State Party’s Jan. 2015 Meeting Highlights

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By Lisa Plymate and Chris Porter

A summary of the meeting from Greg Haffner is here (PDF document).  The summary includes the titles of all the resolutions passed at the January, 2015, reorganization meeting, and a list of the party officers.  Chair Jaxon Ravens reports on a variety of State Party programs:

  1. In 2014, the State Party worked with 104 campaigns to make 1.9 million phone calls and knock on 900,000 doors totally 700,000 verbal contacts with 400,000 different voters; voters contacted by the campaign turned out at 68%, far above the statewide turnout of 54%.
  2. VoteBuilder was scrubbed of 250,000 wrong phone numbers and 16,000 bad addresses; 20% of primary phone numbers we updated in 2014.
  3. The State Party Facebook page has twice as many followers as the State GOP page; the State Party’s Twitter feed has 150% as many followers as the State GOP feed.
  4. Many programs exceeded their income targets, including the 2014 Crab Feed (30% more than budgeted), Holiday Party (10% more) and State Convention (20% more); in addition, the entire digital media program exceeded its projected income by 30%.

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