KCDCC Monthly Meeting Notes – June 2017

KCDCC Monthly Meeting Notes – June 2017

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The June KCDCC Monthly Meeting was brought to order with 57 in attendance and the agenda was approved. We began with Public Announcements, in which John Urquhart – spoke about recent shootings. He requires pepper spray as well as tazer for all of his officers. He also purchased 100 beanbag shotguns today. Dow Constantine is giving him more money for training. The officers undergo de-escalation and implicit bias training every year. He ended by saying, “We cannot get to a high place taking the low road.”

This month’s meeting focused on Endorsements. We started off with the Endorsements Committee sharing their recommendations for endorsements:

Mayor of Seattle – Jenny Durkan and Jessyn Farrell – REMOVED
Seattle City Attorney – Scott Lindsey – REMOVED
Seattle School Board Position 4 – Eden Mack
Seattle School Board Position 5 – Zachary DeWolf and Andre Helmstetter
Seattle School Board Position 7 – Betty Patu
Seattle Port Commission Position 4 – Recommending delay of action until after the primary
Bothell City Council Position 7 – Aaron Moreau-Cook
Federal Way City Council Position 4 – Sharry Edwards
Fire District 10 Commissioner Position 1 – Gloria Hatcher-Mays
Renton City Council Position 6 – Jami Smith
Proposition 1 – Yes – REMOVED

After Jenny Durkan, Jessyn Farrell, Scott Lindsey and Proposition 1 were removed from the slate, it was approved with the above candidates being endorsed, except where it says “REMOVED.”



King County District 3 Murphy – ENDORSED

King County Council Position 9 – Denise Carnahan -ENDORSED

Port of Seattle Position 3 – Ahmed Abdi – ENDORSED

Stephanie Bowman – Port of Seattle Position 3 – not endorsed (motion made)

Port of Seattle Position 4 – John Persak – ENDORSED

Peter Steinbrueck – TABLED

Mitzi Johanknecht – King County Sheriff moved for endorsement – NOT ENDORSED

Auburn Mayor – Nancy Backus – ENDORSED

Auburn City council position 6 – Larry Brown – ENDORSED

Bellevue City Council position 6 – Lynn robinson – ENDORSED

Burien City Council position 1 – Pedro Olguin – ENDORSED

Des Moines City Council position 1 – Anthony Martinelli – ENDORSED

Federal Way Mayor – Jim Ferrell – ENDORSED

Bothell City Council – Rosemary McCullough – NOT ENDORSED

Kenmore City Council – Nigel Herbig – ENDORSED

Kent Mayor – Elizabeth Albertson – NOT ENDORSED

Kirkland City Council Position 7 – Jon Pascal – ENDORSED

Lake Forest Park City Council position 3 – Benjamin Gonzales O’Brien – ENDORSED

Lake Forest Park City Council Postion 5 – Mark Phillips – ENDORSED

Seattle Mayor

Jenny Durkan – moved and seconded – Failed

Jessyn Farrell – moved and seconded – Failed

Bob Hasagawa – moved and seconded – ENDORSED

Cary Moon – moved and seconded – Failed

Seattle City Attorney – Scott Lindsay – Failed

Shoreline City Council Position 5 – Susan Chang – ENDORSED

Carolyn Ahlgreem – Failed

Tukwila City council position 7 – De’Sean Quinn – ENDORSED

Mercer Island School Director Pos 4 – Diana Lein – ENDORSED

Northshore School Board Director Position 2 – Bob Swain – ENDORSED

Proposition 1 – YES – ENDORSED


Amended budget passed and the KCDCC will be hiring a full time Executive Director. They will be taking applications for the position soon. Also approved in the budget was to expand insurance coverage for the officers in the King County Democrats.

Lastly, we voted on the replacement for Chad Lupkes as State Committeeman and Jon Culver won the position.


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