June Agenda: Mayoral Showdown

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Showdown in the 34th: Seattle Mayor

With 21 declared candidates for Mayor we’ll be hosting another showdown in West Seattle. We’ve invited all the Democratic candidates and other candidates who share our values to participate in the forum, and the remaining candidates are welcome to participate as well with the understanding that when we did this in April the first round left just the serious, progressive candidates; and the second round left only the viable candidates.

 Note: If you have questions you’d like to hear one of the candidates answer please send them to Chris Porter at wsdccm@34dems.org.

 After the  program we may consider whether to endorse one (or more) of the candidates.  Hope to see you there!

 June 14th Meeting Agenda

 6:30  Potluck Social Time, please bring a dish to share

 7:00 Call to Order

Opening Ceremonies

Pledge of Allegiance

VIP Acknowledgements

Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

Approval of the Minutes

Adoption of the Agenda

Reports of Officers and Standing Committees

Reports of Officers

  • Chair’s Report
  • Membership and Treasurer’s Report
  • Format for the evening
    • Each candidate will have 2 minutes for introductory remarks.
    • There will then be a lightning round of yes/no questions, and after this we’ll take a vote to determine who proceeds to the next round.
    • There will then be a round of questions, and each candidate will draw a question at random, and then have 2 minutes to answer it. The timer begins when the question is drawn.
    • The winner will receive a highly sought after 34th District Democrats cowboy hat.
  • Need: Fundraising co-chair to assist Chris Porter
  • Call for ideas: Garden Party theme

Reports of Committees

 7:10 Presentation by Seattle Proposition 1

 7:20 Consideration of Endorsement of Seattle Proposition 1

 7:30 Showdown in the 34th: Seattle Mayor

Confirmed Participants

  • Jenny Durkan (D)
  • Jessyn Farrell (D)
  • Senator Bob Hasegawa (D)
  • Mike McGinn (D)
  • Cary Moon (D)
  • Jason Roberts (D)

 Unfinished Business


8:50 New Business

Appointment of PCOs

Endorsements may be considered

 8:55 Good of the Order

9:00 Adjourn to Whiskey West

A note about voting for motions, resolutions and endorsements: according to our bylaws:

“Only members in good standing by the end of the prior month’s meeting may vote, except that any member who had paid dues in the previous calendar year may vote if the membership is renewed at or before the meeting where the endorsement takes place.”

The endorsement rules for the 34th District Democrats can be found here.

If you were a member last year but haven’t renewed yet, you can click here to pay your dues and renew your membership in time for our next meeting. If you weren’t a member by the end of the last meeting you won’t be eligible to vote at the June meeting but can join now to be eligible to vote at our July meeting where we will condider endorsements for Mayor of Seattle.


The 34th District Democrats meet on 2nd Wednesdays at the Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting Details: 

Hall at Fauntleroy (Old Fauntleroy School)

9131 California Avenue SW

Seattle, WA 98136

Parking lot available behind building

Transit Rapid Ride C Line


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