August Primary Endorsements

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Dear Neighbor,
These are the candidates and campaigns endorsed by the 34th District Democrats. At our monthly meetings the members of the 34th hold candidate forums and panels on current issues facing our community. As election time nears we deliberate and make informed choices as to which candidates and ballot measures should receive our endorsement and contributions.

Our meetings are public and we welcome you to join us every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM at the Hall at Fauntleroy.

Our Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) knock on your door to encourage you to make your voice heard with your vote. Your participation has never mattered more. Please be a part of the democratic process by returning your ballot by August 1st. We hope you’ll find this endorsement guide useful as you fill out your ballot.

City of Seattle

Mayor of Seattle, dual endorsement: Bob Hasegawa and Jessyn Farrell

City Council Pos. 8: Teresa Mosqueda

City Council Pos. 9: Lorena González

City of Burien

City Council Pos. 1: Pedro Olguin

City Council Pos. 3: Jimmy Matta

City Council Pos. 5: Nancy Tosta

City Council Pos. 7: Krystal Marx

King County

Executive: Dow Constantine

King County Proposition 1 – Cultural Access Program: Vote YES

Port of Seattle

Pos. 1: Ryan Calkins

Pos. 3: Stephanie Bowman

Pos. 4: John Persak


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