Pro-Primary Resolution

Pro-Primary Resolution

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Pro-Primary Resolution submitted by Jeanne Fellin. Below is the amended and approved version.

Resolution Calling on State Committee Members to Vote in Favor of a Primary as the Determining Step for Presidential Delegate Allocation

Whereas the Washington State Democratic Party State Central Committee will vote in April on whether to retain presidential precinct caucuses as the determining step for national delegate allocation or adopt the existing vote-by-mail primary for the same purpose; and

Whereas Washington taxpayers already pay for administration of a statewide Democratic primary by funding state elections infrastructure; and

Whereas, in 2016, approximately 274,000 Democrats participated in the party’s precinct caucuses, while 802,754 Democrats voted in the state’s non-binding primary; and

Whereas the Democratic Party, as the party of workers and working families, believes that working people shouldn’t have to choose between a shift and a vote or find a sitter to feel welcome in the party; and

Whereas the Democratic Party is dedicated to fighting ableism, ageism, and all obstacles to full participation in the democratic process; and

Whereas precinct caucuses have become too large for volunteers to manage effectively, with new DNC rules requiring local parties to raise and spend large sums of money to host caucuses; and

Whereas, to the extent that caucus reforms attempt to mitigate access issues, they will be attempting to replicate the existing primary process at party expense, while falling short of the ease of access and security of the state-run vote-by-mail primary; and

Whereas the state party projects that transitioning to a primary/caucus hybrid system will save the party millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours; and

Whereas party funds and members’ volunteer labor are best spent electing Democrats and fighting for Democratic values;

Whereas the plan to use the primary as the determining step for delegate allocation will preserve legislative district and congressional district caucuses for the purpose of delegate election, community engagement, and party development;

Therefore, be it resolved that the 34th Legislative District Democrats support transitioning to a primary as the determining step in allocating national delegates. and call on their State Committee Members to vote accordingly at the April 2019 State Central Committee meeting. [struck by majority vote].


Carla Rogers

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