U-Frame-It
  • Executive Dow Constantine
  • State Chair Tina Podlodowski
  • U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell
  • Attorney General Bob Ferguson
  • Sheriff Mitzi Johanekeckt
  • Port Commissioner Fred Fellemen
  • State Senator Joe Nguyen
  • Councilmember Joe McDermott
  • Representative Eileen Cody
  • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
  • Arts West
  • Mike Hipple
  • Carla Rogers
  • Les Treall
  • Grace Stiller
  • Bruce Stotler
  • John Constantine
  • Dawn Rains
  • Steve Butts
  • Ed Dupras
  • Gina Topp
  • Alair
  • Heather Engel and
  • Jesse Green- Uncle Woody’s Popcorn

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