April Monthly Meeting Agenda

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April 12th Monthly Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the April Monthly Meeting is as follows:

6:30 – Potluck Social Time

7:00 – Call to Order

     Opening Ceremonies

     Pledge of Allegiance

     Presentation of Awards

     VIP Acknowledgements

          Judge David Mann

          Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez


          Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

          Approval of the Minutes

          Adoption of the Agenda

     Reports of Officers and Standing Committees

          Reports of Officers

               Chair’s Report

          Reports of Committees

               Digital Communications Minute

7:10 -Showdown in the 34th: Seattle City Council Position 8

  • Ryan Asbert
  • Hisam Goueli
  • Jon Grant
  • Jenn Huff
  • Mac McGregor
  • Teresa Mosqueda
  • Rudy Pantoja
  • James Passey
  • Sheley Secrest
  • Charlene Strong

7:30 – Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal addresses the 34th (we’ll interrupt the program to accommodate the Congresswoman’s schedule)

8:20 – Endorsement for Seattle City Council Position 8

8:40 – Burien City Council Candidate Introductions

     Unfinished Business


8:45 – New Business

     Membership and Treasurer’s Report

      Approval of the Budget

      Appointment of Slate of Committee Chair Nominees

          Carrie Alexander as Events Chair

          Chris Godwin as Finance Chair

          Chris Porter as Fundraising Co-Chair

      Appointment of PCOs

8:55 – Good of the Order

9:00 – Adjourn to Whiskey West


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