March 8th Monthly Meeting Agenda

March 8th Monthly Meeting Agenda

March 8th Monthly Meeting Agenda

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Our next meeting will feature Mayor Murray, Robby Stern and Velma Veloria and focus on Republican threats to women and seniors.

Part I: Threats to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid by Robby Stern
Robby Stern retired in April, 2008, after fifteen years as the Special Assistant to the President of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, an organization that represents over 450,000 workers statewide. He served as staff counsel and lead lobbyist. Stern had responsibility for helping develop policy in a number of areas, including workers’ compensation and healthcare.

Robby was elected the President of the Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA) in December of 2009. PSARA has a membership of approximately 1300 members and is a volunteer powered progressive and feisty voice for retirees and for people of all ages who look forward to being able to retire some day.

Robby also serves as the Chair of the Social Security Works Washington Coalition, a large coalition focusing on preserving and improving Social Security and Medicare for the generations to come.

Robby has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Syracuse University in New York. His law degree is from the University of Washington. He is married to Dina Burstein a retired nurse and they have two adult offspring and a foster daughter from Kinshasa, DRC. He’s has been an activist in the Puget Sound Region and in Washington State for more than 40 years. In honor of his retirement, Governor Christine Gregoire proclaimed May 10, 2008, Robby Stern Day in the state of Washington and a similar proclamation was issued by Mayor Greg Nickels, declaring May 10, 2008 Robby Stern Power to the People Day in the City of Seattle.

Part II: Oppression facing women around the world in connection with labor trafficking and international trade agreements by Velma Veloria
Velma Veloria immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in the 1950s, grew up and attended college in the Bay Area, and became an activist through her participation in the anti-war and Asian American student movements in the 1960s.

Upon graduating from San Francisco State University, Veloria traveled to the Philippines, where she observed the brutality and oppression of the Marcos regime. When she returned to the United States, Veloria joined the Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP), or Union of Democratic Filipinos, to put pressure on Marcos and end U.S. support for the dictatorship. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Veloria was a labor activist.

Following the dissolution of the KDP, Veloria became a Legislative Assistant to State Representative Art Wang. In 1992, Veloria became the first Filipina in the continental United States to be elected to a State Legislature, serving 12 years as State Representative for South Seattle’s 11th District. In addition to advocating for affordable housing, workers’ rights, and racial justice, Veloria took particular interest in the impact of international trade and globalization on local communities and co-authored important legislation to combat human trafficking and require oversight of international trade agreements.

March 8th Meeting Agenda

6:30 Potluck Social Time, please bring a dish to share

7:00 Call to Order
Opening Ceremonies
Pledge of Allegiance
Presentation of Awards
VIP Acknowledgements
Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda
Approval of the Minutes
Adoption of the Agenda
Reports of Officers and Standing Committees
Reports of Officers
○ Chair’s Report
○ Membership and Treasurer’s Report
Reports of Committees
○ Data & Technology
○ Digital Communications Minute

7:15 Candidates for Seattle City Council
○ Teresa Mosqueda
○ Sheley Secrest

7:20 Mayor Murray addresses the 34th

7:25 Program, Part I: Threats to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

7:55 Program, Part II: International Women’s Day

8:25 Unfinished Business
Resolution on Goals for Greenhouse Gases Emission Reductions*

8:30 New Business
Appointment of PCOs
Resolution on Opposing Attacks on our Health Benefits*
Resolution on Expanding Social Security*
Resolution on Amending State Greenhouse Gas Limits*
WFSE Letter of Support

8:50 Good of the Order

9:00 Adjourn to Whiskey West
*Please see our March Newsletter (available on our website at

The 34th District Democrats meet on 2nd Wednesdays at the Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting Details:
Hall at Fauntleroy (Old Fauntleroy School)
9131 California Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98136
Parking lot available behind building
Transit Rapid Ride C Line

See you there!

David Ginsberg
Chair, 34th Dems


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