May 15, 2019 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2019 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

150 150 Carla Rogers

April 17, 2019

Attendees: Gina Topp, Carla Rogers, Ted Barker, Sophia Aragon, Steve Butts, Karen Richter, Les Treall, Nick Bonazza, Max Brown, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Rachel Glass, Leah Griffin, Jacqui, Jordan Crawley, Chris Porter

7:06 Call to Order

7:06 Communications update

Carla Rogers presented a report from the communications committee.

  • Website and FB have tickets for sale for the Fundraiser on June 1
    • Volunteer Tickets page/URL
  • Survey responses netted several actionable items including:
    • Two of the primary purposes for the web is for calendar items and connecting with board members
    • More calendar items : show other org meeting schedules
    • More info on committees and how to get involved
    • wanting the agenda of the monthly meetings posted ahead of time,
    • Suggestion to email the newsletter to membership
    • Enhanced Calendar in the NL
    • More of a voice for the committees (outside of meetings)
    • More social posts, Facebook is most used.
  • Steve is going to be starting to work on the sample ballot, which is due to be distributed at the July meeting (July 10).
    • Very tight turn around
    • LAC to solicit candidates for ad sales after Gina’s email
    • Need plea to candidates from Gina by June 19 (excom meeting)
  • New web homepage update (Tai) – new look and feel
    • Please email any feedback or place in the slack channel (exec comm)
  • May 30 deadline for content for the NL

7:16 Introductions for new Committee Chair – Leah Griffin, KC Executive Board Member

7:18 Budget Discussion

  • Ben Reilly presented the latest revision to the budget. $10K in the budget for the Primary activities.. $30K projected carry over to next year
  • Do we want more in the budget for election contributions
  • Do we want to set this aside more for caucus expenses
  • Reduce cost of Annual Fundraiser by $500 and increase income by $500
  • A motion was made to move $1K additional to candidate contributions.
  • Motion was seconded and was approved.
  • The budget will be presented to the membership in June, for vote.

7:33 Events Report and Annual Fundraiser Planning

Jacqui presented the events report.

  • Phone banking to those who have not rsvp’d/bought tickets will be held Thursday 5/16 6-8pm
  • Silent and Live Auctions
  • Procurement deadline is the week before the event (June 1)
  • Volunteer Tickets are needed but we will just use the NGP link to sell those tickets.
  • Volunteers are needed and flowers for the event are needed for table decorations
  • Costs include linens, printing and food – approximately $5500, based on 75 people attending.

7:49 PCO Report

Nick Bonazza presented the PCO report.

  • Trainings are scheduled across the region in May/June.
  • Nick continues Outreach to recruit more PCOs

7:59 Endorsements

Gina led a discussion on the endorsement process for the June meeting.

  • No slate will be presented by the 34th Exec Board
  • 60% or more gets the endorsement
  • Runoffs of top two
  • If runoff doesn’t work, then a dual endorsement will be possible.
  • Candidates need to be coordinated (against the wall near the bar)
  • Nominations begin from the floor
  • Candidates should know about the event
  • Ballots are needed, Steve prints. They are numbered with the sign in process.
  • Ann Martin will be the tally chair, Ted would be the alternate tally chair
  • Candidates are allowed to observe the tally
  • Rules for who is eligible to vote need to be sent to the campaigns.
  • Renewing members will be sent to Ben.
  • Gina will ask Steve to be time keeper and Ann to handle the tally..

8:21 State Committee Report

Chris Porter presented the State Committee report.

  • Very heated discussion on the caucus/primary decision.
  • Staff members have left the office over the decision and how it was handled/how members behaved.
  • Affirmative Action plan was generally accepted by the DNC.
  • Constituency caucuses are creating a proposal to be in alliance with the state party.
  • Outreach is a focus. LDs will need to provide a formal account of what they are doing in outreach.
  • September is the next meeting
  • LD Caucus is in March (3 months prior plan should be set.), Primary is March 10.
  • Planning for the Primary season will start after the Annual Fundraiser.

8:33 King County Committee Report

Leah Griffin presented the report.

  • Will continue saying the pledge of allegiance.
  • Passed a budget.
    • Max have insight on the budget structure, which has changed.
  • Ted shared that a motion was made to raise limit of campaign contributions to 25% of the budget (from 10%)

Karen shared the Outreach Committee Report

  • Outreach committee is doing an Adopt-a-Street event this weekend.
  • There will be an event the day of the Annual Fundraiser as well
  • All upcoming events are on the calendar.

Jordan presented the LAC Report

  • The candidate events are complete for this cycle.
  • Jordan is now taking on legislation as a focus.

Les presented the Leadership Development Report

  • Les is beginning his work to recruit future board members and leaders for the 34th.
  • Asked that committee chairs look within their committees for potential leaders and forward them to him for follow up.

Chris mentioned that we should include the June 30 Pride Parade on the website. Max will get details to Carla to post on the site and on social.

8:50 Resolutions

  • Gina shared that there were questions from the membership as to how we deal with Resolutions presented to us. A discussion was held on how we can process resolutions in the future.

9:03 Good of the Order

  • Sophia has requested the membership list for use by her campaign.
  • Chris encouraged attendance of the Bee Festival this weekend.

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