KCDCC Meeting Notes for October 25, 2016

KCDCC Meeting Notes for October 25, 2016

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By Steve Butts and Martha Koester

Rich Irwin launched into the chair’s report, as there were none of the usual campaign updates by candidates or their representatives. “Keep going” was his message, as Democrats find themselves in a great position to make gains this year. He also informed us that the KC Democrats reorganization will be 12pm Sunday, Dec. 4th at the Aerospace Machinists Hall in South Park.

The first item of business was the election of a new First Vice Chair. Cat Williams, the Female KCDCC Representative from the 45th LD, was nominated and elected. She brings her experience as an events manager, and will seek to expand the donor base and to propose additional fundraising events.

Sara Franklin had proposed several days prior to the meeting that we consider rescinding our endorsement of Erin Jones, candidate for Superintendant of Public Instruction. Jones had been given donations from a backer of Tim Eyman. Upon request, Jones returned the money and Sara withdrew her proposal.

We adapted the proposed agenda for the King County Democrats reorganization, and a recommended agenda could be used for the various legislative district reorganizational meetings. There was a motion for a requirement that KCDCC officer candidates submit a written statement prior to the election, but it was defeated. Later in the meeting we voted to establish a committee to recruit candidates to assure that all offices will be filled.

Renton City Council is to be soon voting on an ordinance to ban income-based eviction of renters. This move is in reaction to recent evictions of Section 8 housing recipients at a large apartment complex in the city. We approved an emergency resolution in support.

The state legislative session begins on January 9th. The Executive Board will need to approve the legislative action agenda for 2017 at our November 22 meeting. Prior to that, the LAC committee must finalize that plan at their November 20 meeting. It will take place at the Renton Highlands Library at 2 pm. Input is requested.

We discussed our campaign donations. At the September meeting, we agreed to spend up to $7,000 on a media buy to reach out to under-represented communities. During a tele-meeting on October 16 we voted to spend an additional $5,250 on this effort. We also voted to allow the Chair to spend up to $5,000 on Mark Mullet’s campaign, $20.000 for Jason Ritchie (a special 21-day rule applies) and $500 each to Kristine Reeves, Darcy Burner and Jason Ritchie. At the meeting, we agreed to add $2,500 to the amount for Jason Ritchie, as additional money has been received.

Good of the Order announcements included a big GOTV push in the 30th LD October 29 featuring Gov. Inslee, Sen. Patty Murray and Tina Podlowoski. Mike Pellicciotti and Kristine Reeves have both received the endorsement of Barak Obama.

There will be an election night party at The Berliner Pub in Renton. People from the South King County LDs are invited.

Congratulations to the 37th LD: They have filled all of their PCO slots.


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