34th Democrats Officer Candidates for 2019

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Officer Candidates for 2019-2020

Please note that these statements do not represent every officer position. The elected officers of the 34th LD Democrats are: Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, 2 delegates to the state party organization (of different genders), 2 delegates and 2 alternate delegates to the King County Democrats (of different genders), Secretary, and Treasurer.

All are free to run for any position.

Candidates for District Chair

Gina Topp

I am running for Chair of the 34th District Democrats because I want to energize our membership, make our party more inclusive, and concentrate on issues important to our district. We worked hard in 2018 for several electoral victories here in our state and across our nation, but we must stay vigilant as we fight our way out of this Trumpian nightmare.

I have had the honor of working with many of you. For those of you who don’t know me I currently serve as the treasurer of the 34th where I have worked hard to ensure our organization is on strong financial footing. In 2019 we need to focus on our local elections while preparing for all that is to come in 2020. As chair I will work to:

Make our party more inclusive

  • Expand outreach to underrepresented communities
  • Strengthen and build relationships with other community organizations
  • Mobilize those who have never participated in our democracy before

Focus on issues

  • Communicate our vision for the future- when Democrats articulate our values, we win votes
  • Make our priorities a reality- organize and lobby on policy issues important to our district

Energize our membership

  • Recruit and train active PCOs for every precinct in the district · Engage our members—when people ask, “how can I help,” we need to have opportunities readily available
  • Make our business meetings more welcoming

These goals are commensurate with the challenges we face, and I am confident together, one city, one issue, and one person at a time we will accomplish them. I ask for your support and vote for Chair.

Ivan Weiss

When David Ginsberg told us he would not run for a second term as 34th District Democrats Chair, some of us were stuck wondering who might succeed him. It was suggested that I run to return as Chair, and I’m ready to serve again.

I was Chair of the 34th from 2004-2008, fresh off a job as a Field Organizer in Pierce County for the WA State Democrats’ 2004 Coordinated Campaign. We worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7 months, training and mobilizing volunteers for campaigns for President, Senator, three House races, Governor, and legislative and other statewide races. That organizing experience paid off for us in the 34th.

By the time of the 2008 election, we had put together a team of 34th District volunteers that led the state in number of volunteers, most doors canvassed, most phone calls and contacts made, most members of any LD organization (1,100+), and most money raised ($35K+). We ran successful Precinct and District caucuses. Our meetings were packed houses, with packed agendas, and action in the air. We kept things moving. We did a lot of business, and usually got out at the dot of 9, so we could hoist some beers and build our friendships.

My goal as chair would be to help the 34th be the top-performing district in the state again by 2020. I expect to devote a lot of personal time to this effort. If you are a PCO, I would love to have your vote. And I think that’s all I have space for.

Ivan Weiss

(206)463-HOGS (4647)


Rachel Glass

I look forward to energizing/growing our organization through my shared vision with our recently elected Congressmember, State Senator, and King County Dems! I plan to reach out to/partner with our diverse community leadership to ensure success and security for our party as we plan for a victorious 2020 election!   Meet Rachel:

  • Lifelong Democrat, proud Board member of my union.
  • 20-year-West Seattle resident.
  • Elected State Delegate, Obama-2008; co-led my Precinct Caucus.
  • Served as MC/Auctioneer for 34th LD Garden Party-2008; brought in $12,000+ for the organization; procured auction items.
  • Created/organized Change Makes $ense-2008, fundraising campaign where I raised over $10,000 for the Obama Campaign and other organizations.
  • Elected PCO, State Delegate, Bernie-2016 (ran my Precinct Caucus; retained 100% of my delegates to the LD level!)
  • Serving second term as Chair, West Seattle Democratic Women.
  • Elected Vice Chair, WSDW, 2010-2016.
  • WSDW membership has increased 132% since I was elected Chair.
  • Co-Founder/lead organizer of Hate Free Delridge, a West Seattle community organization fighting hate crimes.

My campaign priorities:

  • More PCOs appointed/elected; increase membership
  • Inclusive, collaborative focus in leadership/membership (include White Center, Burien)
  • Organize Committee Chairs/volunteers; prepare for 2019 Burien election/ 2020 Caucuses
  • Organize more fundraising; access to democracy shouldn’t depend on ability to pay.

I’d be honored for your vote on January 9th – Rachel Glass for Chair!

Delegate Candidates

Ann Martin for State Party Committeewoman

Thank you for the work you are doing for the Democratic Party. I am Ann Martin, candidate for State Committee Woman. My first Democratic caucus was in 1976; I have been active in the 34th LD ever since.  I have served on and chaired committees and been an elected officer at the LD, county and state levels. I’ve volunteered to work for Democrats and Democratic values in our community and beyond. I believe in walking my talk and I hold Democrats to the same standard. At the 1978 state convention, for example, I collected the aluminum cans that had been distributed with sack lunches because I saw no recycling bins available to convention delegates. I step in when I see a role to play despite the passage of years. We are now faced with some critical decisions about nominating a presidential candidate in 2020. I believe my long experience with the Democratic Party can benefit this organization and the state as we move forward. I would appreciate your vote on January 9.

Chris Porter for State Party Committeeman

Fellow  PCO Democrats of the 34th LD,

My name is Chris Porter and I am running for State Committeeman. Three things I hope to accomplish as state committeeman:

  • Insist that the state party endorse democrats up and down the ticket  even when there is more than one on the ballot.
  • Insist that we lead an effort to restore felon’s right to vote when they are discharged from prison, and not when parole is complete and fines are paid.
  • Increase diversity in the LD and central committee’s executive boards.

It has been a pleasure to serve and each year, and I feel challenged to do more than I did the year before. It was exciting to get elected as the Elector for the congressional district and stand up against those that refused to keep their word.

I have had the opportunity to lead a panel discussion on “Seattle Police and their relationship with communities of color.”, and to speak to community and fellow members of the 34th about diversity.  Working with other Democrats to staff booths at fairs and community events is the proud work of being a democrat and I am happy to do it.  I led a site to caucus as an Area Caucus Coordinator during the Presidential cycle, and served as sub-caucus chair for the Bernie Sanders delegates.

I am a proud PCO and believe in a more progressive future for the 34th LD and I ask for your vote.

Max Brown for KC Democrats Committeeman

My name is Max Brown, and I appreciate your consideration as I run for King County Committeeman from the 34th LD. While I got my start as a Field Organizer for the Obama Campaign in 2008, I’ve had an active professional role in Washington politics since 2010 and have worked in successive election cycles for statewide, top-ticket Democratic candidates since then. I served as the GOTV (Get out the Vote) Director for the WA Dems Coordinated Campaign in 2012, for the state House and Senate Democrats’ Campaign Committees in 2014, and returned as Coordinated Campaign Director in 2016. I was then hired into a program consulting role for the WSDCC in 2018.

I’m running for the KC Committeeman position because I believe King County Democrats have an important role to play in shaping the electoral landscape of 2019 and beyond. King County turnout and support is a keystone of success not just for statewide candidates and progressive ballot initiatives, but also a host of regional swing LD and municipal races as well. If elected, I would strive to offer a unique campaign lens to the internal decision-making processes at the county, be a consistent voice of pragmatism and reason in contentious moments, and help to steward thoughtful, targeted volunteer capacity development efforts at each level of the organization. I hope to earn your vote on January 9th, and would look forward to serving you in the role of KC Committeeman.

Other Offices

Carla Rogers for Secretary

While I have been active in the 34th for only a short time, I bring extensive experience to the table. I was very active in the Virginia 7th District Democratic Committee (Secretary), the Obama field organization (ran 5 precincts out of my home) and the Virginia State PTA (Communications Chair). I am passionate about expanding the membership of the 34th to include a diverse cross-section of people who are willing and able to take our team forward. I contribute energy and positivity while sharing an inclusive and welcoming presence in the organizations which I’m involved. I live in the Alaska Junction area of West Seattle and hail from Virginia and New York. I am a technical project manager by trade and write the weekly West Seattle High School “Westside Weekly” online newsletter. I have sons age 16, 20 and 26 along with husband Bill.  I would be thrilled serve this important organization! I’m running for Secretary and plan to be involved (or chair) the Communications Committee of the 34th.

Ben Reilly for Treasurer

My name is Benjamin Reilly. I’m asking for your vote for treasurer for the 34th District Democrats at our meeting on January 9th, 2019.

I’m new to politics; my wife and I have lived in the 37th District for the past ten years, and just recently moved to the 34th so we could live closer to our kids’ schools. I’m a banker for US Bank Wealth Management and previously served in the Army for six years as a crew chief.

I’ve learned a lot since joining the 34th; the outgoing Treasurer, Gina Topp has helped train me to use and understand the software, rules, and reporting requirements essential to fulfilling the Treasurer’s role, and I’m extremely comfortable with them. As treasurer I will ensure that funds are accounted for, that reports are filed accurately and on time, and that our finances are transparent and well-ordered.

Even after the Blue Wave that swept our national politics this past year, voters across our  nation have seen their franchise marginalized by gerrymandered state legislatures and unfair voting laws; that’s why it’s more important than ever that we as citizens and neighbors step up in our local politics and ensure that our state and local representatives are working for all of us. I can’t wait to support the 34th Dems in ensuring that these vital roles are filled with candidates who will stand up for our most marginalized neighbors.

Thank you for considering me and reading this statement. I would be honored to serve as your treasurer. If you have any questions, I can be reached at ben-reilly@live.com or at (732) 245-0170. Thanks!


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