April 17, 2019 Board Meeting

April 17, 2019 Board Meeting

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Board Meeting Notes for Minutes

Attendees: Gina, Ann, Les, Ben, Dawn, Jordan, Rachel, Carla, Karen

April 17, 2019

7:00 Call to Order

7:01 Primary Decision by the WA State Democratic Party

While members arrived to the meeting, those present discussed the choice by the WA State democrats to move to a Primary in 2020. Ann will share a state committee report in the next newsletter.

7:12 LAC Report

Jordan shared plans for the April 23rd D1 Candidate Debate were shared. There will be a planning meeting for the Debate Thursday 4/18 at 7 at Uptown Espresso on Delridge. Rebuttal format was agreed upon.

The Burien Candidate Forum will occur during our May membership meeting. There are 2-3 candidates for each of 3 position – 8 total. The group decided that we should organize it by position. Forum to begin at 7:30.

7:40 Fracking Resolution

Resolution was brought by a precinct committee member. This was shared by Les Treall. A speaker 350.org could be included to answer questions. The board can make a recommendation or just bring it to the floor at the membership meeting. The state discussed but postponed the vote on a similar resolution (initiated by the 32nd) with the same purpose. This resolution has the same content as the state resolution which passed. The group voted to bring it to the meeting for discussion.

7:55 Treasurer’s Report

24 new members were added at the forum. 211 is new total. A new list of not-renewed-yet members will be distributed for calls to be made to encourage renewal. Gina will also remind non-members that they may not vote on endorsements unless they rejoin by May 8. This will also be posted on Facebook.

Budget for 2019 was shared last month, updates have been made. New budget will be shared in the next Exec Board meeting and then we will vote at the July meeting.

8:01 Glen Morgan Lawsuit Updates

The PDC is arbitrating the Glen Morgan lawsuit at this point. We will need to spend on legal fees for this so that will be updated in the budget.

8:05 Membership Discussion

A request was made that a name tag be made for all new and renewing members and made available at the first general meeting.. Ben to send a list to Steve Butts prior to the meeting each month.

8:08 PCO Committee

PCO meetings have been held on Vashon and in Burien. Nick has scheduled trainings for all areas. These will be placed on the calendar.

8:09 Outreach Committee

Annie Phillips registered 25 votes in one hour at this event. Cambodia Fest is the next event. 10-5, 4/27. Need additional participation in the parades.

8:13 Hospitality Committee

The new visitors list will be used for follow up calls. Jesse needs help at the next 2 meetings welcoming at the meetings. New PCO Jeff will be asked to do this.

8:15 Communications

Committee is meeting w/o April 29 to get additional updates moving. Still need committee descriptions for Finance and Bylaws committees for the website.

8:16 Events

Annual Fundraiser meeting will be held this Saturday at 10am at Cupcake Royale. Procurement wishlists will be shared but we will also call past donors.

8:18 Bylaws

New draft bylaws are being prepared and will be shared prior to our board meeting so that the board can review..

8:21 Good of the Order

  • Ben (membership) will have a table at the Debate
  • Dawn suggested that we do a watch party for the Presidential Debates on June 26-27, July 30-31. Dawn will pursue venues and we will post on local and social media.
  • Dow is hosting an event on May 17 and 34th members are able to attend at a reduced cost of $50. The regular price of the luncheon is a $125 donation.

8:33 Adjourn


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