Meeting Minutes January 11, 2017

Meeting Minutes January 11, 2017

150 150 Carrie Alexander

34th District Democrats

District Reorganization Meeting


The Hall at Fauntleroy

Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Temporary Meeting Chair Bailey Stober, KCDCC Chair.

Flag Salute, led by Bailey Stober.

Appointment of temporary officers for the reorganization meeting.

Secretary: Chris Porter

Parliamentarian: Marcee Stone-Vekich

Sergeant at Arms: Ivan Weiss

Tally Committee: Steven Jamison

Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules.

Moved and seconded and passed by acclamation.

First Credentials Report: 62 PCOs signed in and eligible to vote.

Reading of Rules

Adoption of District Organization Bylaws and Standing Rules

Moved and seconded and passed by acclamation.

Election of 2017 District Chair:

David Ginsberg nominated by Marcee Stone-Vekich. Ivan Weiss spoke in support of David’s nomination. David delivers speech asking for membership’s vote.

David Ginsberg is elected by unanimous acclamation.

David Ginsberg is installed as chair and takes up the gavel of the 34th District Democrats. New Chair

makes a plea for unity after a divisive primary and general election season.

Election of District Officers by PCOs:

First Vice Chair: Treina Aronson by unanimous acclamation.

Second vice Chair: Michael Taylor-Judd by unanimous acclamation.

State Committeewoman: Lisa Plymate by unanimous acclamation.

State Committeeman: Chris Porter by paper ballot.

KCDCC Female Delegate: Carrie Alexander by unanimous acclamation.

KCDCC Male Delegate: Les Treall by paper ballot.

KCDCC Female Alternate: Martha Koester by unanimous acclamation.

KCDCC Male Alternate: Ted Barker by unanimous acclamation.

Appointment of District Credentials Committee is moved, seconded and passed by unanimous acclamation.

Second District Credentials Report regarding Non PCO members. 31 present. 68 PCOs signed in and

eligible to vote.

Election of Secretary: Jason Cheung nominated by Steven Butts, seconded by Gina Topp.

Elected by unanimous acclamation.

Election of Treasurer: Gina Topp nominated by Karen Chilcutt , seconded by Jason Cheung.

Elected by unanimous acclamation.

Committee Chair Slate submitted to the membership. Each candidate made a short

introductory speech before the vote was taken.

Finance: Michael Taylor-Judd

Digital Communications: Carrie Alexander

Diversity and Inclusion: Sean Riley

Finance: TBD

Fundraising: Elisabeth Atwood

Hospitality: Kate Riley

Legislative Action: Ann Martin

Membership: Joy Pakuluk

Outreach: Karen Richter and Steven Butts, Co-chairs.

PCO: Kathy Marshall

Program: David Ginsberg

Event Planning: Jacob Holt

Volunteer: Treina Aronson

Web Editor: Nick Bohall

Newsletter Editor: Steven Butts

Parliamentarian: Jacob Holt

Data and Technology: TBD

Old Business:


New Business:

Martha Koester (?) submitted a resolution to oppose Medicare Privatization. ________________ spoke against, Chris Porter spoke for. Moved, seconded and passed

by acclamation.

Nick Bohall unveiled new 34th District Website.

New PCOs appointed:

Chris Langeler in Precinct 1511

Ryan Kuehn in Precinct 1499

Lynn Randal in Precinct 1047

Good of the Order:

Rachel Glass spoke about the Women’s March and the West Seattle Democratic Women and Hate Free Delridge sign making party on Sunday, 1/15 at Treina’s house, running from 11am-2pm.

Lisa Plymate spoke about the Health Care Rally at Westlake Park, also on 1/15

Ann Martin spoke about the 34ths volunteer efforts at the White Center Food bank, every fourth Wednesday evening.

Chris Langeler spoke about the benefit concert for the West Seattle Helpline on 1/13 at Alki United Church of Christ.

Chris Porter spoke again in favor of the Medicare resolution. Warned of a dilution of benefits by incoming administration.

9:04 Meeting adjourned to Elliott Bay Brewery


Carrie Alexander

All stories by: Carrie Alexander
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  • Grace Stiller, Burien PCO 0824

    When will the Feb minutes be up? Thanks!
    I want to make sure the support resolution of HB 1372 gets another chance for endorsement.
    I believe the vote was to have it re-written so it made more sense to the group – keeping it simpler and succinct.
    Could you please place this on the agenda for next month? Hopefully it won’t be too late for the Bill process with the legislature.

    It’s a great Bill and has the Science that backs up the need for reducing to 350 part per million of carbon.
    As you know, Science is under attack by the Trump administration. We have the opportunity to stand up for
    1. Science – not Skepticism and Ignorance,
    2. Facts – not alternative Facts, and
    3. Scientists – not Religious Zealots that want to take away the facts and dumb down America.
    Scientists working on climate change have already been threatened by Trumps administration who has asked for all the names of these people.

    Even if the bill does not make in through the house and the senate, we have the opportunity to stand up for Science and we should endorse this bill! This would make a statement the the 34th is serious about true facts, science and climate change.

    When the rest of the world, Paris Agreement and others, agrees that the breaking point is 350 PPM, then we should question why 400 parts per million or a reduction of 2% offered by the other Bill, 1161, supported by Joe Fitzgibbon, is sufficient. I totally respect Joe, his work and accomplishments!! His bill is a good bill, and of course I will vote for it. This is not the point I am making. The other Bill is better, backed up by the science that the rest of the world agrees with. I’m sure Joe is making a political move by compromising the science to get the Republicans on board.

    We don’t have to choose one resolution over the other. WE could endorse 2. By endorsing Bill 1372 we are stating the we support science, the facts, scientists, and the scientific facts that make this Bill important.

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