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Vice-Chair Ted Barker's Message for March, 2015

March 4, 2015News Clipby Ted Barker

Former Speaker of the United State House of Representative Tip O’Neill is widely credited with the phrase “all politics are local”.  By that he meant if you want to be a successful politician you need to understand how issues, regardless of their scope, affect your constituents.  In our March meeting (full agenda here and March newsletter here) we will be examining both ends of the “scope” spectru

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King County Dems Feb 24th Meeting

March 1, 2015News Clipby Steve Butts and Martha Koester

The February 24, 2015, meeting of the King County Democratic Centeral Committee (KCDCC) was called to order approximately at 7:00 PM by Chair Rich Erwin. The agenda and the minutes from the January meeting were approved.  The first order of business was to elect officers for positions vacated in February.

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34th Dems Hear from Six District 1 Candidates and about Housing

February 13, 2015News ClipUpdated February 15, 2015

Six of the seven announced candidates for the Seattle City Council District 1 seat spoke informally at our February 11th meeting (link to video here). They included Amanda Kay Helmick, Lisa Herbold, Phillip Tavel, Shannon Braddock, Brianna Thomas, and Chas Redmond. The central topic at the meeting was housing affordability and homelessness.

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February District Meeting: The Housing Crisis

February 4, 2015News ClipUpdated February 15, 2015

Our February 34th Democrats District meeting featurdd a panel of experts discussing the Housing Crisis in Seattle and King County.

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Chair Marcee Stone-Vekich's Message for February, 2015

January 30, 2015News Clipby Marcee Stone Vekich

On Friday, January 23rd, Tom Rasmussen declared he would not run for the Seattle City Council in 2015.  What a stunning development!  A good listener, Tom seemed to be everywhere in our community, checking on citizen issues and helping wherever he could.  If you reached out to him, you would hear back and that set him apart.

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