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Chair Stone-Vekich's Message for October

October 6, 2015News Clip

The three most dangerous words in Washington state politics:  Progressive Income Tax.  From the McCleary decision to the November 3rd levy measures; our governments eternally search for funding for basic needs of society.  The first sentence of the Supreme Court of Washington’s Order, dated August 13, 2015, states:  “The Washington Constitution imposes only one ‘paramount duty’ upon the State:  ‘to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, without distinction or preference on account of race, color, caste, or sex.’” 

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Washington State Democrats meet in Wenatchee

September 21, 2015News Clip

The Washington State Democrats met in Wenatchee on September 18-19.   Our 34th State Committeewoman Lisa Plymate has written an excellent report on the meeting, which you can find here.  Highlights include State Party endorsements for the General Election, news about the 2016 caucuses (see the press kit here), and talks by elected and party officials such as Peter Goldmark.

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34th Dems Support Seattle's Teachers

September 12, 2015News Clip

On September 9th the 34th District Democrats unanimously passed a resolution supporting Seattle teachers in their contract negotiations with the school district. We also voted to give $500 to the teachers' strike fund.   The resolution supports Seattle educators' reasonable demands:   they’ve gone six years with no state COLA and five years with no state increase in funding for educator health care.

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More Endorsements!

September 12, 2015News Clip34th Dems September Meeting

At our September 9th meeting we endorsed ballot measures for Best Start for Kids Prop 1, Honest Elections Seattle I-122, Let's Move Seattle I-900 and candidates for Seattle Schools, Port of Seattle Commission and Burien City Council :

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Chair's Message for September, 2015

August 29, 2015News Clip

The recent 95th commemoration of Women’s National Equality Day (August 26th) got me thinking about the role of women’s equality in the 34th Dems.  I’m not the first woman chair of this organization.  I know of three others besides myself.  But it still amazes me that I am one of the few women legislative district or county chairs in the state.

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